Coffee and Tea 

When I’m on the lookout for gifts in Vietnam, coffee and tea will always be the top my list. With the second-largest coffee export globally, Vietnam has earned a worldwide reputation for its rich and robust coffee flavor. Make sure you will not overlook the allure of a conveniently packed coffee, an irresistible gift that should be on your list of things to buy in Vietnam. 

Both Robusta and Arabica coffee varieties are prevalent in Vietnam's coffee scene. Coffee products here come in a variety of forms, from instant coffee and ready-to-drink options to ground coffee, whole beans, and the classic drip coffee.

Some renowned coffee brands in Vietnam include Trung Nguyen Legend, G7, Phuc Long, Highland, King Coffee, The Coffee House, Nescafé, and more.

Things to buy in Vietnam

Relax with an automatic cup of coffee

Also, Vietnam unfolds a delightful panorama of teas, from the floral notes of lotus tea to the richness of oolong, Shan, and jasmine teas. The robust flavors of Vietnamese tea are influenced by your brewing style and are best savored with a side of sweet confections. Embraced by locals, Vietnam's tea culture is omnipresent, adding a charming touch to every locale.

Things to buy in Vietnam

Fully enjoy your Vietnam tea time

You can easily purchase Vietnamese coffee and tea at local markets, souvenir shops, or shopping centers. Here's an estimated price list:


1 kg

1 pack


8 - 20 USD

From 2 USD


12 - 37 USD

From 1 USD


Conical hat

A commonly recognized symbol in Vietnam is the Conical Hat, also known as the “Non La”. When you travel to Vietnam, you'd likely want to purchase one for around 1.2 USD to wear on sunny days or for a stylish check-in at tourist spots.

Things to buy in Vietnam

Choose your conical hat to bring home

To make things clearer for you,  let me highlight a few distinctive features and notable uses of this hat:

  • The conical hat is a quintessential representation of Vietnam

  • The hat is lightweight, it’s just around 80g

  • Its wide brim offers effective sun protection

  • The material of the conical hat is also water-resistant

  • You can opt for a plain hat or one adorned with traditional Vietnamese patterns

  • If you find the traditional conical hat too large, you can consider getting a smaller size as a keepsake. Souvenir items shaped like conical hats might be a bit pricier, around 2 - 4 USD.

Ao Dai

Things to buy in Vietnam

You will find the Ao Dai available in many different styles and colors

The Ao Dai serves as Vietnam's national costume, available for both men and women. Much like the conical hat, the Ao Dai is also lightweight, elegantly designed, and crafted from comfortable materials.

A set of Ao Dai typically ranges from 12 to 20 USD per ensemble. The price might vary based on the fabric or the level of customization. You will easily find Ao Dai shops in downtown Old Quarter Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and especially in Hoi An ancient town – a city renowned for tailoring Ao Dai for tourists within just 3 to 4 hours.


Things to buy in Vietnam

Find your favorite ceramic ware in Vietnam

For big fans of pottery decorations, Vietnam's ceramics are known for their excellent quality – durable, safe, and worth buying. From traditional to modern designs, there is a wide range to admire and choose from. Charming small items like coasters, cups, chopsticks, and spoons are priced around 2 to 4 USD each.

The most renowned type of ceramics in Vietnam is Bat Trang pottery from Hanoi. Bat Trang is a craft village dating back to the 14th century. You can visit the village directly for purchases or visit shops in the Old Quarters:

  • Authentic Bat Trang (115 Hang Gai) - 1,7km from Hoan Kiem Lake. It takes about 20 minutes of walking.

  • Hien Van Ceramics (8 Chan Cam) - 1,3 km from Hoan Kiem Lake.

  • Vietclay (10B 695 Bach Dang) - 3km from Hoan Kiem Lake. You can go by bus or taxi

Vietnam Silk

Among the highly recommended items on the things to buy in Vietnam list are products made from silk - clothing, scarves, bags, etc. Vietnamese silk has long been renowned for its luxurious, smooth, and durable qualities, comparable to silks from China and Japan. Notably, Vietnam is famous worldwide for its lotus silk, crafted from the soft and smooth fibers of lotus plants.

Things to buy in Vietnam

Artists meticulously gather threads from the fine lotus fibers to make lotus silk

With such exceptional quality and a penchant for the silky smooth feel and beautiful colors, why not consider investing in Vietnamese silk? The prices for Vietnamese silk products range from 7 to 16 USD per item.

You can also find silk products at similar locations to Ao Dai, such as Hanoi Old Quarters, Hoi An ancient town, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Brocade and Embroidery 

Things to buy in Vietnam

Vietnam brocade and embroidery art

Vietnam's weaving tradition has a longstanding and vibrant history. Products featuring indigenous patterns in embroidery and weaving present a stylish, unique, and modern appeal. In addition to patterns on fabrics, bags, and clothing, embroidery extends its touch to various items like tablecloths, wallets, paintings, pillowcases, and more.

Standard products typically come with a price tag ranging between 4 to 8 USD. On the other hand, hand-embroidered pieces are often more expensive, starting at 20 USD each.

In Hanoi, you can find good quality embroidery shops like Ha Dong Silk, An Handmade, or explore Hang Gai Street and Dong Xuan Market.

Clothes & Shoes

Things to buy in Vietnam

A variety of globally renowned brands' logos on clothes displayed at markets

Many tourists have a fondness for Vietnamese clothing, adding it to their list of things to buy in Vietnam. Besides the diverse designs and reasonable prices, visitors are captivated by interesting clothing patterns like elephant motifs, fruit patterns, and especially 'Gucci,' 'Chanel-inspired street market finds’.

While strolling through bustling local markets, your eyes might unexpectedly catch glimpses of logos or brand names printed on various clothing items, all priced at just 4 - 20 USD. This intriguing contrast in appearance often surprises and delights many. It is an interesting twist to the visuals of these printed images on garments.

And of course, you can find these items just about anywhere. My suggestion is still to shop in Hanoi Old Quarters, Hanoi Dong Xuan Market, and Ho Chi Minh Ben Thanh Market.

Pearl Jewelry

Things to buy in Vietnam

Vietnam pearl jewelry displays  at shops

For those seeking beautiful jewelry from Vietnam, I suggest considering purchasing pearl jewelry. Benefiting from an extensive coastline, Vietnam offers a variety of popular pearl products. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and more, you have a range of choices in pearl jewelry. 

The quality of Vietnamese pearls is highly regarded, with offerings from both saltwater and freshwater sources. This variety translates into a rich selection of pearl products for you to choose from. Pearl jewelry can also be intricately paired with silver or gold. The cost for a single pearl generally begins at 6 USD. For peace of mind, you should make your purchase from reputable establishments that offer certification.


Things to buy in Vietnam

A painting shop aside the street of Hoi An

If you are looking to display something with a touch of Vietnamese style in your home, you can opt for paintings. These artworks come in various sizes and themes, with a diverse range of materials such as paper, silk, lacquer, oil, gemstone-studded paintings, etc. Among the most renowned traditional painting styles in Vietnam are folk paintings and those crafted with lacquer.

Undoubtedly, this ranks among the cool things to buy in Vietnam, but it comes with a relatively high price tag, often starting from 20 USD for a single painting.

Bamboo Woven Handicrafts

Things to buy in Vietnam

Cheap things to buy in Vietnam

This presents a choice that is both environmentally friendly and reasonably priced. Handwoven bamboo products come in a diverse range of functions and styles, showcasing excellent quality. 

You can explore Hang May Street in Hanoi for an extensive collection of handcrafted bamboo items, or check out major markets. If you prefer shopping at dedicated stores, look for Bamboo or May Tre Decor shops. The prices for these items typically range from 4 to 28 USD, depending on the specific piece.

Dried fruits

Things to buy in Vietnam

Mouthwatering dried fruits in Vietnam

If you want to bring a taste of Vietnamese cuisine home, consider opting for dried fruits. Dried fruits not only have a longer shelf life but also showcase iconic tropical fruits of Vietnam such as jackfruit, mango, sweet potato, lychee, and more.

In Vietnam, there is another type of dried fruit known as ‘O Mai', which features a sweet and tangy flavor made from apricots or plums. The prices for both O Mai and dried fruits are quite budget-friendly, usually around 2 USD per pack. These delectable treats are widely available in various market areas.

Furthermore, you can also opt for pre-peeled seeds and nuts or dried spices to bring home. These are lightweight, safe-to-pack food items that still capture the distinct flavors of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Liquor

Things to buy in Vietnam

Vietnamese local wine infused with wild apples

Concluding the lineup of enticing things to buy in Vietnam, let me bring to your attention the local world of spirits. With alcohol levels varying between 30 and 50 percent, Vietnamese liquor is often crafted from rice, corn, and plums, or infused with exotic elements like snakes, scorpions, or a blend of medicinal herbs and wild fruits. 

If you are inclined towards something distinctive, intoxicating, and a bit bold, consider adding Vietnamese liquor to your shopping list. To buy Vietnamese wine, you can explore places like Sapa, Da Lat, or the Mekong Delta. Alternatively, you can also find a variety of options in major cities or duty-free shops at the airports.

Typically, you will find native spirits drinks priced at approximately 1.5 - 2 USD per liter. For the pricier selections, you can expect to pay from 8 USD onwards.

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Above are my 12 suggestions for things to buy in Vietnam. Typically, you can find these items or many other interesting finds in the downtown areas of cities or as you stroll through the alleys and streets. If you are looking for the best Vietnam tours for the best experience, please contact us for detailed advice!