Admire the Grand Palace

Address: Na Phra Lan Road, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon.

Active hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM.

Price: 500 Baht (~ 14.58 USD) per ticket.

At the heart of Bangkok lies the awe–inspiring Grand Palace - built in 1782 under King Rama I. The Grand palace shows the sophisticated creativity in construction of the Thai people in the past. International visitors can admire the magnificent architecture at this historic complex.

The entrance of the Grand Palace bangkok

The entrance of the Grand Palace 

Currently, the Grand Palace of Thailand is a famous tourist destination that every tourist wants to visit. The place is divided into many main areas such as Chitralada Palace, Wat Phra Kaew Temple, Government working area and Grand Palace Reception Hall. There are important notes when visiting here:

  • Do not wear revealing or tight clothing.

  • Do not wear clothing with religious themes or symbols of bad luck.

  • Remember to take off your shoes before entering the sacred areas of the palace.

  • If the clothes are not suitable, visitors can rent sarongs outside (costs around 200 baht and will be refunded upon return)

  • You can find guides to represent it for about 200 baht at the ticket counter.

Uncover the Wat Pho

Address: No.2, Sanamchai Road, Phra Nakhon District.

Active hours: 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM.

Price: 200 Baht (~ 5.83 USD) per ticket.

The second of the best things to do in Bangkok is exploring Wat Pho - the largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Thailand. Wat Pho was built on the banks of the Chao Phraya River from the Ayutthaya period in the 16th century. The temple has undergone many restorations to get the majestic appearance it is today. 

Wat Pho Temple - bangkok top attractions

A lovely corner of Wat Pho Temple

The overall campus of Wat Pho is divided into two parts: the north is a shrine with many Buddha statues and a traditional massage school; the south is the residence of monks and monasteries. Wat Pho has 91 circular worship towers that are decorated with traditional Thai motifs and Buddhist architecture.

Wat Pho Temple - best places to visit in bangkok

Foreign tourist in the Wat Pho Temple 

You can admire the largest Buddha statue here. It has a length of 64 meters and a height of 15 meters. The statue of Shakyamuni Buddha was built of bricks covered with plaster. The outside of the statue is plated with gold and decorated with sophisticated patterns. People often put coins in 108 bowls next to this statue with the belief that they will receive a lot of luck. There are some memorable note:

  • You can rent a traditional cloth set in the entrance, cost: 200 Baht (~ 5.83 USD) per set.

  • Massage price: 420 Baht (~ 12.25 USD) per hour.

  • You can exchange coins outside the temple to put in the bowls as mentioned above.

Dive into the Jim Thompson House

Address: No.6, Rama I Road.

Active hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Price: 100 Baht (~ 2.92 USD) - 200 Baht (~ 5.83 USD).

In addition to the list of the best things to do in Bangkok, we suggest Jim Thompson House Museum - a popular historical and cultural destination. Built in the 1950s by American art collector Jim Thompson, this house is preserved and displayed as a precious cultural heritage of Thailand. With unique architecture, knowledge of Thai art and culture, this place has attracted the attention of foreign tourists

Jim Thompson House Museum - top things to do in bangkok

The green area of Jim Thompson House Museum 

One of the highlights here is the unique architecture of the house and the green garden. The house has 6 rooms built in traditional Thai style with delicate and beautiful details. The tropical garden is delicately arranged with a variety of trees, bright flowers, creating a comfortable and relaxing space for visitors. Some tips for you:

  • You should plan and book tickets in advance to avoid problems with tour times and have better deals.

  • Visitors are asked to comply with the no-touch or touch policy on the objects, artwork and conservation areas located here

  • Avoid bringing foods, drinks into the museum premises.

River cruise and admire Wat Arun

Address: No.158, Wang Doem, Wat Arun, Bangkok Yai.

Active hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Price: 50 Baht (~ 1.46 USD) per person.

Wat Arun temple is an extremely beautiful ancient temple located on the Chao Phraya River. At an altitude of more than 70m, it is not difficult to see the temple from a distance when sailing on the Chao Phraya River. The temple consists of many small spires, the main color is white tones. Wat Arun has a particularly impressive architecture: stone surfaces, or pieces of ceramics, porcelain, glass carved and exquisite textures. 

International visitors in Wat Arun Temple

International visitors in Wat Arun Temple 

Wat Arun Temple

Wat Arun Temple near the Chao Phraya River 

Wat Arun Temple is located close to Wat Pho so it is easy to get to. If you depart from Sappan Taksin boat station, you can take a boat on the river to Pier 8. There is a small boat that will take you to the other side of the river for only 3 Baht. 

Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Address: Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khat Chatuchak, krung.

Active hours: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Dubbed the world's largest open-air market, Chatuchak has super large areas for clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, souvenirs and handicrafts to meet the needs of tourists. If you are looking for uniques, Chatuchak is your shopping paradise. Just spend time diving in hundreds of shops and jostling in the crowded line, you will surely collect items at unexpected "chestnut" prices.

Shopping in Chatuchak market - best things to do in bangkok

Shopping in Chatuchak market

Besides shopping delight with all kinds of cheap items, you also enjoy the gastronomic paradise with more than 100 kiosks selling all kinds of food. The cuisine at Chatuchak market varies from street food to food court. In the evening some clubs, bars and nightlife activities are extremely vibrant. So, after walking and shopping one day you can go out with friends at these super fun nightlife spots.

Thai cuisine in Chatuchak market

Thai cuisine in Chatuchak market

Some tips will help you:

  • If you are traveling with your belongings, you can leave your belongings at the automated lockers in the Chatuchak Plaza area for a price depending on the size of the locker and the delivery time.

  • Bring enough drinking water to not get thirsty under the sweltering heat of Bangkok.

  • There are many places that accept cards, so it's best to bring enough cash.

For a broader perspective, consult our post on Thailand Travel Guide!

River dining on the Manohra Cruise

Address: Chao Phraya River.

Active hours: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM.

Price: around 1.500 Baht (~ 43.74 USD) - 2.300 Baht (~ 67.07 USD) per person.

Coming to the Chao Phraya River , the most attractive thing is definitely taking a cruise trip on the river. On the cruise, visitors will be explained by the guides and informed about the history, culture and architecture here. Along with that, you will admire and visit many architectural works on both sides of the river such as Wat Arun Temple, Wat Phra Kaew, Royal Palace, Phra Sumen Fort, Rama VIII Bridge, Asiatique the Riverfront night market.

Dining on the Manohra Dinner River Cruise

Dining on the Manohra Dinner River Cruise 

For an enchanting dining experience, you can indulge in the luxury of the Manohra Dinner River Cruise which is designed from wood. So, it brings a super cozy feeling for diners. The cruise also offers a cozy culinary system with traditional dishes from a team of famous chefs. You can savor delectable Thai cuisine while gliding along the tranquil river.

Notes when dining on Manohra Cruise:

  • Should arrive 15 minutes early before the cruise runs to secure your seat and ensure a smooth trip.

  • Should choose the tables to sit near the side of the boat when all the beautiful scenery will slowly appear from both sides, in this prime location.

  • This is a sightseeing dinner tour with dress code requirements. All passengers need to dress politely and formally.

  • Always carry a photo ID with you to present whenever required

Explore the Chinatown

Address: Samphanthawong District.

Chinatown is common around the world. This is the living and trading place of the Chinese who immigrated from the past centuries. In Bangkok, Chinatown contributes to the diversity in the culture of the Bangkok community. This neighborhood is definitely an ideal destination for tourists to visit when coming to Thailand.

Stunning street in Chinatown bangkok

Stunning street in Chinatown

In Chinatown Bangkok, the western Chinese gate is the most impressive place. Built in 1999, this large gate is a celebration of the King's 60th birthday. Designed elaborately to show the respect of the Chinese collective with the King of Thailand. Coming to Chinatown, you should explore some destinations here such as Wat Chakrawat temple, Wat Traimit temple, Romaneenart park and Sampeng Lane Street. 

Chinatown Gate bangkok

Explore Chinatown Gate   

Notes to know when traveling Chinatown Bangkok:

  • Choose polite, well-organized clothes that still ensure comfortable movement

  • Maintain a serious demeanor, do not make noise when visiting temples and religious sites.

  • During the festive seasons, the flow of people here is very large, so you should preserve your personal belongings carefully. Avoid carrying too much jewelry and valuables with you.

Glad to see that you keep reading and discovering with us the top wonders in Thailand. In this post, we introduce you to the 7 best things to do in Bangkok and some tips if you’re planning a perfect trip. We hope you enjoy our sharing. If you are looking for Thailand and Vietnam tour, feel free to contact New Asia Tours!