Meaning Of Name

In life, when we have spiritual children such as: when establishing a club, or a business, or when our family has just given birth to a child, the naming is a matter of great significance. Whether it is a child or an organization, naming contains many meanings that we want to convey.

The same goes for our company's founding team. We always pay attention to even the smallest details from our Company Name, logo, or symbolic strokes in our logo.

Why do we name it New Asia Tours?

Since 2016 we have laid the first bricks for our business, after many years working in the tourism sector, it had a different name. The company is in a period of strong development with the tourism industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. However, an unexpected incident that everyone knows is the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected many countries around the world, including Vietnam as well. The service tourism industry is almost frozen for nearly 3 years from 2020 to 2022. Many people working in the industry have moved to other industries.

We also have temporary jobs to cover family life, waiting for the return of Tourism.

By mid-2022, Southeast Asian countries have begun to reopen and the tourism industry has returned accordingly. Mr. Lin Chen and I met again, and after much sharing, we decided to start over together, getting up where we fell.

After much discussion, the name New Asia Tours was chosen. It's a simple name, but it means a lot to us and our customers.

The first is Asia Tours, which is our homeland, where we organize and produce experiences to welcome you to experience and explore magical Asia.

As for the word NEW. It's simply "New" in English.

- With a team of seasoned experience, but it's time to need NEW sources of energy from the younger generation, more passionate and aspirational.

- Together choose NEW and more unique Destinations, creating new tour products and more in-depth experiences. Combining many NEW and interesting destinations between nature-culture, and people.

- Ways to serve customers NEWER, more friendly, understand customers better, and always put them in the Center to serve.

- The approach to customers and partners is also newer, using many technology contents such as website ecosystem, social channels, OTA sales channels, or service evaluation platforms.

For internal employees of the company, N.E.W means:

- Never-ending Wishing.

- Never-ending Working

- (then) Now Enjoy the Wealth.

In our overall logo, the symbols of the Logo have symbolic meanings for Asia, that is Forest - Mountain, River - Sea (nature), and the dot in the middle is People (culture).

Allow us to serve you and we will never let you down.

Let's explore new lands together, make new friends, enjoy new foods, and let us make those wonderful experiences in your life.

Meaning Of Logo

When establishing this business, the founders of our company were always dedicated to the smallest things. Our goal is to convey a clear message to our customers, which is to be meticulous in the elements that create a complete customer experience and always put the customer at the center of all our activities. enterprise.

In addition to the meticulousness in the customer care process, the experience for each tour product, or the protection of the best interests of customers... the company logo is also a detail we have thought about so that it can express our messages to Customers. What does that symbol mean, let's find out.

Southeast Asia, with 11 countries, has 11 different cultures and natural values. This area contains dozens of natural and cultural heritages waiting for visitors to explore. In particular, there are cultural heritages that until now we have not been able to determine whether they were built in the civilization we still know or not.

Southeast Asia is famous for its primeval forests, and majestic mountains, containing many mysteries. Besides, the clear blue water beaches with endless white sand beaches and vast rivers, also make up the great beauty of this land. Therefore, in the logo of our company New Asia Tours logo, we represent the characteristics of Forests - Mountains Rivers - And seas.

When talking about land, in addition to the values of nature, the people are the main factors that create the living values and the values of the indigenous culture. The round dot in our company logo is the symbol of People.

Nature, Culture, and People are the factors that create an experience in a new land, the above values will be gathered together, creating high-quality tour packages. bring the best experience for you, when you come to explore Southeast Asia.