Majestic Natural Landscapes

One of the reasons that makes Ninh Binh a worthwhile destination is its stunning landscape. There are numerous famous landmarks with beautiful scenery recognized by both national and international entities in this region. Especially the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, which is often referred to as "Halong Bay on Land." Trang An was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014 for its cultural and natural significance.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex - Is Ninh Binh worth visiting

Based on our experience, we suggest some must-visit attractions within the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex. The natural scenery is a highlight of this region:

  • Trang An Eco-tourism Area: Here, you can immerse yourself in a space that combines rivers, caves, limestone mountains, historical relics of the ancient Vietnamese kingdom, and a unique ecosystem.

  • Tam Coc - Bich Dong: This destination features over 20 sightseeing spots with a system of caves, limestone mountains, and abundant natural beauty. Taking a boat tour during the rice harvest season here is a fantastic experience to admire the surrounding nature.

  • Thien Ha Cave: If you are a cave enthusiast, you definitely should not miss this place. Located on Tuong Mountain, the cave boasts beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and includes a system of dry and wet caves stretching about 40 meters.

  • Thung Nang: To reach this destination, you can only travel by boat through low-ceilinged caves, admiring the limestone mountains and Thung Nang Temple. However, this creates a unique and tranquil atmosphere when visiting this secluded and untouched location.

  • Mua Caves: Mua Caves features a small cave and a stunning karst mountain with gracefully arranged gray stones. You'll need to climb to reach the mountain's peak to enjoy the majestic natural scenery surrounding you.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

The scenery surrounding Mua Caves as seen above

Land Of The Birds

What to see in Ninh Binh? This place is also known as a sanctuary for birds, making it an ideal destination for nature and bird enthusiasts. We will provide you with some of the best bird-watching locations in the area.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

The red-crowned cranes in Cuc Phuong National Park

Firstly, there is Cuc Phuong National Park. Cuc Phuong National Park is recognized by BirdLife International as one of the top 15 convenient bird-watching sites in Vietnam. Here, you can admire up to 300 species of rare birds, such as the Red-vented Barbet, White-winged Magpie, and more. In addition to bird-watching, you can also take hikes through the pristine forests, explore ancient caves, and enjoy ethnic and cultural performances.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve is as beautiful as a fairyland

As the 9th Ramsar site in Vietnam, the Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve is also an ideal place for bird-watching and appreciating diverse natural ecosystems. It is home to approximately 72 resident bird species, including the Crested Serpent Eagle, Grey Heron, and others.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Cycling to observe birds at Thung Nham is an exciting experience

Lastly, you can choose Thung Nham Bird Garden to observe various bird species. This place still retains its original wild beauty and is a habitat for many beautiful bird species. The sight of flocks of white birds soaring amidst the lush green mountains will surely captivate your heart.

The Cradle Of The Pagoda

Certainly, Ninh Binh is not only known for its enchanting natural landscapes but also its ancient historical remnants. Testimonies of the history of Ninh Binh are the ancient temples and pagodas. 

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Bai Dinh Pagoda is a place that holds many records in Asia

One of the pagodas among them is Bai Dinh Pagoda. It holds numerous records in Asia and Vietnam. Built around 1000 years ago, Bai Dinh Pagoda showcases unique architectural features from different dynasties. Moreover, the temple complex is vast with giant Buddha statues including the largest gold-plated Buddha statue in Asia that will leave you in awe.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Bich Dong Pagoda is nestled in the limestone mountains

Hidden within the limestone mountains, Bich Dong Pagoda will immerse you in the wild beauty of nature and bring tranquility to your soul. The pagoda nestled in a cave is likened to a hidden white gem amidst the untouched forests and mountains.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Am Tien Pagoda is located amidst the cool green space mountains

Am Tien Pagoda is another must-visit destination known for its romantic ambiance and architecture. Perched on a limestone mountain, Am Tien Pagoda exudes charm as it is surrounded by poetic landscapes of mountains and water. Inside the temple area, there are also spacious caves with mesmerizing stalactites.

Grand Festival Recognized By The Nation

Is Ninh Binh worth visiting? One of the reasons is the vibrant and unique festivals held annually in the region. The Hoa Lu Festival, which takes place every March in the lunar calendar (from mid to late April in the Gregorian calendar), attracts a large number of domestic tourists. During the festival, you can participate in various cultural activities and immerse yourself in the traditions and beliefs of the local people in Ninh Binh.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

The water procession ceremony at the Hoa Lu Festival - Is Ninh Binh worth visiting

The Hoa Lu Festival features a range of fascinating events, such as processions, flower lantern festivals, water processions, flag training, calligraphy exhibitions, music performances, and more. It provides an ideal opportunity for you to explore the cultural traditions and religious practices of the people in Ninh Binh.

In addition to the Hoa Lu Festival, Ninh Binh hosts several other festivals throughout the year. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival: This festival lasts from the 6th day of the first lunar month until the end of the third lunar month. It is one of the largest festivals in the northern region of Vietnam, attracting a significant number of visitors during the early days of the lunar year.

  • Trang An Festival: Held on the 18th and 19th days of the third lunar month, this festival stands out because all the rituals and activities take place on the river, providing a unique experience alongside the World Heritage site of Trang An.

  • Thai Vi Temple Festival: Taking place from the 14th to the 16th days of the third lunar month, this festival commemorates the contributions of the Tran dynasty kings in building the nation and developing the remarkable land of Ninh Binh.

Village Of Unique Handicrafts

Ninh Binh is also famous for its unique handicraft villages that attract tourists. Exploring these craft villages and trying your hand at creating handicraft products can be a fascinating experience for you. We have compiled a list of famous handicraft villages in Ninh Binh where you can also purchase souvenirs for your family and friends.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

The exquisite lines are carved on the stone by the artisans

Ninh Van Stone Carving Village is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. With skilled artisans, they transform blocks of stone into magnificent works of art. Some notable projects undertaken by Ninh Van Village include the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Phat Diem Stone Church, Thai Vi Temple, and Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

The elderly master artisan of Van Lam Lace Embroidery Village

Located near the Trang An Landscape Complex, Van Lam Lace Embroidery Village is easily accessible. Embroidery has been practiced in this village for over 800 years. With exquisite hand embroidery techniques, artisans create many products.  Such as hats, garments, royal costumes, and now, a wider variety of items like pillows, beddings, paintings, and handkerchiefs. You can purchase these products as souvenirs.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Many handmade products are created from rattan in Kim Son Rattan Craft Village

Kim Son Rattan Craft Village is also renowned for its handicraft products. The village's products have been showcased in over 20 countries and territories. Rattan craft products range from carpets, trays, cups, bags, hats, blinds, hammocks, and more. Observing the artisans weaving rattan is also a fascinating experience.

Tasty Local Specialties

Finally, the local specialties are the answer to the question "Is Ninh Binh worth visiting?". Ninh Binh offers a wide range of enticing local specialties that can only be found here. When mentioning Ninh Binh, people not only think of its stunning landscapes and historical relics but also its delicious dishes such as mountain goat meat, burnt rice, Ninh Binh-style vermicelli with eel, and more.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Stir-fried rolled goat meat is a specialty of Ninh Binh

Mountain goat meat is the most enticing specialty in Ninh Binh. If you're lucky, while exploring the Trang An heritage complex, you may come across white goats climbing on the rocky cliffs. The mountain goats in Ninh Binh feed on various leaves and herbs, resulting in delicious meat. There are many dishes made from goat meat, such as steamed goat, grilled goat, stir-fried goat, and herbal goat soup. If you have the opportunity, give it a try.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Burned rice Ninh Binh - Is Ninh Binh worth visiting

Burned rice is a unique dish sold at various tourist spots in Ninh Binh. The crispy burnt rice is served with shredded meat floss and spices. Burnt rice has a savory flavor from the meat floss, a spicy kick from chili, and the crunchy texture of the rice. It's a snack that you can enjoy at any time.

Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting

Ninh Binh Eel Vermicelli Soup

Ninh Binh eel vermicelli soup is another specialty of this place. The delicious vermicelli noodles are served with crispy fried eel and a flavorful broth. The perfect way to eat it is to mix the hot vermicelli with thinly sliced banana flowers. This is the traditional way of enjoying it in Ninh Binh.

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Ninh Binh not only offers beautiful natural landscapes but also has unique cultural aspects in daily life and a sense of antiquity. New Asia Tours has provided six reasons to answer the question "Is Ninh Binh worth visiting?". We hope the information provided helps you choose this destination for your journey to Vietnam. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. We are always ready to serve you.