Da Lat is a city of all kinds of flowers. Located on the majestic and poetic Lam Vien plateau. It has a very specific climate that no other city has. Da Lat was discovered by a doctor named Alexandre Yersin. At the end of the 19th century, this doctor had French nationality. Assigned duties from the rulers of France. Go find a good new land. At that time, he discovered and discovered the city of Da Lat. At first, he spent many long days exploring the Southeast region. Only then did we find Da Lat.

Whether it is known as the city of thousands of pine trees, the city of flowers or the city of fog... Da Lat has always had a special charm for many domestic and international tourists. Therefore, the journey to Dalat tourism in the South on the S-shaped strip of land is always the ideal trip chosen by many tourists. In the midst of a peaceful and quiet space, Da Lat appears with a dreamy and poetic scene thanks to the cold plateau at night, the morning mist and the vast surrounding pine forest. Surely just mentioning here is enough to make many tourists' souls excited about the natural beauty of this place. Let's explore the tour to Da Lat with Asia Discovery to enjoy many interesting experiences about this place!