When and Where to Attend the Dalat Flower Festival

The city of Dalat, located in Vietnam, is known to be the "city of flowers" and hosts the Dalat Flower Festival every two years. This festival serves as a tribute to the natural beauty of the city, showcasing an array of vibrant colors and fragrances that attract visitors from different parts of the world.

When to Attend the Dalat Flower Festival

The Dalat Flower Festival typically takes place in December, during the peak blooming season for flowers in the region. The festival lasts for about a week and offers a variety of events, including flower exhibitions, art displays, music performances, and cultural activities.

However, this time can also change and is not fixed, for example, last year, in 2022, the Da Lat flower festival was held for 2 months, organized into a series of events with 10 main programs and 10 response programs. All have created an extremely monumental festival and left special unforgettable impressions on this city.

Where to Attend the Dalat Flower Festival

The festival is held in the delightful city of Dalat nestled in Vietnam's central highlands, which is renowned for its scenic beauty, moderate weather, and lively floral gardens. The hub of the festival's primary events is situated in Dalat's downtown precincts encompassing Xuan Huong Lake, Lam Vien Square, and Dalat Flower Park.

With a location close to famous places of the city, Dalat Flower Festival also helps tourists easily feel the unique beauty of this place. Nearby, we can enjoy the charm of Xuan Huong Lake, enjoy the wind of the vast Lam Vien square with extremely impressive constructions, and then admire the wonderful beauty of more than 300 species of brilliant and splendid flowers at Flower Park.

dalat flower festival - lam vien square

Works with splendid beauty Artichoke Bud at the Lam Vien square

Top Activities and Attractions at the Dalat Flower Festival

When visiting this Vietnam festival, not only can tourists enjoy the delightful fragrance emanating from numerous blossoming flowers, but they can also partake in various engaging events such as the Flower Exhibition, Flower Parade, and Opening ceremony of the Dalat Flower Festival.

Flower Exhibition

The festival's main attraction is the flower exhibition, where the beautiful streets of Dalat are adorned with a stunning array of roses, hydrangeas, orchids, and lilies. Attracting thousands of visitors daily, this exhibition is located in the heart of the city. It's a must-see for anyone who adores flowers and wants to behold the city's breathtaking splendor.

dalat flower festival

Flower Exhibition - Where hundreds of flowers show their brilliant beauty

Flower Parade

Another attraction of the Dalat Flower Festival is the Flower Parade. The parade is a colorful spectacle, with floats and performers dressed in the most vibrant and beautiful costumes. The parade is held on the second day of the festival and is one of the most popular events of the festival. Visitors can witness the parade as it makes its way through the city, passing by some of the most iconic landmarks in Dalat.

dalat flower festival

The parades are meticulously taken care of to show their beauty

Opening ceremony of Dalat Flower Festival

The Da Lat Flower Festival's opening ceremony began at 20:00 on a stage that was made to be incredibly huge and glittering with lights. Usually, the opening ceremony starts after 30 minutes. Art performances continued for 70 minutes after the presentation.

Visitors who attend the Da Lat Flower Festival's opening ceremony can take in the beauty of the city's tens of thousands of flowers through captivating artistic performances. Visitors have left with a variety of lasting impressions thanks to the intricate and outstanding staging of the stage backdrop, which is inspired by the poetic space of Ho Xuan Huong, Doi Cu.

dalat flower festival

Dalat Flower Festival opening ceremony with a series of spectacular performances

And more attractions at Dalat Flower Festival

Aside from the Flower Exhibition, Flower Parade, and Opening ceremony of the Dalat Flower Festival, the Dalat Flower Festival also offers a wide range of activities that are perfect for families and friends. Visitors can enjoy live music performances, street food, and craft workshops. There are also traditional games and activities that visitors can participate in, such as tug-of-war, sack race, and kite-flying.

For those who want to take a break from the festive activities, there are several attractions in and around the city. These include the Datanla Waterfall, Elephant Falls, and Langbiang Mountain. These attractions offer visitors a chance to explore the natural beauty of Dalat and take in the stunning scenery.

dalat flower festival

Dalanta Falls with the famous Alpine Coaster

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit

The Dalat Flower Festival in Vietnam is one of the most popular and awaited events that take place in the country. It is a beautiful festival celebrated to showcase flowers' extraordinary and mesmerizing beauty. So, if you’re planning to visit this amazing festival, here are some top tips to make the most of your visit:

Plan ahead: To avoid any inconvenience at the last moment, it is crucial to make prior arrangements for your visit as this festival draws in a large number of visitors every year. Therefore, pre-booking your flights, accommodations, and tours is necessary.

Pick the right time: Make sure to double-check the exact dates prior to planning your schedule as the Dalat flower festival usually takes place in the last week of December. The weather is ideal at this time, providing a great chance to discover the city and enjoy the festival.

Try the local food: Vietnamese cuisine is world-famous, and the food at the festival is no exception. There are plenty of food stalls at the festival, where you can try local dishes and street food.

Bring a camera: The Dalat Flower Festival is a visual feast, and you will want to capture the stunning floral displays and the intricate designs of the flower installations. Bring a camera with you, and don't forget to charge the battery and carry an extra memory card.

dalat flower festival

Remember to bring your camera with a full battery to capture great images!

To sum up, the Dalat Flower Festival is a captivating floral wonderland that one should definitely experience. It is an authentic commemoration of the town's culture and heritage intertwined with the beauty of nature. The vibrant and artistic floral exhibits will mesmerize the visitors, and it will definitely be an extraordinary and memorable event. If you are looking for quality package tour to Vietnam, then don't hesitate to contact us!