Cambodia Weather Overview

Monsoon season Cambodia

Monsoon season Cambodia

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia, situated on the Gulf of Thailand, surrounded by the lands of Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. The majority of Cambodia's territory consists of plains, with forests covering around two-thirds of the country. Running from North to South is the Mekong River - the 12th longest river in the world. 

Cambodia experiences a monsoon climate characterized by equally distributed dry and rainy seasons. Specifically, the dry season lasts from November to April, while the rainy season extends from May to October. Temperatures and humidity levels tend to remain high throughout the year. Cambodia's average temperature is about 27.9°C. Let's delve into a detailed analysis of the best time to visit Cambodia by season and month.

Seasons in Cambodia

Cambodia's dry and rainy season is generally stable. The country is also less affected by storms, so you can feel assured when traveling to Cambodia. 

occasional rain in Cambodia

Occasional rain in Cambodia

Dry season from November to April

This is considered the best time of the year to travel to Cambodia, with ideal weather conditions. During this period, the weather is relatively stable, with warm temperatures and low rainfall. 

The months of November and December mark the beginning of the dry season, providing a great opportunity to visit the iconic temples of Angkor Wat and other historical sites without being hindered by heavy rains. The dry weather also ensures clear skies, enhancing the photographic opportunities of these awe-inspiring destinations.

November is the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from 22°C. The weather during this time is pleasant and cool. December to April is the festive season, with Christmas, New Year, and Traditional New Year celebrations, and it may be the busiest time of the year to travel to Cambodia.

The wet season from May to October

Cambodia in rainy season

The lush beauty of Cambodia in the rainy season

The countryside becomes exceptionally lush and green during this time, presenting a different kind of beauty. The rainfall often occurs in short bursts.

June to August is the beginning of the rainy season, though it doesn't rain too much. Moreover, during the rainy season, the lush vegetation makes the landscape greener and more vibrant for your trip. In this period, the highest rainfall occurs in the coastal areas of Sihanoukville. 

The months of April and May are relatively hot and sunny. September and October, on the other hand, are extremely humid. The advantage of this time period is that there are not too many tourists, and you might find good deals on hotels and tickets.

Best time to visit Cambodia by Destination

Best time to visit Cambodia by Destination

The Water Festival Bon Om Touk in Tonle Sap Lake of Cambodia  

The best time to travel to inland destinations like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kratie, and others, is from November to April. During this period, it is the dry season with pleasant weather, which minimizes the chances of disruptions to your travel and sightseeing plans. However, the remaining months of the year are not necessarily a bad choice for your trip, as we explained above. You can still enjoy a refreshing, peaceful environment and reasonable prices. 

The best time to visit the beaches in Cambodia is from October to April. Beach cities like Sihanoukville and Kep receive the most tourists from November to April. From May to October, there is more rainfall, which may make your island exploration less appealing. 

If you want to visit Cambodia and participate in festivals, here are some prominent festivals along with their scheduled time:





Choul Chnam Thmey

Apr 14 - 15

Whole Country

Khmer New Year marks the traditional lunar new year with cultural festivities and family reunions.

Angkor Sangkran

Apr 13 - 16

Siem Reap

New Year celebrations are held around the Angkor temples in Siem Reap, including water splashing and traditional games.

Visak Bochea


Whole Country

Commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha with ceremonies and candlelight processions at pagodas.

Royal Ploughing Ceremony


Phnom Penh

A traditional ceremony that marks the beginning of the rice-growing season and predicts agricultural fortunes.

Pchum Ben - Ancestors' Day 


Whole Country

Honoring and remembering deceased ancestors and offering prayers and food to their spirits.

Bon Om Touk - Water Festival


Tonle Sap Lake

Celebrates the end of the rainy season with boat races.


Our recommendations for you

November to April is best time of year to visit Cambodia

November to April is the best time of year to visit Cambodia

Overall, hot and humid weather is a characteristic of Cambodia's climate, so be prepared to adapt to the tropical climate when visiting the country. Here are a few tips we have for you:

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast before traveling to get specific information about temperature, rainfall, and other factors. It's also important to book accommodations in advance, especially if you plan to visit during the peak season from November to April.

  • Cambodia experiences high temperatures and humidity, so make sure to protect yourself from the sun, stay hydrated, and dress appropriately.

  • Mosquito prevention measures are also necessary due to the climate, humidity, and abundance of forested areas around tourist destinations.

  • Higher elevation areas like Ratanakiri or Mondulkiri often have cooler climates.

  • The drainage system in Cambodia may be insufficient during the rainy season, so be prepared for potential difficulties in transportation and getting around in urban areas.

the best time to go to Cambodia

Discover the best time to go to Cambodia

Have you gathered enough insights on the best time to visit Cambodia to adjust your travel plans? Kindly let New Asia Tours know if we can be of any assistance in your preparation for Vietnam and Cambodia package tour. We wish you a satisfying and smooth journey filled with great experiences ahead!