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Meet our team

Meet our team

Our vision is to be a leading travel company in Asia which connects all local service providers in order to supply travelers with high quality and full-service touristic packages at best price, and benefiting all people around us:

Member 1


Sales & Product Manager
My purpose is to convey to customers my own real experiences, and the places I have visited in other ways. Train and inspire a team of tour Guides and tour consultants with the most understanding of customers, or train tour Operators to choose top destinations, the best hotels, and the best prices…
Member 2

Lena Nguyen

Travel Consultant
Hi, My name is Lena. I was born in Hanoi. I have been working in Tourism for over 3 years and I love my job.
Member 3

Mai Hwang

Travel Consultant
Our country Vietnam is very beautiful. I myself have always longed for trips with friends and family to explore my country. I will be a tourism ambassador to act as a bridge for you to come to Vietnam, see you soon.
Member 4

Tommy Duong

Tour leader
Hi, I will take care of you through out the trip. Together, we will discover the Mavels of Southeast Asia
Member 5

Thusa Chen

Tour Operator
Traveling is my big passion. I was a Tour guide before, I had chances to travel around Vietnam and more. Now I am a Tour Operator who takes care the service for Customers.
Member 6

Cris Nguyen

Tour Guide
I am Cris, I am the one who takes care of you in Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An City. Hai Van pass is my favorite attraction that I want to take you there. I love driving and love to be on the roads with you.
Member 7

Linda Quynh

Travel Consultant
When the sun sets, your feet should be tired, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling with today’s memories.
Member 8

Lesli Vu

Tour Operator
My name is Thao, Lesli is an old lady tourist from Australia who gave me a trip 3 years ago, I love this English name. I will follow up on your trip every day, arrange the service and ensure all going well in your adventure with New Asia Tours.
Member 9

Chansay Nanthavong

Tour Guide
Welcome to Laos, a peaceful country in your adventures with New Asia Tours. I would be the host in my Country once you come over here. See you one day and I will have chance to introduce our beautiful country to you.
Member 10

Borey Kham

Tour Guide
The destination you visit is never a place, but a new experience that is full of surprises
Member 11

Long Bine

Tour Guide
I have been in my Tour guide job for 5 years. I love it very much. I meet many people who come from around the World every day and learn much about other countries. I love to introduce Vietnam to everyone, my favorite attraction is Ninh Binh, it is such a lovely destination.
Member 12

Jimmy Kim

Tour Guide
Hi, I am Jimmy. I found passion being a Tourguide
Member 13

Kheo Somphone

Tour Guide
I do believe it’s the perfect time for another vigorous adventure of your life
Member 14

Sony Vu

Tour Guide
My name is Sony, I am from the Mekong delta. I am working in Ho Chi Minh City for New Asia Tour. I could take you to visit around Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels or Mekong Delta tours.
Member 15

Lily Pham

Tour Operator
Support you always, it is my career's motto. Because I am a Tour operator who will look after you on every trips to ensure all the services are in the best condition and ready for you. You will get worry-free with me.
Member 16

Hien Nguyen

Tour Operator
Hi, I am Cheryl, I am an Operator in New Asia Tours. I have been in my company for 3 years. Sometimes would love to take Customers to go around Hanoi City to taste some foods, it is a nice activity when you visit my City.
Member 17

Luna Chau

Tour Guide
Warmly welcome from Sapa, I am Luna, a H'mong little girl. We are an ethnic minority, our family lives here for hundred years. Even though a little girl but I could take you to go to visit some local villages, forests, and beautiful terrace rice fields in my homeland.
Member 18


Tour guide
Suo Sdey, My name is Pisey. I am Khmer Tour guide. I will take care of you when you are in Cambodia
Member 19

Keo Sokpheng

Tour Guide
Once you see Angkor Wat, once you see me. To me, Angkor is a super wonder, it does not belong to our civilization, it might be coming from another time on Earth.
Member 20

Visal Philavanh

Welcome to Luang Prabang, I love going travel, especially adventures travel. Let's join a trip with New Asia Tours and discover the beauty of Laos with me. I am ready!
Member 21

Danny Do

Tour Guide
I love this job. I usually travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to escort my tour group. This is my 5 years in the Tour guide job and I hope to have the chance to serve more and more tourists every day, see you then.
Member 22

Wilaiporn Dangda

Tour Guide
Just call me Wilai. I will take care of you in Thailand's adventure of New Asia Tours. I have been 3 years working in my company. I love Thailand, I love this job. I hope you guys will love Thailand once you come here.
Member 23

Na Lee

Travel Consultant
Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of traveling the world to discover many different cultures. Although I am currently not qualified to travel to many countries, every day I meet many customers from many countries, it also helps me to have different experiences and knowledge about different countries and cultures. It is an interesting thing and has kept me in the travel industry for 10 years now. Hopefully I will be the one to help make your next trip a complete experience.
Member 24

May Thi

Tour Guide
A little H'mong girl. I love my Sapa, I usually take customers to explore terraced rice fields in my homeland, they are really impressive. But to make the rice fields, it is not easy. My parents are farmers, and I know how hard to make it real.
Member 25

Chang Sopheap

Tour Guide
My hometown in Krong Siem Reap. I used to play around Angkor Wat with my friends when I was a little boy. I am happy to be a local guide, I hope to welcome you guys come over to visit my homeland one day.
Member 26

Nam Lee

Tour Guide
If you are looking for a tour of Vietnam and Cambodia, New Asia Tours is one of the best choices. I always be here to serve you once you come to Hoi An, a charming town in Central Vietnam.
Member 27

Sang Thao

Tour Guide
If you love nature, if you love trekking, do not forget to book a Sapa tour of our company, New Asia Tours. I am the one to take you to discover this beautiful land.
Member 28

Nhung Nguyen

Customer Care
Hi, My name is Nhung Nguyen, I will be the one to take care of you in my position of Customer Care. You would be my friend once you come over to Hanoi City. Sometimes I will take you go around as a local friend.