The Hoi An Memories Show is an outdoor performance art program recognized by Guinness for setting a record with the largest number of actors and the largest stage. The art program is performed on a large scale of up to 25,000m2, including a large island, a small island, and the surface of the Hoai River. The program features more than 500 actors, promising to bring a grand cultural feast to the audience.

Hoi An Memories Show

Hoi An Impression Theme Park 

This show takes place at the Hoi An Impression Theme Park. This is a central location in the city where many cultural works from the East and West converge. If you are visiting the ancient town of Hoi An, it only takes about 10 minutes to get to this park area.

Hoi An Memories Show is organized in the evening on all days of the week except Tuesday. So it's very easy for you to arrange and enjoy this show.

  • Address: Hoi An Impression Theme Park, Cam Nam Ward, Hoi An City

  • Time: 8 PM - 9 PM

Hoi An Memories Show Tickets Price

You only can buy tickets on the official website of Hoi An Memories Land or directly at the ticket counter. In addition, you can have tickets booked by a travel agent on your tour. 

For each form of purchase, the ticket price will vary. However, the official ticket price posted on the portal of Hoi An Memories Land is shown in the table below:



Kids (1m - under 1m4)


600,000 VND ($24.72)

150,000 VND ($6.18)


750,000 VND ($30.90)

300,000 VND ($12.36)


1,200,000 VND ($49.43)

600,000 VND ($24.72)



  • The prices mentioned above apply to tourists.

  • Children are exempt from ticket fees and can obtain tickets directly at the ticket counter (except for VIP tickets).

  • If you only want to enter the park without watching the show, the entrance fee is 50,000 VND ($2.06).


Hoi An Memories Show

Grandstand seating map of the show

The show tickets are available in three categories: ECO, HIGH, and VIP, with different prices. The ECO ticket category includes seats closest to the stage and the side areas. The HIGH ticket category is allocated in the area behind the ECO section. The VIP area is located behind the HIGH section and offers the best view to enjoy every moment of the performances.

What’s the Show About

Hoi An Memories Show will take you on a journey through time. You will witness the changes of Hoi An over many years of history through 5 performances. You will experience the unique cultural aspects and the lives of the people in this land, which is known as a cultural intersection. It is a land that connects Vietnam with the legendary Silk Road on the sea.

Hoi An Memories Show

The cultural feast show will take you on a journey through time

The opening segment of the Hoi An Memories Show is called "Sinh Menh" (Life). Sinh Menh depicts the daily life of the people in Hoi An 3000 years ago. It showcases the image of a countryside girl skillfully weaving fabric with a smile on her face. It also portrays the diligent men who are fishing and constructing houses. 

Hoi An Memories Show

The performance of the girls in traditional dresses - ao dai

The highlight of this segment is the performance of 100 girls wearing elegant white Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress). These graceful girls, wearing conical hats, walk along the illuminated street, creating a magical and mysterious beauty.

The second performance reenacts a historical event, the wedding between the princess of Dai Viet and the king of Champa. You will witness the grand procession of the bride on elephants and the unique Champa dances. This is the most magnificent performance in the show, thanks to the combination of sound, light, and dances. 

Hoi An Memories Show

The magnificent and sparkling wedding procession

The wedding segment showcases the respect for the noble sacrifice and contributions of the princess to the country of Dai Viet. From this segment, you will also get a glimpse of the bustling trading era of Hoi An during the Champa period.

"Lamps and Sea" will touch your emotions with a beautiful yet melancholic love story between a young couple. The young man has to travel across the sea for trade, while the faithful girl releases floating lanterns and prays for him at home. This performance reveals the beauty of Hoi An during its economic development in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Hoi An Memories Show

"Lamps and Sea" portrays a touching love story

"Ao Dai" is the finale of the Hoi An Memories Show, featuring the performance of 100 graceful girls. The image of these girls riding bicycles on a brightly lit street will take you back to modern-day Hoi An. Additionally, you will be able to admire unique ethnic dance performances that celebrate the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Hoi An Memories Show

The final performance of the show

Tips for Enjoying Hoi An Memories Show

To ensure you have the best experience enjoying the Hoi An Memories Show, we have provided some tips for you:

  • Book your tickets in advance: This way, you can choose the best seats and avoid ticket shortages during peak seasons.

  • No photography or filming during the show: You can take photos before or after the performance with the actors.

  • Choose seats on the right-hand side: English subtitles will be displayed on the screen in the right section.

  • Bring drinks and snacks: The show lasts for 75 minutes, so it's a good idea to have some refreshments to keep your energy up.

  • Check the performance schedule on the Hoi An Memories Land website: The show may not be performed on special holidays, so stay updated on the monthly schedule.


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Watching the Hoi An Memories Show is one of the highlights to explore the cultural beauty, history, and people of this place. New Asia Tours hope you find our information useful and informative. If you need help with your tickets or Vietnam tours, just give us a call. We are happy to help you anytime. Have a great day!