Stroll through Hoi An Ancient Town

Given the captivating antique charm and UNESCO recognition of Hoi An Ancient Town, it rightfully earns the number one spot on my list of things to do in Hoi An Vietnam.

The town consists of ancient merchant houses nestled closely together dating back to the 15th century. Beyond the shared vintage architecture, each location carries its unique imprint. You should take your time and visit:

  • The bridge Pagoda

  • Ancient shop houses of Tan Ky (or Phung Hung and Duc An)

  • Chinese Assembly Halls of Quang Dong, Trieu Chau, Phuc Kien

  • Hoi An market

  • The Tran Family Chapel

  • Museum of Sa Huynh, Hoi An, folklore museum

Hoi An ancient town - things to do in hoi an

Walking down the streets of Hoi An ancient town

The entrance fees for visiting ancient houses, assembly halls, and museums range from 3 to 5 USD for adults and 2 USD for kids from 1m to 1.4m. Children under 1m are admitted free of charge.

For the most beautiful experience, you should plan your visit to Hoi An Ancient Town between February and September.

Cruise along the Thu Bon River

After exploring all the attractions, why not take a few moments to relax on a boat floating along the river that winds through the town?

Two ideal times I find for boating on the river are late afternoon during sunset - where you will witness the sun casting shadows on the water, and in the evening - when lights and candles twinkle, creating a romantic scene.

Thu Bon River boat

You can find Hoi An boat ride service along the river

As you sit on the boat, taking in the sight of charming houses and bustling activities on both sides, coupled with the backdrop of the sun setting, you will feel a sense of joy and tranquility. The boat ride typically costs around 2 - 3 USD per person, with each boat accommodating 3 - 6 people at a time.

Have a cup of Mot

The liking for this particular drink varies from person to person. Nevertheless, I would suggest giving it a try, as it is a signature feature of Hoi An.

hoi an drinks - things to do in hoi an

Hoi An Mot drink 

Mot water is a delightful herbal beverage made with lemon, ginger, lemongrass, chrysanthemum flowers, dried lotus leaves, green tea leaves, honey, and more. It aids in detoxification, cools the body, and promotes overall health. 

The recipe for this drink is also a renowned and traditional treasure of Hoi An. Each glass of Mot water is adorned with lotus leaves, adding an extra touch to its visual appeal. You can explore this beverage at 150 Tran Phu, Hoi An. The price for a cup of this refreshing drink is 0.5 USD. 

Experience a Day of Farming

Hoi An's tranquil ambiance and fresh air invoke a perfect countryside atmosphere. The town preserves and sustains well the traditional artisanal agricultural activities. Visitors to Hoi An can choose to have a day or half-day experience of the rural essence.

things to do in hoi an vietnam

Try Hoi An basket boat

You have the option to try out two distinct farming lifestyles:

  • Experience the fishing village life in Cam Thanh coconut village: Try sitting in a round basket boat, pulling nets to catch fish, and singing along to the traditional folk songs called Ba Trao.

  • Embrace the farm life: Tour the village on a bicycle, participate in planting and watering crops, try your hand at cooking, join in lantern-making activities, and explore various traditional handicrafts.

For these programs, you can start to book from now. At New Asia Tours, we can assist you effortlessly and at a reasonable cost. Leave us a message indicating the experience program you desire!

Relax on the Beach

beach in hoi an - things to do in hoi an vietnam

Unwind at the beachfront resorts and restaurants in Hoi An

Beyond the ancient town and lush countryside, Hoi An also boasts stunning and tranquil beaches.

Hoi An’s finest beaches are Cua Dai, Ha My, and An Bang. You can spend time immersing yourself in beachfront resorts, indulge in fresh seafood, and enjoy the vibrant blue waters under the honey sunshine.

Pick your Souvenirs

things to do in hoi an vietnam

There is a wide range of Hoi An things

Hoi An is one of Vietnam's most diverse and fascinating souvenir shopping destinations. Popular items here include lanterns, silk, tailor-made clothing, and an array of distinctive handmade crafts, all available for exploration and selection at prices ranging from a few USD.

Here are some places to shop for items:

  • Hoi An Night Market

  • Hoi An Ancient Town

  • Shopping streets like Tran Phu, Bach Dang, Le Loi, and Nguyen Thai Hoc.

Fill out the Hoi An Food List

food in hanoi - things to do in hoi an vietnam

Ready to unfold the cuisine stories

I know it is essential to prepare a food list in this guide on things to do in Hoi An Vietnam. Let’s check out mine to see what you can expect

  • Cao Lau: Similar to Mot water, Cao Lau is also an incredibly signature dish of Hoi An. This dish consists of round, chewy noodles served with flavorful slices of char siu.

Recommended restaurant: Thanh Cao Lau - 26 Thai Phien, Hoi An

Price: About 1,5 USD/dish

  • Quang Noodle: Quang noodles have a more elongated shape, and the accompaniments include a variety of ingredients of char siu, eggs, chicken, and shrimp.

Recommended restaurant: Ms. Minh restaurant - Cam Ha, Hoi An

Price: About 1,5 - 2 USD/bowl

  • Chicken Rice: Hoi An's chicken rice is flavorful and worth a try. The chicken is shredded into bite-sized pieces, and the fragrant rice complements the dish perfectly.

Recommended restaurant: Ms. Buoi chicken rice - 22 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An

Price: About 1,5 USD/dish

things to do in hoi an vietnam

A dish of Hoi An shredded chicken rice

  • Banh mi: Banh mi, with its crispy crust and rich filling featuring various flavors like smoked pork, spring rolls, chicken, salad, and cheese, is always a delightful culinary choice.

Recommended restaurant: Ms. Phuong’s Bread - 2B Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An

Price: About 0.8 USD

  • Grilled pork wrap roll: With its well-marinated grilled meat encased in thin, moist rice paper, this dish offers a delightful combination of flavors. Accompanied by a medley of crisp, fresh vegetables, it's enhanced by a dipping sauce made with fish sauce.

Recommended restaurant: Ms. Huong  - 31 Tieu La, Minh An, Hoi An

Price: About 1,5 - 2 USD/dish

  • Banh Beo and Banh Nam: These two rice cakes boast a smooth and moist rice paper exterior, complemented by a flavorful filling of succulent shrimp and aromatic meat. Enjoy them with a dipping sauce that strikes a perfect balance between sweet and tangy.

Recommended restaurant: Ms. Bay’s vendor - 02 Hoang Van Thu, Hoi An

Price: 0,6 USD/small bowl

Participate in a Cooking Class

hoi an cooking class - things to do in hoi an vietnam

Hoi An cooking class in hosted house

The cooking class is also an interesting activity to discover the local way of life. You will navigate through the hustle market, gather fresh ingredients and hand-picked vegetables before delving into the culinary process to get hands-on experience in preparing and embellishing Hoi An's signature dishes.

Cooking classes in Hoi An are often conducted in garden settings with an authentic and relaxing atmosphere. It's not just about learning recipes; it's an opportunity to connect with the indigenous host, gaining insights into their life, traditions, and unique culinary techniques. Typically, a half-day cooking class comes at a cost of around 16 - 20 USD.

Watch a Culture Show

hoi an memories show - things to do in hoi an vietnam

The Hoi An Memories Show vividly brings to life the scenes of everyday living

Are there any artistic performances can you expect in this list of things to do in Hoi An Vietnam? Well, I have got some suggestions for you.

If you are curious about Vietnamese artistry and stage performances, consider catching one of these two impressive shows:

  • Hoi An Memories: Undoubtedly the most spectacular and monumental live show in Hoi An at present. Every segment of this performance weaves seamlessly with the narratives of Hoi An and spans across its historical epochs. The extensive stage that stretches almost 1km is a masterpiece of advanced effects, impeccable sound, and staging.

Address: Hoi An Impression Theme Park  (Con Hen, 159 Nguyen Tri Phuong). You can access this place both by boat or foot.

Ticket: 21 - 41 USD/person. You can catch the show every evening from 8 to 9 PM, available seven days a week, and secure your seat by booking tickets through the official website at

teh dar show hoi an - things to do in hoi an vietnam

An impressive scene of Hoi An Teh Dar circus performance

  • Teh Dar show: Teh Dar offers a powerful and artistically rich circus-inspired performance. It takes inspiration from the mountainous communities of Central Highland Vietnam.

Address: 1A Nguyen Phuc Chu, Minh An, Hoi An

Ticket: 21 - 66 USD/person. The show typically starts at 8 PM. You can check and purchase tickets on the website

Engage in Traditional Games and Activities


things to do in hoi an vietnam

Join the crowd for some fun with the Bai Choi Singing game

Exploring Hoi An goes beyond visiting landmarks and trying local activities, it is also about immersing yourself in the festive spirit and communal life of the amiable locals.

In addition to joining cooking classes or exploring farming, you can opt for community activities with choices like:

  • Bai Choi Singing: The gaming area is set up around the courtyard near the Bridge Pagoda. Players will be seated on small bamboo camps, guessing cards based on song lyrics.

  • Hit the hanging clay pots: Similar to the pinata game, players are blindfolded and rely on the cheers around them to identify the object to be smashed. For the people of Hoi An, the item to be smashed is a clay rice pot.

  • Releasing lanterns on the river: This wishful activity is quite popular along the banks of the Hoai River in the evening, starting at 6:30 PM on the 1st and 14th days of each lunar month. Lanterns can be purchased in advance for around 0.8 USD for a set of 3 and released from the riverbank or rented on a boat for approximately 2 USD per boat.

things to do in hoi an vietnam

The best things to do in Hoi An Vietnam

To gain more insights, navigate to our post about travel guide to Vietnam!

There are lots of things to do in Hoi An Vietnam right? And I can guarantee you that each of these experiences is not only fascinating but also very pleasant. I hope my blog helps and feel free to reach out to New Asia Tours for genuine advice on Hoi An and Vietnam tours!