Hanoi's highlighted rankings include the 6th position in Parks and Outdoors and the 14th spot in shopping. "Although not as expansive or bustling as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi offers a plethora of activities and attractions, from urban landmarks, chaotic markets for bargain hunters, awe-inspiring heritage structures like the Imperial Citadel - a UNESCO World Heritage site - and a vibrant nightlife that holds its own charm".

Vietnam's capital boasts a range of captivating sites such as the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Hoan Kiem Lake, The Old Quarters, the Temple of Literature, and West Lake, among others.

For travelers exploring Hanoi, there are numerous exciting activities to enjoy, such as city tours conducted by jeep car or minsk, attending water puppet performances, creating pottery in the Bat Trang pottery village, and relishing top-rated global street food options like Pho and Banh Mi.

In the initial nine months of 2023, Hanoi saw a surge in tourism with 18.9 million visitors, marking a substantial 36.5% increase compared to the previous year, as reported by the city's Department of Tourism.

In addition to Hanoi ranking 96th, two other Southeast Asian cities made it to the list: Singapore at the 5th position and Bangkok at the 39th position.

The results of the Best Cities in the World 2024 are based on the analysis of 400 cities worldwide, focusing on three main pillars: livability, lovability, and prosperity. Various criteria were examined, including sights and landmarks, airport connectivity, parks and recreation, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, GDP per capita, etc.

Leading the rankings are London (UK), Paris (France), and New York (USA).

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