Brief Overview 

Taman Ujung Water Palace is a royal complex located in the village of Tumbu, Karangasem, Bali Island. It was built by the late Raja dynasty of Karangasem and consists of large pools and various historical structures located on the Agung mountain scene and the East Coast. However, the area was devastated by hot ashes during the Agung volcanic eruption in 1963 and the earthquake in 1979. And it took decades to reconstruct part of Taman's image. 

Taman Ujung Water Palace

A lot of greenery at the palace

Taman Ujung Palace covers an area of about 10 hectares. Undergoing several expansions and new construction, the place officially opened free of charge for tourists to visit in 1921. It has made the Water Palace attractive to both locals and foreign tourists.

Taman Ujung Water Palace

Foreign tourists enjoy the airy in Water Palace 

The Architectural Features

The architecture of Taman Ujung Palace is a soft combination of Asian and European architecture. It is reflected in the pillars, statues, gardens and pools built in harmony with the panorama of nature that gives the attractive beauty that is difficult to get anywhere. There are three main areas: Gili Bale House, Bale Bengong Area and Pura Manikan Temple.

Taman Ujung Water Palace

Scene of Taman Ujung Water Palace

Gili Bale House

In the heart of the Taman Ujung Palace is the Gili Bale house, a symbol of this area. This remarkable architectural site, extensively restored while preserving its historical foundations, provides Bali's rich cultural heritage. There is a lengthy bridge adorned with exquisite arches and intricate stone carvings, you can explore the final resting place of the former king.

Taman Ujung Water Palace

The center area in Taman Ujung Water Palace

When entering the palace, you will come across various rooms decorated with intricate carvings, paintings and images of the Royal Family. The architectural styles are harmoniously diverse, from European glass decorations to Balinese Lotus carvings. Although it is a beautiful architectural complex, this palace is quite deserted and airy, allowing tourists to visit without having to jostle while taking photos like no other places in Bali

Taman Ujung Water Palace

Photography spots in Taman Ujung

Bale Bengong Area

In the middle of the South pond, there is a building called Bale Bengong, the Bale Bengong-style building in Bali, which does not use walls, only columns and roofs. Another highlight at Taman Ujung is the long ancient bridges stretching across the lake and there are koi fishes. You can buy fish food to feed them, which costs around 2.000 IDR (~ 0.13 USD) per bag. 

Taman Ujung Water Palace

The koi fish pool in Taman Ujung

Pura Manikan Temple

The most outstanding and impressive feature of the Taman Ujung Water Palace is the Pura Manikan Temple, located right within the palace grounds. This is a favorable observation point at Taman Ujung built on an eastern hill. You can admire the scenery by climbing 100 steps to reach the top of the hill.

Taman Ujung Water Palace

The Pura Manikan Temple in Taman Ujung Palace 

What to do at Taman Ujung Water Palace 

During your visit to Taman Ujung Water Palace, you can expect to find a serene and peaceful air. The palace is surrounded by verdant gardens and ponds, with numerous pathways and benches thoughtfully placed for your relaxation. 

  • You can wander through the palace. 

  • If you desire insights into its historical and cultural significance, knowledgeable guides are readily available to provide you with valuable information, the service costs about 110,000 IDR (~ 7.03 USD) per person.

  • If you undergo 100 steps and reach the top of the hill, you can see the panorama view in this palace.

  • You should take breathtaking photos in the Water Palace.

Taman Ujung Water Palace

You need to climb 100 steps to take a picture in  Pura Manikan Temple

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Advice and Tips

  • Active time: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

  • Entrance fee: 75.000 IDR (~ 4.88 USD) per person.

  • Phone: +62 (0) 363 430 1870.

  • Do not litter.

  • Come early in the morning or sunset to have beautiful virtual pictures.

  • The lake is about 1.8 m deep so please be careful.

  • If you rent a vehicle to go here, the park fee is about 5.000 IDR per vehicle.


Glad to see that you keep following our share. In this article, we introduce you to a blend of Balinese and European architectural Water Palace. If you’re planning a Bali tour, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to visit here. Hopefully, the list of advice and tips we suggest can bring you a nice trip to Taman Ujung Water Palace.