Brief introduction

  • Location: Group 2, Can Nhan Hamlet, Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province.

  • Opening hours: From 7:00 to 17:00 daily.

  • Ticket price: 1.21 USD per person. 

Bay Mau Coconut Village has another name, which is Cam Thanh Coconut Forest. This ecotourism is 3km away from Hoi An City so it is feasible to make a day trip. 

Bay Mau Coconut Village

Bay Mau Coconut Village

According to locals, migrants from the Southwest region brought nipa varieties and cultivated them in this area over 200 years ago. Time goes by, thanks to the favorable combination of water and soil, the trees gradually spread, forming a vast forest spanning about 7 hectares. So that’s why natives here call this place Bay Mau Coconut Village (bay mau means 7 hectares). 

Best time to visit

The most ideal time for you to make a trip to this place is around August or September. During this time, the coconut forest will step into its most beautiful time. 

Bay Mau Coconut Village

August or September are the best time to visit Bay Mau Coconut Village

Otherwise, visiting in the dry season (from January to September) is also not a bad choice for you. During this time, Hoi An enjoys sunny, temperate weather, making the coconut forest exceptionally fresh and delightful. The rest of the year (around October and November) will have storms, so pay attention to the weather if you want to go at this time. 

What to experience here

This attraction promises the best captivating experience which is suitable for both individuals and groups. Here are the fantastic experiences many cherish upon their visit. 

Sightseeing in a basket boat 

You can enjoy the utmost sightseeing activity here by renting a basket boat, with an average fee of about 6 - 8 USD/boat. Sitting in a circular boat weaving through lush coconut groves, relishing the crisp breeze, is an unparalleled experience in your trip to explore Bay Mau Coconut Village. 

Bay Mau Coconut Village

Sightseeing in a basket boat

There are 2 types of circular boats, a small one for 2 guests or a spacious one for up to 4 guests. Beside that, you'll be enchanted by captivating tales of the coconut forest and the distant, melodious strains of a Quang folk song along the journey.  

Watching basket dance and boat racing

The basket dance performance is one of the most incredible things you have to try when visiting Bay Mau Coconut Village. The "artist's" ability to sustain balance on the undulating basket boat with elegant, rapid, and extraordinary movements will undoubtedly leave you in awe. The spectacle doesn't end there, immersing yourself in a boat race will also be equally thrilling. 

Bay Mau Coconut Village

Basket dance - The most feature performance here

Throwing a net to catch fish

This activity will give you a chance to learn how locals catch fish. This vibrant performance is eagerly anticipated by many who venture into the Bay Mau Coconut Village. Here, you'll witness firsthand the rustic and ingenious lifestyle of the native fishermen. You can try to experience it because it’s optional. Besides fish, you can also learn how to catch crabs. It is a real experience that you should try at least once. 

Bay Mau Coconut Village

A beautiful image of the local lifestyle

Awning in souvenirs from coconut leaves

Most visitors who come here will be surprised by the talent of the. They can make various souvenirs just with coconut leaves such as watches, grasshoppers, tribal hats, and other charming creations. After making it, the boaters will present to you a small one. This kind of souvenir shows the friendliness of the people of Quang. In addition, if you want to make one by yourself,  just ask the artisans for guidance. 

Bay Mau Coconut Village

Coconut leaves can be made into sophisticated souvenirs


Cycling is also a worthwhile way to go sightseeing that you should try. Going on a bicycle will make you feel the beauty and peace of this place and inhale the full chest of the country air of ripe rice. The reference rental price is about 1 - 1,5 USD.

Bay Mau Coconut Village

Cycling in Bay Mau Coconut Village is an interesting activity here

Enjoy specialties 

It will be a big mistake in your journey if you don’t eat traditional dishes of this area. There are so many delicacies that you should try once when coming here such as:

  • Quang noodles 

  • Nam O fish salad

  • Fish ball noodles

  • Xeo cake

  • Mixed rice cake

  • Hoi An chicken rice

  • Cao Lau

Bay Mau Coconut Village

You should not miss Hoi An specialties when visiting here

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This is the end of our introduction to Bay Mau Coconut Village. Hope you will have an unforgettable memory here with the 6 worthwhile experiences we have present. If you have any questions about Vietnam travel, don’t hesitate to contact us through New Asia Tours website.