Bloomberg predicts that US travelers will consider the strength of the US dollar when choosing a destination in 2024 to get the best experience. Based on Bloomberg’s currency ranking tool, writer Lily Girma selected 5 attractive destinations, with favorable exchange rates in the last two to three years.

Vietnam is on this list, along with two other Asian countries, Indonesia and South Korea. The remaining two names are Colombia and Tanzania - an East African country. This result indicates that 2024 is a great time to visit Asia for Americans.

US travelers prefer Vietnam for USD benefit

Beautiful Halong Bay from above

According to Bloomberg, in 2023, the number of international visitors to Vietnam was about 70% before the pandemic, expected to reach 18 million this year. Hotel brands such as JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton Reserve are looking at Vietnam as a new luxury destination in the region. When coming to Vietnam, Bloomberg’s writer suggests that US guests stay in a 5-star hotel in Hanoi with a price from 279 USD per night, cruise on Halong Bay by boat with a price of about 526 USD per night.

Regarding the exchange rate, the paper reported that in December 2021, 1 USD was about 22,000 VND, up to 24,000 VND in December 2023. Meanwhile, a tour of Paradise and Phong Nha caves cost about 2.9 million VND - equivalent to 130 USD in 2021 and 121 USD at present, 6.9% cheaper.

US travelers prefer Vietnam for USD benefit

Phong Nha Caves is top destination for every explorers

Similarly, a day of luxury spa experience in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia) cost about 217 USD in 2021 but dropped to 198 USD at this time - 8.7% cheaper. In South Korea, with this calculation, the tasting menu at the fine dining restaurant Born & Bred in Busan this year was 9.6% cheaper than in 2021.

“While Japan is still a popular choice, Vietnam and South Korea are seen as notable alternatives in Asian countries with favorable exchange rates with the US dollar,” Bloomberg quoted.

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