A Brief about Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines is the national airline of Vietnam. It started in 1956 and was created by the government's Civil Aviation Administration. The first flight happened in September 1956.

Over time, the Civil Aviation Administration added more routes to other countries in Southeast Asia, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. This allowed Vietnam Airlines to become a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines is a member of SkyTeam

As Vietnam became more connected globally, Vietnam Airlines transitioned into an independent company focused on air transportation. The airline forged partnerships with 20 aviation enterprises and became a member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance in 2010.

Vietnam Airlines takes inspiration from the golden lotus and incorporates cultural elements. This reflects the airline's commitment to showcasing Vietnam's beauty and its people on a global stage.

Is Vietnam Airlines safe

The golden lotus flower emblem of Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines has worked tirelessly and achieved significant recognition and accolades. In 2016, it was ranked as one of the world's top three most improved airlines. It is also highly regarded as one of the preferred airlines in Asia and has maintained a 4-star rating since 2018.

What to Expect from Vietnam Airlines?

Modern Fleet

Vietnam Airlines operates a fleet of 100 aircraft, including 65 narrow-body planes. It serves 97 routes, connecting 21 domestic destinations and 29 international destinations, linking major cities across the globe with popular tourist destinations in Vietnam.

The fleet of Vietnam Airlines includes a combination of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, encompassing five distinct types.:

Types of aircraft


Boeing 787

  • A modern and fuel-efficient aircraft used for long-haul or international flights.

  • Equipped with leading-edge technology, including two jet engines, and can accommodate up to 300 passengers.

Airbus A350

  • A twin-engine civilian aircraft capable of flying long distances.

  • Utilizes carbon fiber-reinforced polymer in its design for increased strength and impact resistance.

  • A new-generation wide-body aircraft with a large capacity of 305 passengers.

Airbus A330

  • Widely used by airlines around the world.

  • A series of aircraft with short to medium-range capabilities, accommodating 269 seats.

Airbus A321

  • A wide-body aircraft used for domestic flights or short-haul routes.

  • The tail section of the aircraft is made of composite carbon fiber, ensuring smooth and stable operations.

ATR 72-500

  • This aircraft type is specifically used for short routes such as HCM - Con Dao or Hanoi - Dien Bien, where there are smaller runways.

  • It is a twin-engine aircraft with high safety standards, capable of maintaining balance in case of engine issues, thanks to its two fan engines.


Pioneer in Safe Aviation Operations

Vietnam Airlines actively adopts safety standards from major aviation authorities worldwide such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). 

This ensures the establishment and implementation of a safety management system that complies with high international standards. The operational mechanism of Vietnam Airlines has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam as a model for other agencies and units in the industry.

Is Vietnam Airlines safe

Vietnam Airlines is the host of the IATA 2023 Global Safety and Operations Conference

The VNA's safety performance evaluated by IATA is considered outstanding compared to other domestic airlines and surpasses global benchmarks. Vietnam Airlines also prioritizes the development of risk prediction systems to promptly implement preventive measures to ensure absolute safety.

Vietnam Airlines has achieved several milestones in ensuring safe flight operations:

  • In 2015, Vietnam Airlines became the first airline in Asia-Pacific to operate the advanced Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner safely.

  • The airline has achieved the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certification for the 10th time, showcasing its dedication to maintaining high safety standards.

  • The airline has been a pioneer in implementing new safety assessment approaches, such as Enhanced IOSA in 2015 and Risk-Based IOSA in 2024, which provide a fresh perspective on safety evaluation.

  • In 2021, Vietnam Airlines became the first Vietnamese airline to meet stringent safety standards for operating direct commercial flights to the United States.

  • In 2023, the airline was recognized as one of the top 20 airlines worldwide for safety and service quality.

Safety and Passenger Health are Top Priorities

Vietnam Airlines (VNA) emphasizes the paramount importance of safety and passenger well-being. To ensure this, all airline employees receive rigorous and regular training according to the company's standards, as well as those outlined by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Is Vietnam Airlines safe

The flight attendants and pilots receive regular safety training

Specifically, pilots and flight attendants are trained in fundamental knowledge of aviation safety, emergency procedures, and aviation regulations. They also participate in practical sessions on simulation models. This systematic training equips Vietnam Airlines' staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure safety and protect the lives of passengers in various situations, including emergencies.

How to Book Flight Tickets Online

We provide you with 7 steps to book Vietnam Airlines tickets online:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of Vietnam Airlines on Vietnam Airlines’s Website or access the mobile app.

  • Step 2: Select your departure and destination locations.

  • Step 3: Choose your departure date and return date (if applicable).

  • Step 4: Enter the number of passengers and click on the "Find Flight" button.

  • Step 5: Browse the available flight options and make your selection.

  • Step 6: Provide personal information and payment details.

  • Step 7: Wait for confirmation.

Additionally, you can also book tickets through online travel agencies. When using this method, you will have access to a wide range of flight options, prices, and itineraries, making it easier for you to compare and choose the best option for your trip.

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