Quy Nhon - The coastal city of Binh Dinh province with long romantic coastlines nestled next to beautiful mountain ranges. With the sea in front and the mountains behind, Quy Nhon has become one of the most beautiful beach tourism cities. However, in Quy Nhon, it is not only the sea, so do you know there are other great places here? Let's explore the following most beautiful Quy Nhon tourist destinations with Asia Discovery!

Below are the top destinations to visit in Quy Nhon City:

1. EO GIO (Waist Wind)

Eo Gio is one of the most visited Quy Nhon tourist destinations by tourists. Located 20km from Quy Nhon city center in Nhon Ly commune. Eo Gio is a small strait area, nestled inside two majestic mountains with extremely beautiful natural scenery, the name Eo Gio also comes from here.

2. Phuong Mai Sand Dunes

Quy Nhon certainly not only has the sea but also sand dunes for us to experience. The next interesting Quy Nhon tourist destination that you should visit is Phuong Mai sand hill. This place is known as the "Sahara" of Quy Nhon with vast sand dunes up to tens of kilometers, we can walk on these sand dunes, and enjoy the panoramic view of nature here.

3. Ky Co beach

Ky Co is a Quy Nhon tourist destination famous for its unspoiled nature, completely undisturbed by tourist service activities. Ky Co beach is different from other beaches in that it has many golden sand beaches, clear blue water, and there are many interesting undulating rocky mountains.


4. Green Isle

Cu Lao Xanh is an island that keeps its pristine appearance, considered an unexplored "raw gem", so it will be an ideal Quy Nhon tourist destination for those who love to explore. Visiting Cu Lao Xanh, you will be surprised by the clear blue water at the bottom, the calm waves, and the long stretch of white sand beach. Coming to Cu Lao Xanh, in addition to swimming or "check-in" activities, we can also organize barbecues, enjoy seafood, and participate in many other beach tourism activities.

5. Hon Kho

Nhon Hai fishing village, also known as Hon Kho, is a peaceful island with gentle waves and clear blue water. It's too expensive to come here but just enjoy the scenery, you can also swim or snorkel in the ocean. What about underwater, but what about on the shore, of course, we can experience the fine white sand beaches with friends, conquer the mysterious rocky mountains or explore the mysterious road under the impressive sea.

6. Quy Nhon Twin Towers

Quy Nhon is an important land of the Cham Pa people in the past, that's why there are many relics and temples of the Cham people. The most famous place to mention is the Quy Nhon twin towers. Despite experiencing many events in history, but due to the investment in embellishing and restoring properly, it still retains the original architecture. This is an ideal place to discover a completely different culture of Quy Nhon for you.