Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the outstanding Vietnam beach towns in the Central region. It was one of the most vibrant trading ports in Southeast Asia during the 17th century. The ancient town of Hoi An has been recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site, which is also the country's only surviving ancient urban settlement. To this day, Hoi An retains its serene, tranquil, and antique allure, which is vastly distinct from the haste and bustle typically seen in urban areas.

Cam Thanh coconut forest

Basket boat performance in Cam Thanh coconut forest

The beaches of Hoi An are just as charming as the city itself. Soft white sand, clear blue waters, and swaying palm tree lines, all create a serene atmosphere. The beaches you should visit are Cua Dai, An Bang, Ha My beaches, and the island cluster of Cu Lao Cham.

One of the aspects that have contributed to the reputation of Hoi An is its nostalgic vibe. You can explore cultural destinations through timeline in Hoi An such as:

  • The Sa Huynh Culture Museum: Showcases the ancient Sa Huynh civilization that originated in Vietnam 2000 years ago. 

  • The My Son Sanctuary: Ancient Hindu complex of worshiping built between the 4th and 14th centuries AD by the Champa Kingdom. 

  • The Hoi An Old Town: Once a prosperous trading port in South East Asia, it represented the convergence of commerce and culture between Asian and European countries. Landmarks to show you the glance of Hoi An memories here include the Bridge Pagoda, Chinese Assembly Halls, traditional shophouses, local temples, and museums.

Some unique local experiences to try in Hoi An are visiting traditional villages that produce handmade pottery, woodwork, and lanterns; gardening in countryside villages; and experiencing basket boat dancing in the 7-acre coconut forest. There is also the Vin Wonders Nam Hoi An theme park for endless fun and modern activities. Hoi An possesses one of the top must-try food scenes in Vietnam. We recommend trying Egg coffee, Banh mi, Cao Lau Noodles, Quang Noodles, Banh beo, Banh xeo, Chicken rice, and Mot tea.


The ancient imperial capital is also one of the Vietnam coastal cities. This culturally-rich city is a paradise for those seeking a refreshing experience amidst serene surroundings. Its idyllic beaches such as Lang Co Bay, Thuan An Beach, and Tam Giang Lagoon are a perfect getaway for anyone longing to soak in stunning sunset vistas and find inner peace. With a plethora of opportunities for relaxation, wellness, and connecting with nature, Hue is a muse between Vietnam coastal cities.

Lang Co Bay - vietnam coastal cities

An aerial view of Lang Co Bay

This city is home to ancient relics, majestic palaces, and grand tombs that have stood the test of time and continue to impress visitors with their architectural magnificence. The most notable attractions in Hue:

  • Tombs of Nguyen Kings: Well-preserved royal tombs that provide insight into Vietnam's final dynasty that ruled the country a few hundred years ago.

  • Hue Citadel: The significant landmark consists of various buildings serving the last central feudal government of Vietnam.

  • Thien Mu Pagoda: A sacred site located by the bank of the Perfume River, which has become an iconic symbol of Hue.

Hue cuisine has made it on several Asian and world food rankings. Do not forget to try the Hue beef noodle, Mussel rice, and Hue sweet soups while you are here.

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Halong Bay undoubtedly can not be missed on this list of best beach cities in Vietnam. The towering limestone formations that emerge from the sea create a mystical landscape of Halong that has been impressive visitors for centuries.

Bai Tho mountain - vietnam beach towns

Overlooking the bay daily pace from Bai Tho mountain

A must-do experience when visiting Halong Bay is exploring the bay with various islands and limestone caves of different shapes and sizes. You can take a cruise trip on the bay, ride on a seaplane or a helicopter tour to discover the bay from above. The famous beaches of Halong Bay include Tuan Chau, Bai Chay, Hon Gai, and the islands of Ti Top, Co To, Quan Lan, and Soi Sim.

In addition to exploring the seasides, this Vietnam coastal city is also a great destination for indulging in freshly caught and expertly prepared seafood at the local restaurants - a true delight for your taste buds. Highlighted attractions of Halong city that are worth visiting include the Sun World amusement complex and the Quang Ninh Museum, which showcases the two main pillars of the city's foundation: the sea resources and coal mining. If you are seeking a tranquil and peaceful escape in Halong, then Yen Tu Pagoda, Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Monastery, and Ba Vang Pagoda are great options to consider.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc located in Southern Vietnam along with smaller adjacent islands and Tho Chu archipelagos, forms the Phu Quoc Island City. Looking at the map, Phu Quoc Island has the shape of a fish waving its tail in the Gulf of Thailand.

vietnam beach towns

Beachside bar at sunset of Eden Resort Phu Quoc

Thanks to its natural and geographical advantages, the Vietnam coastal city is gradually becoming a new paradise for tourism worldwide. This island enjoys a mild climate and boasts several famous beaches including Starfish Beach, Dai Beach, Ganh Dau Beach, Rach Vem Beach, Thom Island, and An Thoi island clusters. These beaches offer opportunities to experience nature and various sea activities, such as fishing, diving to explore coral reefs, and discovering deserted islands. Additionally, Phu Quoc offers exciting year-round amusement systems at Vin Wonders and Sun World Hon Thom as well as luxurious resorts for visitors to enjoy. 

To understand more about the islanders' lives, visitors can visit traditional local manufacturing sites, such as forest-beekeeping, pepper gardens, sim wine distilleries, or fish sauce production; visit the night market in Duong Dong town, or cultural and historical sites. Phu Quoc is a precious pearl in the beautiful blue ocean, hidden in the primeval forests of Phu Quoc from the South to the North are the island’s treasures to explore. 

Da Nang

Number 5 on the list of best Vietnam coastal cities we have is Da Nang. The energetic city of Da Nang features miles of pristine beaches, lush green mountains, and fascinating history. Travelers flock to Da Nang for its impressive landmarks, vibrant city life, and world-class resorts, offering a perfect escape.

Son Tra peninsula - best beach cities in vietnam

Enjoy a sunny day in Son Tra peninsula

The Vietnam coastal city has a long stretch of white sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters, scattered with rock formations of various shapes and sizes. There are breathtaking coastal roads weaving through the city and into the mountains. Some of the most famous beaches in Da Nang are My Khe, Non Nuoc, Rang Beach, and Nam O. 

Da Nang was once chosen by the French as the first location to invade Vietnam in the 19th century. A visit to this city will showcase a lot of the strategic location and historical significance of Da Nang. Several popular destinations of Da Nang city include the Marble Mountains, Hai Van Pass, Linh Ung Pagoda, and Son Tra Peninsula. The city also has a renowned annual international fireworks festival. This grand event not only illuminates the skies of Da Nang for several nights but also stands out as an occasion featuring unique themes each year and attracting professional teams from various countries.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is widely regarded as the "Vietnam's beach capital" due to its wonderful coastlines. The city boasts several renowned beaches, including Dai Beach, Doc Let, Dai Lanh, Cam Ranh, Nha Trang Bay, Van Long Bay, and surrounding small islands. Nha Trang's serene beaches have picturesque multicolored coral reefs and a diverse marine ecosystem. Visitors can engage in various pursuits such as snorkeling to explore the captivating underwater sights. 

Yen Island - vietnam coastal cities

Yen Island

As one of the best Vietnam coastal cities, you can unwind in the refreshing sea breeze while engaging in fascinating activities like surfing, boating, or strolling in the stunning Nha Trang coastal vistas. Famous attractions of the city to visit are the Ponagar Temple with unique Cham architecture, Long Son Pagoda, Vinpearl amusement park, or the Alexandre Yersin Museum. For foodies, Nha Trang is a great destination to indulge in the savory taste of seafood delicacies such as Nha Trang fish patty, jellyfish noodle soup, and other fresh seafood dishes. 

Mui Ne

The last destination on the list of top Vietnam beach towns is Mui Ne - a coastal city of exotic landscapes. It has not only unique pristine beaches, but also endless multicolored sand dunes.

Co Thach Beach of Mui Ne

Co Thach Beach of Mui Ne

Must-visit destinations of Mui Ne: 

  • The Mui Ne beach, renowned for its stunning beauty, is distinguished as one of the most picturesque areas in the city with both pristine and developed sections. 

  • Rang beach: To experience the liveliness of a fishing village, one should visit Rang Beach in the morning when boats and fishing vessels have just arrived. 

  • Rom Island:  It appears as if a long piece of silk is steadily getting closer to the mainland.

  • The Co Thach Beach: The enchanting location features captivating emerald rocks that are adorned with velvety moss, resembling a scene straight out of a fairy tale. The shore is decorated by an assortment of small stones in varying hues, carried by the waves and blended together into a picturesque display. 

  • Tien stream: To sea its unique red-orange color due to the rich sediment from the soil. 

A popular activity to do in the Vietnam beach town is visiting the sand dunes for off-road driving and sandboarding. Additionally, there are opportunities for golfing and exploring the local culture by witnessing the wine-making process or visiting landmarks such as Buddhist temples, Cham towers, and the Ke Ga Lighthouse.

The above 7 Vietnam coastal cities are a true gem of the Southeast Asia Sea. Not only do they offer stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery, but they are also steeped in history and brimming with cultural riches. Each destination ranging from the quaint streets of Hoi An to the lively city vibes of Nha Trang provides a distinct experience that is bound to leave a memorable imprint on any visitor. Don't forget to contact New Asia Tour if you need support for exploring Vietnam!