Solasta Restaurant 

Seeking a romantic dinner in Hanoi? Solasta Restaurant is an interesting and perfect choice. It comes with a beautiful view towards Hoan Kiem District, a romantic atmosphere and delicious food is the big points that become a dream date place. In addition, The restaurant also scores points for polite and friendly service.

Solasta Restaurant

The panorama view of the city in Solasta Restaurant

Solasta Restaurant is not too big, there is only one floor. There are about 20 large and small tables and private spaces for couples and families. The layout follows the European direction mixed with a modern and simple style.

  • Address: 9th Floor, Solaria Hotel, 22 Bao Khanh Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi.

  • Active time: 9:30 AM - 10:00 PM.

  • Price: 200,000 VND (~ 8.52 USD) - 400,000 VND (~ 17.03 USD) per set lunch or dinner.

  • Phone number: (+84) 243 926 3456.

  • Special dish: The European standard menu at Solasta is divided into 3 kinds:

  • Appetizer menu: soups and salad with Italian vinegar sauce.

  • Main course: ranging from seafood, chicken, beef and tuna to pasta, rolls with mustard cream sauce and cheese sauce.

  • The dessert menu focuses on freshness and coolness such as ice cream, cakes and fresh juice.

romantic meal at Solasta Restaurant

The international family enjoy a romantic meal at Solasta Restaurant  

There are many options to enjoy a romantic dinner at Solasta Restaurant. I know that you will spend a long time standing in front of the menu during your first visit, so this is my advice:

  • Order a small set from appetizers to desserts with different themes such as Seafood, Meat lover, Lunch and Dinner.

  • Order a set Lunch or Dinner with 3 buffet dishes

  • You should try beefsteak and Norwegian salmon - the soul of the restaurant.

  • The restaurant also offers a discount from 20% to 40% every Monday, on special days and for your second meal.

  • If you go with friends, you can have a better deal.

Red Bean Central Restaurant 

Red Bean Central Restaurant is a favorite destination for international tourists to have a romantic dinner in Hanoi. This is also chosen by many couples for their romantic dinner in Hanoi. You can be overwhelmed by the poetic panorama view of Sword Lake on the 7th floor, its luxurious space and its unique design. The main color tone is white and blue, which is highly delicate and cool. 

Red Bean Central Restaurant

Cozy space in Red Bean Central Restaurant

The staff is extremely professional, friendly and enthusiastic. Furthermore, this restaurant has many corners suitable for taking lovely pictures. Unlike Solasta Restaurant above, there is a pretty diverse menu with many choices from European and Asian, set menus to vegetarian and non-starchy foods in Red Bean Central Restaurant. 

Red Bean Central Restaurant

The staff is professional and friendly at Red Bean Central Restaurant

  • Address: 7th floor at La Siesta Central Hotel, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi.

  • Active time: 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM.

  • Phone number: (+84) 243 862 2222.

  • Hotline: 0936 453 684.

  • Special dish: coconut salad, roasted Australian beef, French cuisine, grilled Chilean cod with onion fat.

  • Price: 200,000 VND (~ 8.52 USD) - 500,000 VND (~ 21.29 USD) per person.

If this is your first-time visit to this restaurant, there are a few notes for you.

  • There will be crowded during holidays and some special days, so you should book a table in advance.

  • This restaurant is quite near to Hanoi Old Quarter so you can go for a walk.

6 Degrees Restaurant 

Upscale space to satisfy the delicate eyes of beauty enthusiasts. The flavors range from Asia to Europe and from the Americas to the Atlantic Ocean. All are only available at 6 Degrees Rooftop West Lake. Thanks to being on the rooftop, this restaurant has both a lake view and a city view.

6 Degrees Restaurant rooftop - romantic dinner in hanoi

Green space on the 6 Degrees Restaurant rooftop

If you’d like to have a romantic dinner in Hanoi, you will be amazed at the interior design of 6 Degrees Restaurant. The space is overwhelmed by sophistication with 3 main areas in the building. The 2nd-floor beverage area is designed with the color tone of black and gold, making the space full of youthfulness and suitable for meetings, chatting and confiding. 

Contrary to the 2nd-floor area, the 8th and 9th floors are a restaurant that brings design maturity. The highlight of this area is the model of a sparkling tree with dandelions. There are also ala-carte and very sophisticated combo sets suitable for various occasions. In addition, it also served special and unique dishes such as roasted duck breast with walnut, clam cream soup and salmon with spinach sauce.

  • Address: the 2nd, 8th and 9th floor of the building, 189 Nghi Tam Street, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi.

  • Active time: 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM.

  • Special dish: International cuisine and serves meals for vegetarians.

  • Price: 200,000 VND(~ 8.52 USD ) - 400,000 VND (~ 17.03 USD ) per person.

  • Phone number: (+84) 98 524 9189.

meals at 6 Degrees Restaurant

The diners enjoy meals at 6 Degrees Restaurant

You are also given a chance to immerse yourself in a romantic dinner in Hanoi. Some tips for visiting here:

  • Drinks on the 2nd floor are affordable ranging from 60,000 VND (~ 2.56 USD) to 100,000 VND (~ 4.26 USD).

  • The restaurant is on high floors, so it will be difficult for you to notice when you go on the road. First, you can come to the address above and then ask the guard to get to the parking area and an elevator.

  • You should book a romantic dinner in advance via the phone number above.

  • The restaurant will charge an additional service fee if you bring food from the outside.

Skyline Hanoi Restaurant 

Similar to 6 Degrees Restaurant, Skyline Hanoi Restaurant is also on the rooftop and you can enjoy a romantic dinner with the city panorama view. However, there is a distinct point that this restaurant’s located in the center of the capital. You can see the view of Sword Lake and Hanoi Old Quarter. This restaurant’s view is considered the most beautiful when the sunset and night with sparkling lights.

Skyline Hanoi Restaurant - romantic dinner in hanoi

A couple enjoys the sunset and panorama view of the city at Skyline Hanoi Restaurant

Indochine is a delicate and striking combination of Asian traditions and the romance of French architecture - this is also the main architecture of Skyline. With this style, Skyline is always in a cozy and luxurious space. This restaurant attracts people with lovely scenery and Skyline’s menu is very diverse. In terms of food, dishes from Asia to Europe are always served for romantic dinners. Moreover, the staffs are dedicated, attentive and friendly.

  • Address: the 11th floor in building, 38 Gia Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi. 

  • Active time: 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM.

  • Special dish: Asia and Europe cuisine.

  • Price: 100,000 VND (~ 4.26 USD) - 500,000 VND (~ 21.29 USD).

  • Phone number: (+84) 968 083 066.

Skyline Hanoi is not only a restaurant, there is also a memory castle. Therefore, for the anniversary and proposal dinner requests, they are very careful and meticulously selected each detail.

romantic dinner in hanoi

A couple has a romantic dinner in Skyline Hanoi Restaurant 

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Panorama Restaurant & Bar Top

Panorama is the famous European standard restaurant in the Hanoi Old Quarter. Panorama Restaurant is located in a hotel, the restaurant is designed very luxurious and classy. There are both indoor and outdoor areas. If you’re expecting a nice spot to enjoy a romantic dinner in Hanoi, it is also the ideal venue for parties you cannot ignore. You can be attracted to elegant spaces and a full panoramic view of Sword Lake.

Coming to Panorama Restaurant & Bar you can cater European-flavored dishes such as salmon served with bamboo-tube grilled rice and baked Australian beef with fried mushrooms. Many international guests often choose for themselves positions outside the balcony or positions close to the window to let their hair down and mingle in peace.

Panorama Restaurant & Bar

Outdoor table in Panorama Restaurant & Bar 

  • Address: the 11th floor of the Authentic Hotel, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi.

  • Active time: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM.

  • Special dish: Western cuisine and Combo seafood.

  • Price: 200,000 VND (~ 8.52 USD) - 600,000 VND (~ 25.55 USD) per person.

  • Phone number: (+84) 932 736 688.

For the best experience, you should keep the following notes in mind:

  • The restaurant also owns a modern VIP room for parties, birthday parties and your special days.

  • You can contact this restaurant to request event decoration.

  • A car park and smoking place are available.

  • You should order a set menu for the best deal.

Le Monde Steak 

Crossing the territory of France, Le Monde Steak gives diners the definition of French steak perfectly and impressively. Come here, diners will feel the fascinating experience of architecture resembles the sweet romance movies about romantic France, the country of love. This place not only helps you feel the subtleties of French love, but it also represents the freshness of nature.

Diners who visit any branch will easily encounter peaceful and relaxing French spaces with the presence of impressionist paintings and elegant arched windows. The design style is integrated smoothly and flexibly between French and Vietnamese in an ingenious way. It is suitable for dating and having a romantic dinner in Hanoi with family and loved ones.

Le Monde Steak Restaurant

Ooutdoor space with elegant arched windows at Le Monde Steak Restaurant

  • Address: There are a lot of  Le Monde Steak branches in Hanoi such as:

- Le Monde Steak - Royal City, Vincom Royal City Shopping Center, 72A Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan Dist.

- Le Monde Steak - Tran Thai Tong, No. 1A Dich Vong Hau Road, Cau Giay Dist.

- Le Monde Steak - Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay Dist.

- Le Monde Steak - Trung Hoa, No.84 Trung Hoa Road, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay Dist.

- Le Monde Steak - Vincom Center Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung Dist.

  • Operating hours: 11h00 AM - 2h00 PM and 5h00 PM - 9h30 PM.

  • Special dish: European and modern style with French dessert.

  • Price: 150,000 VND (~ 6.39 USD) - 400,000 VND (~ 17.03 USD) per person.

The variety of French dishes at Le Monde Steak Restaurant surely boost your taste. The restaurant’s typical beefsteak dish uses the finest, freshest beef ingredients. You can be served dishes with sauces such as cream sauce, pepper sauce, or BBQ sauce. Surely you will come here many times to finish this long menu.

The dishes for a couple at Le Monde Steak Restaurant

The dishes for a couple at Le Monde Steak Restaurant

Flamant Bistro Restaurant

The next restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic dinner in Hanoi with your loved one is Flamant Bistro Restaurant. Romantic space with a West Lake view, this restaurant is like the miniature European sky in the heart of Hanoi with luxurious sapphire blue on the interior details. All create a classic, romantic feeling and modern looks.

You can find Flamant Bistro - the ideal dating spot - with the flamingo symbol outside the restaurant. The first floor is a bar, the 2nd, the 3rd and 4th floors are restaurants, especially the 4th floor has a beautiful view of West Lake.  

Flamant Bistro Restaurant - romantic dinner in hanoi

The sunset view in Flamant Bistro Restaurant 

  • Address: 100A Xuan Dieu Road, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi.

  • Active time: 9:30 AM - 10:00 PM.

  • Special dishes: Seafood, European cuisine and Vegetarian meal.

  • Price: 150,000 VND (~ 6.39 USD) - 500,000 VND (~ 21.29 USD) per person.

  • Phone number: (+84) 375 588 866.

If you are a European or want to try European cuisine, come to Flamant Bistro. At Flamant Bistro, restaurant chefs are exquisite from choosing raw materials to decorating with their notable emotions into the dish. Furthermore, there are over 100 types of win, cocktails and mocktails. The restaurant will help you enjoy a full meal, a deep date with a glass of premium wine. 

romantic dinner at Flamant Bistro Restaurant

A lovely couple has a romantic dinner at Flamant Bistro Restaurant 

Comet Restaurant 

For a long time, Comet Restaurant is known as a 4-star restaurant with Standard European service and the best view of Hanoi Old Quarter. With luxurious space, this restaurant has left an impression on the customers. Comet Restaurant is suitable for events, meetings, or dating. Especially with modern Western decorations with cozy and romantic, Comet Restaurant is an ideal place not only for having a romantic dinner in Hanoi but also for a date and warming up couples’ feelings.

Comet Restaurant - romantic dinner in hanoi

 Western-style decoration at Comet Restaurant

Unlike some restaurants above, the menu is a perfect combination of Vietnamese and Western with fusion food and is suitable for wine and beverages. Comet Restaurant wants to create a memorable dining experience for diners to feel the real Vietnamese cuisine.

  • Address: the 11th floor of Aurora Hotel & Spa, 61 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi. 

  • Active time: 6:30 PM - 9:45 PM.

  • Special dishes: International, Asian dishes and vegetarian meals.

  • Price: 200,000 VND (~ 8.52 USD) - 600,000 VND (~ 25.55 USD) per set/ person.

  • Phone number: (+84) 243 933 9595.

romantic dinner in Comet Restaurant

A romantic dinner in Comet Restaurant 

Visit Comet Restaurant to immerse yourself in the panorama view of Sword Lake and create memorable moments and enjoy a romantic dinner in Hanoi with family and friends. Furthermore, you can experience a high service attitude and dedication from staff with reasonable prices and airy space.

Glad to see that you keep reading our share. In the article, we show the eight best restaurants with special features for you to enjoy a romantic dinner in Hanoi. We hope you will choose the best revenue for your date with your loved one. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to come and try when visiting Vietnam.