1. Top service guaranteed

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services throughout your trip. Our partners of transportation, hotels, restaurants, resorts... are all personally received by Mr. Lam Le, the Operation Manager, who will personally inspect and experience it. We always work hard to choose the best service providers. And also, we will then monitor customer feedback to maximize the quality of input service providers.


2. Best price guarantee

Currently, the going down of the global economy is a big matter, therefore, we always share with you by creating tour package products with the most competitive prices on the market, while still maximizing the value of customer experience. We work hard to choose or convince partners to offer good rates for us. In addition, we will not make too much profit for ourselves because we want to create a sustainable tourism brand, as well as an increasing number of customers, which means New Asia Tours will create more jobs. Contribute more to the local tourism communities.
We always offer competitive and transparent pricing, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

3. One-on-one direct consultation and 24/7 support, everywhere on the journey

When receiving a request from a customer, the NA team, our dedicated travel consultants, will personally support you throughout the entire process of exchanging information, clarifying information, conducting scheduled consultations, booking services, and organizing trips... to meet your specific needs and preferences.
During your trip, the NA team is always available 24 hours and 7 days/week to provide you with strong and fast support, ensuring a seamless travel experience. Even problems that arise beyond the customer's plan or wishes.


4. Unique, exclusive itineraries and professional local tour guides

As a tour group leader and veteran product manager of many companies, Mr. Lam Le and New Asia Tours are very interested in building unique tourist destinations to help visitors have profound experiences with the best in culture and nature in each destination.
In addition, we have a team of excellent local tour guides, they are the bridge between tourists and tourist destinations and are an important ingredient in creating a complete experience on each trip. Therefore, the tour guide team is carefully selected and enjoys worthy benefits, higher than other companies. They include experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic local guides who will directly serve and support visitors throughout the journey.

5. Small deposit, balance on arrival - Free cancellation

To increase the trust of tourists in us, when you confirm that you have chosen your trip, to secure that booking, you only need to deposit a very small amount. The remaining amount will be paid gradually according to the schedule close to the departure date. And most of the rest of the tour package will only need you to pay when you arrive at the destination. In addition, you will also be able to cancel for free for a limited time or for force majeure reasons such as national security, confirmed health, etc. We also explain this clearly in Payment Policy terms. 


6. Flexibility and Custom Itineraries

We understand that plans may change and we offer the flexibility to make any necessary adjustments to your itinerary: Free change of number of people, free change of departure date free of charge to change or reschedule...
Besides that, We also understand every traveler is unique and we take pride in creating itineraries that suit your preferences, interests, and travel goals. Your trip will be arranged specifically for you.

7. Strong after-sales policy

Tourism product is a very specific and intangible product, it is created by hundreds of people indirectly and directly participating. Influenced by many factors such as time, weather, differences in culture, customs... And it might unfortunately not every trip is perfect. Therefore, we commit that throughout the trip, if the quality and your experience are affected due to the errors of our suppliers, and company personnel... we will always have a customer care plan after each trip, even to take the responsibility for providing compensation to customers.


8. Gifts for you from the NA team

Understanding the psychology of tourists when they first come to a new land will have many surprises as well as a feeling of strangeness. Therefore, the NA Tours team will always have small but useful and meaningful gifts such as SIM Cards, Dinner Vouchers, and Massage Vouchers... to help visitors immediately integrate into the locality and feel cozy and cared about.

9. Travel comfortably, and conveniently and save time

Our team of travel consultants can handle all-in-one services you need, including visa processing, travel documents, logistics, and other issues, ensuring your travel experience is enjoyable and comfortable.
Additionally, by entrusting your entire travel arrangements to us, you will save valuable time and effort that would otherwise be spent researching and arranging the various elements of your trip. As well as creating a complete trip within your pre-estimated budget.


10. Sustainable tourism practices

We are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism. We work closely with local communities to minimize our impact on the environment and make a positive contribution to the destinations we tour for you.
Every tour you pay for means you contribute some money to non-governmental funds to develop and support the local community. You can see more details here.

Also, our team always organizes or attends charity trips to construct houses, schools, water supply, and living utility items for ethnic minority groups...