Nón lá - Vietnamese Conical Hat

This traditional hat has been used by Vietnamese people for centuries and is made of natural materials such as palm leaves and bamboo. Its conical shape provides shade from the sun and protection from the rain, making it a popular accessory for farmers, workers, and travelers alike.

Vietnamese Conical Hat

Conical Hats - The Symbol of Vietnamese Women

Nón lá in Vietnam, which may be found in local markets or from street sellers in places like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hue, is the answer to the question of what to buy in Vietnam. They are also offered at the store as Vietnam souvenirs, where they are frequently bundled with other Vietnamese goods.

The cost of Nón lá varies according to its size, quality, and design. A simple Nón lá composed of bamboo or palm leaves costs, on average, between $1 to $5. However, you might have to pay extra if you want a higher-quality Nón lá that is made of silk or has elaborate decorations.

Áo dài - Vietnamese Traditional Dress

The áo dài, Vietnam's national costume, is easily recognizable and can be worn by people of all ages and body types due to its elegant, flowing lines, and flattering shape.

Because it may be worn in professional and informal settings, áo dài has the benefit of being a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Additionally, a range of hues and patterns are provided, enabling people to flaunt their individuality while still sporting conventional apparel.

Vietnamese Traditional Dress

 "National soul" of Vietnamese women

So where to buy an Áo dài? There will be nowhere but a souvenir shop Vietnam such as Áo Dài Vinh, Áo Dài Si Hoàng, and Áo Dài Trần Hưng Đạo, which are great places to start. Prices can vary depending on the quality of the fabric and the level of detail in the embroidery or beading, but a good quality Áo dài can cost anywhere from $50 to $200.

Đũa - Chopsticks 

"Đũa" in Vietnamese is believed to have originated in China over 5,000 years ago and was introduced to Vietnam during Chinese rule. The special feature of chopsticks is that they are made of bamboo or wood, which is a sustainable material.

You can find chopsticks in most markets and Vietnam souvenirs. The price can vary depending on the quality and design, but generally, a basic pair of chopsticks can cost around 10,000 VND (less than 1 USD). There are also many shops that specialize in chopsticks, offering unique designs and materials, such as lacquer or mother-of-pearl, at higher prices. Regardless of the price, chopsticks make a practical and culturally significant souvenir to bring home from Vietnam.

Cà phê - Vietnamese Coffee 

Cà phê, or Vietnamese coffee, is a particular type of coffee that is beloved in Vietnam and has gained worldwide popularity. This coffee is made by mixing finely ground coffee beans with sweetened condensed milk, resulting in a creamy, sweet flavor that is unique to Vietnamese coffee.

vietnamses coffee - what to buy in vietnam

Coffee In Vietnam

The way it is brewed using a phin filter, which is a small metal filter that sits on top of a cup makes Vietnamese Coffee become special. The coffee is brewed slowly, resulting in a strong, flavorful cup of coffee.

You can find it at many coffee shops and markets throughout the country, with prices ranging from a few dollars for a small package of coffee beans to around $10 for a bag of pre-ground coffee.

To get the best Cà phê in Vietnam, opt for high-quality coffee beans that have been roasted perfectly and have a rich, deep flavor. Additionally, some coffee shops offer elegant phin filters that serve as great Vietnam souvenirs.

Chè xanh - Vietnamese Green Tea

The green color of Vietnamese green tea, also known as Chè xanh, results from boiling young tea leaves before drying. It has a light, delicate flavor. It is available around Vietnam in tea shops, marketplaces, and souvenir shops, with costs varying according to quality and quantity.

Vietnamese green tea - what can we buy in vietnam

Harvesting Vietnamese green tea

A small pack typically costs around 50,000 VND (or around $2). Vietnamese green tea is a wonderful keepsake that allows you to experience the nation's tea culture while also enjoying a tasty and nutritious beverage.

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Vải lụa - Silk Products 

Silk production has a long history in Vietnam, with the industry dating back to the 15th century. Vietnamese silk is known for its softness, smoothness, and durability, and it is often used to make clothing, home furnishings, and accessories.

There are many different types of silk products available in Vietnam, including scarves, dresses, blouses, ties, handbags, and pillowcases. Each piece is unique and intricately designed, making it a perfect gift for those who appreciate fine textiles.

vietnamese silk - vietnam souvenirs

Van Phuc Silk Village

Silk products should be at the top of your list if you have no idea what to buy in Vietnam. One of the most well-known places to buy silk goods in Vietnam is the Silk Village in Hanoi, which has been producing silk goods for more than 1,200 years. The hamlet is located on the Red River's bank and offers visitors the opportunity to see the entire silk-making process, from the silkworms to the finished product.

The price of silk products in Vietnam varies depending on the quality and complexity of the design. Simple scarves and ties can cost as little as $5, while more elaborate dresses and handbags can cost several hundred dollars.

Nhạc cụ truyền thống - Traditional Musical Instruments

With numerous specific instruments that are not present in other cultures, Vietnamese traditional music has a long and rich history. The dan bau (monochord), dan tranh (16-string zither), and dan nguyet (two-string moon lute) are some examples of these instruments.

Vietnamese traditional musical instruments are the ideal mementos for music enthusiasts. These instruments are sold in several shops around Vietnam and range widely in terms of both price and size.

One of the best places to buy traditional musical instruments in Vietnam is the Hanoi Old Quarter. There are several shops that specialize in traditional instruments and offer a wide variety of options for customers to choose from.

vietnamese Monochord


Prices for traditional musical instruments in Vietnam range from just a few dollars for small instruments such as the K'ni to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for larger and more complex instruments like the dan bau or the dan tranh.

Tips for Buying Good Vietnam Souvenirs

To make sure you receive the best value for your money while buying Vietnam souvenirs, bear the following in mind:

  • Negotiate: Vietnam is a country where haggling is popular, so don't be shy about asking the merchant to lower the price.

  • Check for quality: Before making a purchase, make sure the item is of excellent quality and free of flaws by inspecting it.

  • Buy from trustworthy merchants: Keep your business with establishments that are reputable and recognized for offering high-quality products.

  • Skip the tourist traps: Stores that extensively advertise to visitors should be avoided since they could overcharge for their goods.

  • Think about the item's size and weight: If you have limited room or a stringent weight limit when you travel, think about buying smaller or lighter products.

Vietnam is a treasure trove of unique and fascinating souvenirs that are perfect for taking back home. From iconic Nón lá hats to elegant Áo dài dresses, from chopsticks to Vietnamese coffee and green tea, and from luxurious silk products to traditional musical instruments, the question of what can we buy in Vietnam is no longer difficult. These Vietnam souvenirs not only make for great gifts but also help you remember your unforgettable trip to Vietnam. So, whether you're browsing through the markets or souvenir shops, remember to keep an eye out for these amazing packable gifts to take back home with you.