What is Banh Cuon?

The origins of Banh cuon are inherent in China but when introduced into Vietnam, they are popular and distinct variations suitable for each region. Banh cuon is associated with the childhood of every Vietnamese because here is experienced rice civilization so almost all dishes from the past to the present are mainly inspired and cooked from rice.

According to the traditional method of processing the crust, the maker will grind white rice with fresh flour mixed with other ingredients. The rice used to make rice rolls is usually old rice because new rice will have a lot of plastic so the dish will stick and be difficult to make. In the next step, ground rice is mixed with water. This dish is usually served with various kinds of spring rolls, mushrooms, roasted cinnamon pork and dipped in sweet fish sauce or bone broth.

It is not hard to catch Banh cuon stalls on the sidewalk because the best Banh cuon is loved not only by Vietnamese, but their taste also attracts foreign guests. You should try Banh cuon in the morning to provide energy and nutrients for a healthy body to be active all day and it helps stabilize your stomach without worrying about excess energy. Just enjoying never being forgotten. 

best banh cuon in hanoi

International guest tries the best Banh cuon in Hanoi

Top 8 places for the best Banh cuon in Hanoi

As I said, Banh cuon in each region will have different tastes and features. But in Hanoi, Banh cuon still has its own characteristics that make you satisfied with the taste you have never tried before. Tourists can eat Banh cuon anytime, anywhere from luxury restaurants to popular sidewalk stalls. Keep reading this blog, we’ll recommend you the best Banh cuon in Hanoi below.

Banh cuon Gia An 

  • Address:

    • No.1, 16B5 Nguyen Van Loc Street, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong Dist.
    • No.8, N7A Nguyen Thi Thap Street, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist.
    • Times City Park Hill, Hoang Mai Dist.
    • CT1A, Ham Nghi Street, Nam Tu Liem Dist.
    • No.3, Nguyen Co Thach, My Dinh 1 Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist.
  • Phone: 1900 6445.

  • Active time: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

  • Special dishes: Banh cuon, Bun cha and set meals.

  • Price: 40.000 VND (~ 1.70 USD) - 70.000 VND (~ 2.98 USD).

Banh cuon Gia An is the most successful chain of the best Banh cuon in Hanoi. Picking up thousands of Vietnamese and international customers every day. Banh cuon is made of thin slices but not easy to break, on the contrary, they are incredibly chewy and soft. In particular, this restaurant never uses additives when making dishes. Whether eaten hot or cold, this dish is still mouth-watering.

best banh cuon in hanoi

The most well-known dish in Banh cuon Gia An restaurant.

Banh cuon Ba Hanh

  • Address: 16B Tho Xuong Street, Hoan Kiem Dist.

  • Phone: 0961 669 626.

  • Active time: 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

  • Special dish: Banh cuon, side foods. 

  • Price: 25.000 VND (~ 1.06 USD) - 40.000 VND (~ 1.70 USD ).

best banh cuon in hanoi

A family enjoys Banh cuon for lunch

Banh cuon Ba Hanh attracts customers thanks to the soft, white crust, you can see the meat filling clearly has an extremely stimulating taste. Fish sauce here is especially brewed according to each person’s own taste. If you want to experience the best Banh cuon in Hanoi, you should add a little vinegar and pepper.

This stall is famous for the ancient Hanoi flavor Banh cuon and you can be immersed in each roll of the dish. The filling includes wood ears, mushrooms and what makes this dish attract foreign guests is the spicy taste of peppers.

best banh cuon in hanoi

 A full-set dish in Banh cuon Ba Hanh

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Banh cuon Thuy Khue

  • Address: Alley 29, Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho Dist.

  • Phone: 0913 382 435.

  • Active time: 6:30 AM - 10:00 AM.

  • Special dish: grilled meat mixed with wood ear Banh cuon.

  • Price: 15.000 VND (~ 0.64 USD ) - 35.000 VND (~ 1.49 USD ).

Banh cuon Thuy Khue is a stall that has existed for a long time. The crust is sprinkled with roasted minced meat, wood ear, or adding eggs depending on your order. You should enjoy a hot dish with seasoned savory sauce and some sprinkled dried onions. All of these blend together to experience the best Banh cuon in Hanoi and can make international guests feel enjoyable.

The Banh cuon dish price is affordable. The stall is in a small alley so it’s private and not as noisy as the sidewalk stalls.

best banh cuon in hanoi

The popular dish in Banh cuon Thuy Khue

Banh cuon Chi Su - Hoang Ngoc Phach

  • Address: 1C3B, Hoang Ngoc Phach Street, Dong Da Dist.

  • Phone: 0986 101 039.

  • Active time: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM.

  • Special dish: Banh cuon with egg filling, Bun cha and Ga tan noodles (Mỳ Gà tần).

  • Price: 20.000 VND (~ 0.85 USD) - 35.000 VND (~ 1.49 USD).

You can see how to make a Banh cuon dish from a professional maker. The popular dishes are Banh cuon served with grilled pork rolls or spring rolls. Besides the best Banh cuon in Hanoi, you should try Bun cha and simmered chicken (Gà tần) here. Unlike the Banh cuon Thuy Khue stall, Banh cuon Chi Su is quite large with a capacity of about 50 people and is quite clean so diners will always find comfort when dining.

best banh cuon in hanoi

Banh cuon with meat and wood ear filling in Banh cuon Chi Su

Banh cuon Phuong

  • Address: No.16, Dao Du Tu Street, Hoan Kiem Dist.

  • Phone: 0769 144 007.

  • Active time: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

  • Special dish: Traditional Banh cuon.

  • Price: 15.000 VND (~ 0.64 USD) – 40.000 VND (~ 1.70 USD).

Referring to the best Banh cuon in Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention the Banh cuon Phuong stall that existed for 60 years. The soft white crust embraces meat and wood ear fillings. A full plate of Banh cuon is sprinkled with a lot of fragrant fried onions and beautiful golden shrimp floss. The rich flavor is extremely irresistible and unforgettable. The stall is crowded so you should come early. 

best banh cuon in hanoi

Banh cuon dish with fish sauce 

Banh cuon Ba Xuan

  • Address: No.16, Hoe Nhai Slope, Ba Dinh Dist.

  • Phone: 0968 404 665.

  • Active time: 7:00 AM - 12:00 AM, 4:00 PM - 12:30 PM.

  • Special dish: Traditional Banh cuon.

  • Price: 15.000 VND (~ 0.64 USD) – 40.000 VND (~ 1.70 USD).

Banh cuon Ba Xuan is served with grilled sausages, steamed eggs and meat that have a much stronger taste. The smell of fried onions mixed with the crispy wood ear will definitely make you remember it forever. The owner is super enthusiastic and will bring you extremely interesting culinary experiences.

best banh cuon in hanoi

Banh cuon dish in Banh cuon Ba Xuan

Banh cuon Thanh Van

  • Address: No.12-14 Hang Ga Street, Hoan Kiem Dist.

  • Active time: 6:30 AM - 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

  • Special dish: Banh cuon and Bun Thang.

  • Price: 15.000 VND (~ 0.64 USD) - 30.000 VND (~ 1.28 USD).

This is also the best Banh cuon in Hanoi that many international diners love to eat often. Banh cuon Thanh Van is a long-standing stall located in the inner city area. The space is a bit small but in return, the staff’s attentive service here is. Coming to Banh cuon Thanh Van, customers can choose from different fillings such as pork, chicken and shrimp. However, the well-known dish is wood ear Banh cuon with rolls. In addition, the stall is famous for Bun Thang Hanoi.

best banh cuon in hanoi

Banh cuon are placed on the mats instead of the plate

Banh cuon Quang An

  • Address: No.71, Hang Bo Street, Hoan Kiem Dist. 

  • Active time: 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM.

  • Special dish: Chicken filling Banh cuon.

  • Price: 30.000 VND (~ 1.28 USD) - 55.000 VND (~ 2.34 USD).

Banh cuon Quang An is the simplest stall in Hanoi and is still extremely famous. Most of the diners who visit the stall are not too picky and put a lot of emphasis on how to decorate the dish. However, there is the best Banh cuon in Hanoi with high quality and rich taste of rolls here. The stall has quite a few side dishes to choose from but it’s always crowded with international guests.

The most impressive and most interesting point is probably the types of rolls. Like many stalls, Banh cuon Quang An has fillings: pork and shrimp. Especially chicken filling, which must be called “unique” in Hanoi. According to the owner, the reason he chose to add more chicken filling to the menu is because almost foreign guests don’t like and diet pork.   

Banh cuon Quang An

Special chicken filling Banh cuon dish in Banh cuon Quang An

Tips for your best Banh cuon experience

  • Should enjoy Banh cuon with some local herbs and vegetables to make the dish more fragrant, fresh and avoid losing your appetite.

  • Almost all Banh cuon stalls are active in the morning to serve breakfast meals so make sure you are an early bird to have the best Banh cuon experience.

  • Drinks are self-catered for free or for a fee of 10.000 VND (~ 0.43 USD) - 20.000 VND (~ 0,85 USD) depending on which stall.

  • You’ll need to pay extra prices for side dishes such as eggs, rolls and sausages. The price: 5.000 VND (~ 0.21 USD) - 10.000 VND (~ 0.43 USD).

  • There is a limited parking area so going for a walk is the best recommendation.

Glad to see that you keep following our share. In this article, we suggest you the top 8 Hanoi Banh cuon stalls and some tips to have the best Banh Cuon experience. If you’re planning a Vietnam tour to enjoy the food, you should keep this information in mind and make sure you don’t miss the chance to visit here. Hopefully, the list of the best Banh cuon in Hanoi we suggest above will help you easily find a place to enjoy with loved ones.