Da Nang City, a coastal city in the central region of Vietnam, located between the South and the North, Da Nang has long become a center of culture, economy, tourism, and entertainment. With a great location and combined sightseeing with both Hoi An and Hue, it attracts millions of domestic and international tourists every year. Coming to Da Nang, in addition to the beautiful beaches, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about local culture through Hoi An Ancient Town, eat delicious seafood dishes, and visit the famous tourist attractions in Da Nang.

Sandy Beach Non Nuoc Resort welcomes you to a wonderful vacation in Da Nang, a must-see destination where green-covered mountains and tropical gardens stretch across the resort's grounds, in harmony with the song of the sea with clear water and long sparkling sand. Located in a position facing the water, facing Non Nuoc Beach, leaning against the majestic Marble Mountains, Sandy Beach Non Nuoc Resort offers excellent facilities in 198 rooms and bungalows. and luxury suites, spanning 17 acres of manicured gardens, to suit a wide range of needs from families, and couples, to large groups.

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