Chuoi Beach

Nestled 40 kilometers north of Da Nang city, in the Hai Van region, Chuoi Beach is one of the hidden gems that dot the Lang Co Bay, between the cities of Hue and Da Nang. 

Chuoi Beach is perfect for camping and recreation. You can swim in the cool waters, sing and dance around a campfire, or hike up the nearby mountain for a stunning viewpoint. The secluded location means you'll have the place to yourself.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang - chuoi beach in da nang vietnam

Chuoi Beach is a stunning beach located between Hue and Da Nang

To get to Bai Chuoi, you must follow the Da Nang - Hue route. After reaching the top of the Hai Van Pass, you'll see a signpost for Chuoi Pass, about 500m away. Continue following the signage; after 5km, you'll park your vehicle at a local's house.

From there, follow a small trail leading to the railway line, and continue along the tracks to Bai Chuoi. The entire hiking journey is around 7km and takes close to an hour, as the path can be quite challenging.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang

Admiring Chuoi Beach from the clifftop

When visiting Bai Chuoi, it's a good idea to bring some simple cooking supplies and drinking water, as this beach in Danang is still quite remote and far from residential areas.

Ran Nam O

If you've already discovered all the top destinations in downtown Da Nang, and you're searching for a tranquil spot with captivating natural landscapes. Be sure to visit Ran Nam O to get away and enjoy a change of pace.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang

The large and small rocks are what make Ran Nam O so unique

Located in Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang, Ran Nam O is an ideal destination for those who enjoy "off-the-beaten-path" exploration. Around 15km northwest of the city center, you can easily reach it by motorbike.

From the city center, you can travel along the Nguyen Tat Thanh coastal road or the Ton Duc Thang inner-city road to get there.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang - da nang beach

Ran Nam O is one of the pristine Da Nang beaches

Once you arrive, you'll be greeted by the distinctive large and small rocky outcroppings that characterize Ran Nam O. This unique feature lends the location a rugged, picturesque charm. From the coral reef, you can see the Son Tra Peninsula and the Hai Van range to the west. This rocky area also offers ideal vantage points for admiring both sunrise and sunset.

Ghenh Bang

Located at Bai But, Bai Che on the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang, Ghenh Bang is like a green gem, standing out with its rare pristine beauty within the city. This destination is situated approximately 20km from the city center.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang

The surreal beauty of Ghenh Bang

To explore Ghenh Bang, you need to travel to the Son Tra Peninsula, then park your vehicle and walk about 1km through the forest with many steep slopes. But the effort is worthwhile, as you will be rewarded with the shimmering, surreal landscape of Ghenh Bang Beach.

As it has not yet been extensively developed for tourism, Ghenh Bang has maintained its pristine character. It offers you unique experiences such as overnight camping, coral reef snorkeling, and fishing. However, due to the lack of dining services, you should bring your food when coming here.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang - da nang beach

A magnificent secret camping spot in Da Nang

Lang Van

One of the isolated Da Nang beaches we would like to introduce you to is Lang Van, nestled at the base of the Hai Van Pass, roughly 30km from downtown Da Nang.

Lang Van seascape is cherished for its pristine, isolated beauty, set apart from the outside world. Lang Van comprises three primary beaches: Bai Dua, Bai Chinh, and Bai Xoan. Each shoreline offers a distinct experience. You can partake in a variety of seaside activities, such as camping, canoeing expeditions, and savoring alfresco BBQ feasts.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang

Lang Van is one of the most secret beaches in Da Nang.

To access this destination, you can embark on a 30-minute boat ride departing from the Nguyen Tat Thanh coastline. Alternatively, you may opt to travel overland, driving to the Hai Van Pass, parking your vehicle, and then trekking down the mountainside for approximately 3km to reach Lang Van.

Da Den Beach

Unlike the busy, crowded tourist spots around Da Nang, Bai Da Den on the Son Tra Peninsula has managed to hold onto its pristine natural charm and serene atmosphere.

The name "Bai Da Den" actually comes from the local people living nearby. And it's easy to see why - the beach is dotted with countless black rock formations in all sorts of shapes and sizes, randomly scattered about or stacked on top of each other. These undulating black rocks, with the mountains behind and the stunning blue waters in front, create a truly one-of-a-kind natural landscape you won't find anywhere else.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang

Bai Da Den, also known as Obama Beach, is a pristine and unspoiled blue beach

Getting to Da Den Beach is pretty straightforward - just start from the Han River, and drive straight along Pham Van Dong Street. Then take a left onto Vo Nguyen Giap and follow the Hoang Sa road. Keep going for around 1km, hugging the coastline, and you'll arrive at this hidden gem.

Tien Sa Beach

Tien Sa Beach is located at the end of Yen Kieu Street, in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, about 9km northeast of downtown Da Nang. This beach is part of the Tien Sa Eco-Tourism area in Da Nang. Tien Sa Beach is often likened to a soft silk sash draped across the slopes of the Son Tra Peninsula.

Secret Beaches in Da Nang

Tien Sa Beach is mysterious and beautiful like a fairy tale wonderland

The name of this beach stems from a truly fascinating story. According to legend, celestial fairies would often gather here to stroll and admire the scenery. So that the name "Tien Sa" was lovingly bestowed upon this place. Furthermore, the sheer beauty of this location also gives visitors the impression of having stumbled into a fairy tale world.

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Secret beaches in Da Nang are truly captivating due to their pristine, untouched beauty. Surely when you visit these places, you will be able to relax with enjoyable activities without having to deal with overcrowding. We hope the information provided has given you the best ideas for your trip. If you need any further consultation, please feel free to contact us to receive suggestions for Vietnam tours.