In the world today, the trend of green living is the orientation of many countries, societies, and people. Living Green means sustainable development, minimizing the use of raw resources, encouraging the use of renewable energy, protecting and planting more forests, recycling things, using organic materials... That is an unchangeable trend to ensure that the earth is always beautiful, rich in core energy, and long-lasting for many future generations to come. Besides nature and energy, the field of culture has always been prioritized by countries and associations to focus on preserving the unique cultures of each country and nation. Besides learning more about history, and ancient civilizations, there are many questions and mysteries left unanswered.

One of the industries that plays a big role in preserving the values of nature, culture, and people is Tourism.

With the above sustainable development trends, along with doing business and serving customers, our New Asia Tours Company is always oriented to sustainable tourism development. Guarantee our responsibilities include:

  • Responsibility to nature
  • Responsibility for Culture
  • Responsibility to people and community.

To realize and take specific actions, we decided to take a total of $20 per tour booking, to contribute to the Foundations and social organizations in Southeast Asia such as the Wildlife Protection Association, Children's Hospital Charity Association, Association of Cultural Preservation of ASEAN countries...

So when you use the service with us, you have joined hands to join us in being responsible and protecting the life values that we have.

Take action with us and the credit is yours.

The Trips of Charity

Construction of houses, water supply, and living utility items for ethnic minority groups.


Every summer, New Asia Tours together with other tour operators is responsible for organizing charity trips to high mountain areas such as Mu Cang Chai, Ha Giang, Bac Ha, Quang Binh... where ethnic minorities live in poverty.

Currently, their lives are getting better, they no longer burn forests for farming, and their migratory lives do not have a fixed village. Now they know how to plant terraced rice fields, grow corn, cereals... to ensure food for themselves and their families. It helps to make the landscape beautiful and attracts many tourists to the locality to explore. some of them is guided by the government, travel companies to train professionally as guides, do homestay business... to help tourists understand more about the local culture, and earn more income, improve life quality.

Therefore, the charity trips of PLam Le and his colleagues are not only to donate items and money... to people but also to help them receive professional training, improve their qualifications, and lead a beautiful and sustainable life.

And per booking, we contribute $10 to the Charity fund of Responsible Tourism Companies (RTC), which means you are with us in this.


A Compassionate Journey: Helping the Children of Vietnam's National Children's Hospital

One time taking her 2-year-old daughter to the Hanoi hospital because of a fever, Mr. Lam Le was really shocked to see so many patients were children, even just a few months old, who had fatal diseases. Most of them come from ethnic minority families in mountainous areas such as Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Son La, Sapa... Most of those families are very poor and have no money to pay hospital fees, and no insurance, because the child's illness is too severe, they have no choice but to take him to Hanoi for treatment even though they have nothing in hand.

After returning to the Company, Lam Le talked to the New Asia Tours Team about those difficult circumstances, and the NEW team decided to do something useful for those children.

Touched by the plight of these young souls and their families, NEW ASIA TOURS has committed to contribute $10 for every booking made, with the sole purpose of providing financial support for the treatment.

So, transform your ordinary vacation into a meaningful experience.

Every single booking is made, YOU and WE, together mark a step towards healing and hope for the children at the hospital. With every dollar donated, a brighter future is beckoning for Vietnamese children, especially poor children.

  Vietnam responsible tourism


Rescue Hope: Support Hanoi Pet Rescue Center


In the bustling city of Hanoi, with tireless efforts to rescue and protect dogs and cats from a miserable life and cruel fate, the Hanoi Pet Rescue Center (non-profit organization) plays an important role in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. The Center is a beacon of hope for the countless abandoned, abused, and injured animals found wandering the streets or left to die in extreme conditions. The center's dedicated care team and volunteers work day and night to provide medical care, nutrition, and a haven for these creatures. However, they face difficulties when their resources are limited.

New Asia Tours understands and commits to contributing $05 for every booking made to support the Center's tireless efforts.

Together, we can rescue hope and build a brighter future for our furry friends, reminding us all that our actions, no matter how small, can make a difference. forming a world of kindness and empathy.