Why Vietnam is the Perfect Destination for Beach Lovers

- Vietnam’s beautiful coastline: Vietnam’s coastline is a natural wonder that boasts some of the most stunning stretches of tropical beaches and shorelines in the world. The country’s long, S-shaped coastline of 3,260 kilometers that runs parallel to the East Sea is dotted with pristine beaches, white powdered sands, turquoise waters, and amazing rock shapes offering visitors a serene and breathtakingly beautiful holiday.

- Variety of beaches to choose from: From the crystal-clear waters of Phu Quoc Island to the pristine sands of Nha Trang, there are many best beaches in Vietnam with distinctive characteristics. Whether you are looking for relaxation, a romantic getaway, a fun day at the beach, or an adventure, beautiful beaches in Vietnam are sure to offer amazing settings for your trip.

Da Nang beach - best beaches in vietnam

Visit Da Nang beach with friends 

- Endless amazing activities: Vietnam offers a variety of beaches that cater to all types of travelers; some bustling with activity, while others remain secluded. These beaches provide a range of experiences from leisurely activities such as sunbathing, swimming, and island hopping to exhilarating exploration opportunities like snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, and paragliding. Additionally, visitors can take in the atmosphere of the nearby cities or coastal villages by visiting seafood markets, fishing villages, harbors, and other nearby attractions.

Vietnam has abundant marine resources and is a rising destination for beach tourism. In the next section, read on to explore the names on the list of the best beaches in Vietnam by New Asia Tours.

Top Beaches in Northern Vietnam

The best beaches in Northern Vietnam are characterized by long, beautiful stretches of soft sand, lush green landscapes, and diverse biological features. The region is well-known for its tranquil bays and islands near the coast, alongside vibrant coastal cities.  

Halong Beach

Halong Bay has a unique shape with around 1,900 limestone islands endowing numerous mesmerizing beaches, mysterious caves, and stunning landscapes. In 1994, Halong Bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site due to its unique and beautiful value. We consider Ha Long to be an amazing seaside city with beautiful beaches in Vietnam for you to explore from any perspective.

Bai Chay beach of Halong

Bai Chay beach of Halong

The Halong Bay coastline boasts several stunning beaches, such as Bai Chay, Ba Trai Dao, Ti Top, Soi Sim, Tuan Chau, and Hon Gai. These beaches feature soft sand, gentle waves, and wonderful views. Halong is one of the best beaches in Vietnam to witness the sunrise and sunset, especially in the bay area where you can see the rays of sunlight piercing through the limestone islets.

Halong is a developing heritage city in Vietnam with plenty of amenities and programs for you to explore. By visiting Halong Bay, you can enjoy the beaches with beautiful landscapes; savor fresh seafood, and participate in many activities such as swimming, kayaking, rowing boat, fishing; visiting fishing villages, night markets, pearl farms, national parks; exploring amazing limestone caves or spending time having fun in amusement parks.

Cat Ba Beach

Cat Ba is the most beautiful island in Hai Phong province. The island is surrounded by Lan Ha Bay, which is listed as one of the most beautiful bays on the planet by the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW). Cat Ba has pristine beaches, ancient forests, and the oldest fishing village in Vietnam. 

cat ba beach - cat ba island - best beaches in vietnam

Explore the untouched corners of Cat Ba 

Cat Ba claims one of the best beaches in Vietnam that is worth mentioning. The beaches still retain their natural and unspoiled beauty. Visit Cat Ba, you can choose from touristic beaches like Cat Co 1, 2, 3, or more secluded and tranquil beaches with even clearer water like the beach in Monkey Island, Tung Thu Beach, or other beaches in islets of Lan Ha Bay.

You can join cruise tours or rent small boats to explore the area. Other places to visit in Cat Ba include Monkey Island, the Cat Ba National Park, the ancient fishing village of Cai Beo, and Cat Ba town itself. Cat Ba is suitable for many adventure activities such as camping, hiking and squid fishing. 

Do Son Beach

Do Son is another beach of Haiphong in this list of best beaches in Vietnam. Do Son is a small peninsula with dozens of rocky cliffs that reach the sea with height ranging from 25 to 30m, creating a combination of wonderful mountains and sea scene. 

Do Son Beach - Haiphong beach

Play in the beach and visit the coastal city Hai Phong

Do Son Beach is a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation with convenient facilities and enjoyable activities. The beach consists of three main zones. 

  • Zone 1 has a pathway that runs along the coastline, making it a great spot to stroll and watch the sunrise. 

  • Zone 2: This is the most popular zone for visitors, with a long, smooth sandy beach, shallow water, and calm waves. There are also many restaurants and other services nearby that are suitable for entertainment. 

  • Zone 3 is further away from the city center, so it is suitable for ones looking for less crowded space.

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Top Beaches in Central Vietnam

If you love extended stretches of pristine blue beaches with water that enables you to see the ocean floor, smooth white sands, warm sea water, sunny weather year round, and spacious surroundings, then the best beaches in Vietnam Central below are excellent choices for you. 

My Khe Beach

My Khe of Da Nang is one of the best beaches in Vietnam. My Khe was rated as one of the most charming beaches on the planet by Forbes magazine of the United States and Sunday Herald Sun of Australia. My Khe beach captivates tourists with its gentle slope, peaceful waves, and warm water all year round. Along the beach are straight rows of green coconut trees that bring a relaxing seaside beauty.

My Khe Beach - places to visit in vietnam beaches

Relaxing by one of the most charming beaches on the planet of My Khe

My Khe not only has natural beauty and a favorable location but also has conditions for developing coastal tourism with excellent resorts and entertainment activities. The beach is only 7 km from the city center, with a safety guard staff.  My Khe beach includes 3 sections: the Central Park Beach Pham Van Dong, T20-T18 Beach, and Beaches 1-2-3. These beaches are planned and invested with full types of clean, safe, and convenient service facilities for tourists. 

You can experience many activities at My Khe beach such as kayaking, SUP, banana boat, water sliding, surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, canoeing, coral diving, etc.

Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach is another beach in Da Nang that is less affected by external factors, calm and peaceful with gentle waves, providing a perfect spot for tourists to swim and relax. The beach is located 8 km from the city center, nestled beneath the famous Marble Mountains.

Non Nuoc Beach - beautiful beaches in vietnam

From Marble mountain to the beach of Non Nuoc

It is a combination of pristine and majestic beauty. Discovering Non Nuoc Beach, visitors can immerse in the crystal-clear waters, try surfing, play beach volleyball, go fishing, camping, take a stroll along the beach, or savor delicious seafood. 

Notable attractions near Non Nuoc Beach are Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village and the Feng Shui Marble Mountains. This place also has many hotels and resorts suitable for a retreat holiday or finding a peaceful corner of Da Nang.

Lang Co Beach

Lang Co is a prominent beach in the ancient capital of Hue. The beach impresses visitors with its romantic and indescribable beauty at first sight. There was a summer palace built by King Khai Dinh of the Nguyen dynasty near Lang Co for the king and queen's summer relaxation. 

Lang Co beach

The hue colors of Lang Co beach

The water in Lang Co Bay is famous for its clear, blue color, with long stretches of white sand and an average temperature of only about 25℃ (about 77℉), making it an excellent destination for tourists. The air here is cool and fresh with vast ocean and the greenery of the tropical rainforest. Lang Co's magnificent natural scenery draws many tourists to admire the majestic mountains and immerse themselves in this tranquil beach.

One of the most remarkable experiences not to be missed in Lang Co is the moment when the sunset descends. At that time, Lang Co Bay is like putting on a magical cloak, full of vibrant colors. The first is the warm, soft yellow of the evening glow, followed by the brilliant orange and finally the romantic purple and orange hues. 

At the beach's edge lies a small fishing village, which is the home of rustic fishermen's lives. Visitors can visit the fishing village, the local market, Lap An Lagoon, Hai Van Pass separating Hue and Da Nang, and the Bach Ma National Park.

Top Beaches in Southern Vietnam

The best beaches in Southern Vietnam are also warm, ranging from 25 - 30℃ ( about 77 - 86℉), with clear blue water. The beaches in the South are a paradise for beach vacations with a rich tropical ecosystem that will make you fall in love and want to spend a long time here.

Phu Quoc Beach

Phu Quoc has become a sought-after tropical beach destination which combines all the elements necessary to become a new tropical paradise of the world. Phu Quoc - Vietnam’s largest island has also been dubbed as the pearl island. It received worldwide recognition as one of the top locations in Asia by CNN in 2019. Patrick Basset, Deputy Director for Vietnam and other Asian markets of the prestigious hotel management group Accor, regards Phu Quoc, along with Phuket in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia, as the most promising islands for tourism development in Southeast Asia.

Phu Quoc snorkeling

Embark on an incredible snorkeling expedition amidst the crystal-clear waters of Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island boasts a plethora of picturesque beaches, lush forests, and mountains from its North to South. The Northern part of the island is home to charming fishing villages like Rach Vem and landmarks like Ganh Dau Cape, which offers a view from Vietnam to Cambodia, Vin Wonders Entertainment Paradise, Dai Beach, etc.  The Southern area is home to 12 idyllic islands that make up the An Thoi Archipelago, including Hon Thom, Hon Mong Tay, Hon Gam Ghi, Hon May Rut, etc. These islands offer fantastic opportunities to experience nature and aquatic activities like boat trips, fishing, snorkeling, and exploring the mysterious islands.

Phu Quoc offers an abundance of activities for visitors. From beach and ocean fun to exploring tropical forests, experiencing amusement parks, immersing in the local culture, and indulging in delicious cuisine, there is no shortage of things to do. With so much to discover, this island is truly a treasure waiting to be explored.

Vung Tau Beach

Vung Tau is a highly preferred tourist destination in the Southern part of Vietnam. It is a land strip that extends toward the sea, offering a magnificent view of the East Sea during sunrise and sunset. Besides its stunning natural scenery, Vung Tau is also rich in cultural tradition and has remarkable historical significance.

Vung Tau Beach

Visit Vung Tau sandy beach and land

The prominent beach zones in Vung Tau:

  • Bai Sau: A beautiful and less wavy coast with many restaurants and hotels, and is a favorite beach for tourists. There is also the famous Thuy Van coastal road. 

  • Bai Truoc: The center of Vung Tau with many high-rise buildings and bustling shopping areas, suitable for strolling around. 

  • Long Hai: A destination suitable for retreat with clear water and beachfront resorts. 

  • Ho Coc - Ho Tram: Attractive tourist destinations with rare primitive beauty. The beach here has clear blue water, white sand, gentle slope, and a special romantic beauty. 

  • Con Dao: The famous island with pristine beaches, green coconut trees and white sand that impresses any traveler with its wild beauty.

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne offers a heaven of seas with windy and sunny weather, which is perfect for relaxation, adventurous outdoor activities, and cultural immersion. This wonderful coastal area is renowned for its pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a wide selection of exciting water-based activities such as kite-surfing and wind-surfing.

Mui Ne beach

A peaceful day in Mui Ne beach

Apart from its natural beauty, Mui Ne is recognized as the resort hub of Vietnam. The beach has numerous top-rated resorts, offering visitors a luxurious and comfortable stay with spectacular views. In addition, the nearby sand dunes and red canyons are popular locations for thrilling jeep safaris and ATV rides. 

Tips for Enjoying Vietnam's Beaches

Best time to visit

  • Northern beaches: From May to September. At this time the climate is warmer and the rainy season is less frequent. While the beaches are refreshing and cooling during the summer, they can be quite cold during the winter months. 

  • Central beaches: from February to August. This season offers dry and warm and clear weather, which is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and other beach activities. From late August to November, there may be occasional storms in the region.

  • Southern beaches: During the dry and warm season from October to May. The water is calm and warm, with a temperature of around 30°C. 

Additionally, if you want to visit the best beaches in Vietnam while they are less crowded, it is recommended to avoid visiting during the peak tourist season around June and August.

beautiful beaches in vietnam

Spend a good time together in the beautiful beaches

What to pack

In addition to familiar beach items such as sunscreen, beachwear, towel, personal shampoo and soap, etc. We recommend some other items to help you adapt to the environment of beautiful beaches in Vietnam:

  • Sunscreen: To protect your skin from the effects of sunrays, you may consider using sunscreens with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher.

  • Wide hat and sunglasses: These two things will help protect your eyes and improve your visibility on a sunny day.

  • Comfortable shoes or slippers to move around.

  •  A waterproof bag to protect essential items.

best beaches in Vietnam

Having safe and having fun

Safety tips

Ensuring personal safety is always one of the top things to remember, so let's go over some tips before you get ready for beautiful beaches in Vietnam:

  • Be aware of the strong currents. Pay attention to your body condition and observe the weather and the sea before swimming to see if the wave level is appropriate for entertainment activities or not. 

  • You should swim in designated swimming areas and during daytime when lifeguards are present. 

  • Drink plenty of water or salt lemon water to avoid dehydration, especially during the hot and humid months of summer in Vietnam. 

  • If the beach has sharp rocks, avoid them and wear shoes or sandals. 

  • Always follow the rules and guidelines posted at the beach and listen to the advice of the lifeguards. 

  • If you are playing beach sports, follow the instructions and perform under the supervision of the monitor. 

best beaches in Vietnam

Visit best beaches in Vietnam

These are all the best beaches in Vietnam by region that we want to introduce to you. Of course, there will always be other interesting and amazing things for you to discover and experience in Vietnam. In your journey to this pristine country, New Asia Tour is always ready to present and support!