What Makes Phi Phi Island Unique?

Koh Phi Phi is a breathtakingly beautiful tropical paradise located just off the coast of Thailand's Krabi province.

Here are just some of the things that make Koh Phi Phi special: 

  • A picturesque paradise - Koh Phi Phi is a stunning tropical island with lush green hills and white sandy beaches. The views from the top of the hills are breathtaking, and you can watch sunsets from any beach on the island. 

  • A unique mix of cultures – the island is home to Thai and Muslim populations, creating a rich cultural diversity. 

  • Plenty of things to do – from partying on the beach to kayaking and diving in the gorgeous waters, there's something for everyone. 

  • Nearby attractions – Koh Phi Phi is close to popular destinations like Krabi and Phuket. 

  • Buzzing nightlife is buzzing – The party scene on Phi Phi Island is legendary and a must for visitors looking for some fun after dark. There are many bars, clubs, and live music venues to explore. 

How to Get to Phi Phi Island from Bangkok

There are several options for getting to Koh Phi Phi from Bangkok. You can take a direct flight, an overnight train, or a bus. 

How to Get to Phi Phi Island from Bangkok

How to Get to Phi Phi Island from Bangkok

Here are some of your options for getting to Koh Phi Phi: 

  • Airplane: Bangkok to Phi Phi Island is only a short flight away - about 45 minutes – making it the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. You can fly directly from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) or Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to Krabi International Airport. From there, take a one-hour ferry ride to Phi Phi Island. The price is relatively affordable, ranging from around 1700 - 3200 THB (55 - 100 USD). 

  • Bus: You can also take an overnight bus from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal. The journey takes approximately 10 hours and will drop you off at the Klong Jilard Pier in Krabi. After that, you can take a ferry to Phi Phi Island. The price is much cheaper than flying, ranging from around 500 - 800 THB (15 - 25 USD). 

  • Train: Alternatively, take a train from Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Railway Station and disembark at Phun Pin Station in Surat Thani province. You must take a minibus or van for two hours before taking the ferry from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi. The price is around 500 - 1000 THB (15 - 30 USD).

When to Visit Phi Phi Island

when to visit phi phi island

When to Visit Phi Phi Island

The best time to visit Koh Phi Phi is the dry season (November to April) when the weather is pleasant, and there's less chance of rain. This is also peak season, so expect more visitors on the island and higher accommodation prices. 

If you'd like to save money, consider going during the low season (May to October), when it rains more often, but temperatures are still comfortable, and the chance of storms is low. March through May is considered "shoulder season" and is an ideal time to visit, with more moderate visitor numbers and prices. 

Accommodation on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island caters to all kinds of travelers, offering a wide range of accommodations from luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses. Whether you're looking for a secluded stay in paradise or an adventure-filled holiday with your friends - here are the reviews of familiar accommodation places to stay on Koh Phi Phi: 

Luxury Resorts

Luxury resorts on Koh Phi Phi offer the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. With beautiful panoramic views of the island, modern amenities, and excellent service, these resorts are popular among travelers looking for a luxurious getaway. 

where to stay on Phi Phi Island

Zeavola Resort

Here are some advantages of staying at a luxury resort on Koh Phi Phi: 

  • Unparalleled comfort – Spacious rooms, comfortable bedding, and modern amenities.

  • High-end service – Excellent service from luxury resort staff.

  • A variety of facilities – Spas, fitness centers, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and multiple pools to enjoy. 

However, luxury resorts are more expensive than other accommodations on Koh Phi Phi. Consider a budget guesthouse or hostel if you want to save on accommodation. 

Our recommendations:

  • P.P. Erawan Palms Resort: From THB 3,851 (USD 124) per night

  • Zeavola Resort: From THB 11,089 (USD 361) per night

  • Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort: From THB 4,400 (USD 142) per night 

Budget-friendly Options

Budget hotels and hostels are ideal for travelers looking to save on accommodation without compromising on quality. Many of these budget-friendly places offer clean rooms, comfortable beds and basic amenities such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi - an excellent value for money. 

where to stay on Phi Phi Island

P.P. Casita

Here are some advantages of staying at a budget guesthouse or hostel on Koh Phi Phi: 

  • Affordable – Great value at lower prices than luxury resorts.

  • Clean and comfortable – A pleasant stay at a low cost, often highly rated by travelers on TripAdvisor or similar sites.

  • Centrally located – conveniently situated near Koh Phi Phi's main attractions, facilitating island exploration.

On the other hand, budget guesthouses and hostels tend to be noisier than luxury resorts due to their shared nature. If you're looking for a quiet stay, looking elsewhere is best. 

Our recommendations:

  • P.P. Casita: From THB 400 (USD 13) per night 

  • P.P. Charlie Beach Resort: From THB 800 (USD 26) per night 

  • Nature Beach Resort: From THB 600 (USD 19) per night 

Eco-friendly Accommodations

Eco-friendly accommodations are becoming increasingly popular on Koh Phi Phi, offering a sustainable way to explore the island without compromising quality. These accommodations are typically built with eco-friendly materials and practices in mind, using renewable energy sources and partnering with local businesses. 

where to stay on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi The Beach Resort

Here are some advantages of staying at an eco-friendly accommodation on Koh Phi Phi: 

  • Environmentally friendly – Using sustainable materials and practices to minimize their impact on the island. 

  • Local experiences – Partner with local businesses,for a culture and lifestyle experience of Koh Phi Phi. 

  • Variety – Various eco-friendly accommodations on Koh Phi Phi, from private villas to luxury resorts. 

Of course, eco-friendly accommodations are usually more expensive than budget options. But if you want to do your part for the environment, it's worth spending a little extra. 

Our recommendations:

  • P.P. Casa del Mar Resort and Villas: From THB 1,075 (USD 35) per night 

  • Phi Phi The Beach Resort: From THB 1,000 (USD 32) per night 

Best Beaches of Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. With its pristine white sand and clear turquoise waters, this island is a paradise for beach lovers with many stunning beaches such as:

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is the most iconic and one of the most beautiful beaches on Phi Phi Island. It's a pristine white sand beach surrounded by lush green cliffs and crystal clear waters.

Maya Bay phi phi island

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is the perfect destination for travelers looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure-filled day. It's also one of Phi Phi Island's most popular spots so it can get quite crowded during peak season. To avoid the crowds, plan your trip and arrive early in the morning. 

Long Beach

Long Beach is a peaceful and secluded beach north of Phi Phi Island. It's surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and dense jungle, making it an ideal spot for relaxation or exploration.

Long Beach phi phi island

Long Beach

Long Beach is a great place to escape the crowds and find peace on Phi Phi Island. It's also accessible by boat, so you can quickly get here from Tonsai or Loh Bagao Bay. However, it's important to note that the beach is unsuitable for swimming during low tide, as it can get relatively shallow. 

Loh Dalum Bay

Loh Dalum Bay is east of Phi Phi Island and boasts a beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear waters. 

Loh Dalum Bay

Loh Dalum Bay

Loh Dalum Bay is a great spot to relax and enjoy peace on Phi Phi Island. It's trendy among the younger crowd and is an excellent place for an evening stroll. However, swimming is not recommended here, as the currents can be intense. 

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is located west of Phi Phi Island and is renowned for its picturesque scenery and the playful monkeys that inhabit it. 

Monkey Beach in phi phi island

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is a great spot to relax and enjoy Phi Phi Island's beauty and friendly inhabitants. The monkeys are used to humans and can be pretty playful - remember to bring a snack for them! 

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is a secluded island located off the east coast of Phi Phi Don Island and has its own pristine white sand beach surrounded by lush green vegetation.

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is a great place for snorkeling and diving, with plenty of colorful corals and exotic fish to explore. It's also a great relaxing spot, as the beach is far away from the hustle and bustle of Phi Phi Island. Just ensure you bring enough water and snacks – no restaurants or convenience stores here!

What to Do on Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi offers diverse beach and island activities catering to every traveler. Here are some of the best experiences you can have at Koh Phi Phi: 

Snorkeling and Diving

Thanks to its crystal clear waters and diverse marine life – Phi Phi Island is an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving. Plenty of schools and operators offer trips to the best spots, where you can swim with turtles, colorful fish, and even gentle whale sharks! 

What to Do on Phi Phi Island

Snorkeling and Diving

For diving enthusiasts, top spots include Shark Point, Anemone Reef, and King Cruiser Wreck. These sites boast rich marine life and stunning coral formations, perfect for exploring the underwater world of Phi Phi Island.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is popular on Phi Phi Island, attracting adventure seekers worldwide. There are routes of varying difficulty for climbers of all levels, from beginner to expert. 

What to Do on Phi Phi Island

Rock Climbing

Ton Sai Bay is the most popular spot, offering stunning views. Other climbing spots include Loh Bagao Bay and Long Beach. Routes are well marked, providing challenges for experienced climbers. 

For beginners, there are plenty of instructors offering guided tours and courses. A tour or course price usually includes equipment rental, instruction and safety briefings. 

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding are great ways to explore the clear waters of Phi Phi Island. You can rent a kayak or SUP board at any beach on the island, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

What to Do on Phi Phi Island


For a more guided experience, you can join a kayaking and SUP tour. These tours offer the chance to explore hidden coves and lagoons, with stops for swimming and snorkeling. 


Island-hopping is a great way to explore Phi Phi Island and its stunning surroundings. Various transportation options are available, including speedboats, longtail boats, and ferry services. 

What to Do on Phi Phi Island


Travelers can visit popular spots like Maya Bay and Viking Cave, as well as lesser-known islands such as Bamboo Island and Loh Bagao Bay. With activities like snorkeling and hiking trails, there's plenty to enjoy. 

Besides, island-hopping tours on Koh Phi Phi offer the chance to explore some of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. From hidden coves and lagoons to powder-soft white sand beaches, you can ensure you don't miss anything on your visit! 

Tips for an Unforgettable Trip to Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi is a stunningly beautiful destination and one of Thailand's most popular tourist spots. To make the most of your time on this tropical paradise, here are some tips:

  • Book in advance: Accommodation on Phi Phi Island can get quite pricey during peak season, so it's best to book your stay ahead of time. 

  • Pack accordingly: While the weather in Phi Phi is usually warm and sunny, bring a few items, such as sunscreen, bug spray, and a hat for protection from the sun. 

  • Take the ferry: The best way to get around Phi Phi Island is by taking the ferry, which is much more affordable than hiring a private boat. 

  • Explore on foot: Set aside time each day to explore the island on foot and admire its tranquil beauty. This also allows visitors to experience local life and culture up close. 

  • Please respect the environment: Phi Phi Island is a fragile ecosystem, and respecting its delicate balance is essential while visiting. Avoid littering, stick to designated trails, and keep noise to a minimum. 

Koh Phi Phi island is a must-visit destination and unforgettable for any traveler. There's something for everyone on this beautiful island, with stunning scenery, diverse activities, friendly locals, and unique culture. 

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