Where should you go in Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary?

Besides visiting the city center, you know, it is a big mistake if you miss Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Deltas in your Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary. These locations will make your journey more exciting than ever. Moreover, they are just a few hours' drive from Ho Chi Minh City so it’s easy to make a day trip.

City Center

Ho Chi Minh City’s center is a place where you can encounter many top-notch options for shopping, dining, entertainment,... on every corner. That’s why you can feel the luxury, modern, and dynamic vibe that Ho Chi Minh City gives you. However, there are still ancient features that lie behind many skyscrapers. 

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

The city center is a place that you should not miss in Saigon

Some activities that I recommend you try to feel the entire blend of style here are:

  • Shopping at well-known malls: Vincom Center Dong Khoi, Takashimaya, Diamond Plaza Shopping Center,...

  • Buying souvenirs: Visit the ancient Ben Thanh market and enjoy the lively commercial lives of small traders.

  • Explore the streets and the old architecture: Nguyen Hue Street, Bui Vien Street, Notre Dame Cathedral, Old Post Office, and the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Making a trip to Cu Chi Tunnels will let you experience the great culture and fascinating history. The Cu Chi tunnel network, spanning 250 kilometers and extending to the Cambodian border, offers visitors a rare glimpse into the tumultuous era of the Vietnam War. Exploring these tunnels provides a firsthand understanding of their distinctive architectural design and historical significance in Vietnam. I’m sure that this journey will leave you with new knowledge and a ton of Instagrammable photos.

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Many traps are arranged in Cu Chi

There are two places that you should experience in the Cu Chi Tunnels:

  • Ben Duoc: Here, the tour guide will present you with the camouflaged booby traps, which are very hard to find on the ground. Besides, you can experience life underground by crawling through sections of the original tunnels. Don’t worry, because these tunnels are all well-restored with safety equipment. 

  • Ben Dinh: Certain tunnels in this area have been expanded and improved to cater to visitors, making it an ideal spot for families or travelers with mobility challenges. In addition, you can discover the tactics employed by the Viet Cong army to survive and protect this tunnel network and have the opportunity to fire an M1 Garand Rifle or M60 Machine Gun. The average price for each buller of these guns is about 20.000 - 40.000 VND (~ 0,82 - 1,63 USD).

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta’s culture attracts the interest of not only many visitors from other provinces but also foreign tourists. This trip will give you a chance to escape from the busy city and explore the daily lives of citizens here. Known as the "Rice Bowl" of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta River holds an enchanting allure for all who visit this vast region.

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Floating on the river in the Mekong Delta is very interesting

Honestly, you should not miss these activities when visiting here: 

  • Going on canoe through floating markets on the river: Cai Rang Market and Cai Be Floating Market 

  • Explore the spirit places: Vinh Trang Temple, Ong Temple, Meditation Center Truc Lam Phuong Nam,...

  • Food tours: sour fish soup, braised fish, fermented fish soup noodles, Mekong Delta pancakes,...

Suggested Ho Chi Minh City 4 days itinerary from local guide 

To make it clearer about what to do in the Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days itinerary, I will recommend these options. Whether you travel alone or on a group tour, these itineraries will satisfy you with unique experiences that you cannot find somewhere else. 

Option 1: Ho Chi Minh City Tour and Cu Chi Tunnels Trip

  • Visit Ben Thanh Market: This place is an iconic architecture of Saigon located in District 1 in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City at the intersection of Le Loi, Ham Nghi, Tan Hung, and Le Lai streets. Here, you can buy thousands of items, from clothing, accessories, souvenirs, handicrafts to food and spices. And remember, don’t hesitate to bargain to get what you want at acceptable prices.  

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Ben Thanh Market

  • Explore The Reunification Palace:  For travelers who want to gain deep knowledge about the history of Saigon you should visit this significant site. It earned recognition as a historical monument due to its witness to pivotal moments in Saigon's history and its preservation of the essence of Eastern culture.

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

The Reunification Palace

  • Take a cruise on the Saigon River: Honor the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City from a different perspective, why not? Hopping on a journey aboard a luxurious cruise ship and delighting in a two-hour scenic voyage along the Saigon River will offer you breathtaking views of the city's majestic skyline. Or you can choose to enjoy a delectable meal during your ride. The price will be about 350.000 - 1.000.000 VND (~14,27 - 40,77 USD) per dinner depending on the menu you choose. If you just take a ride watching the whole city on Saigon River, the price will be range from 100.000 – 200.000 VND (~4,08 - 8,15 USD). 

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Take a cruise on the Saigon River to watch the beauty of the city at night

  • Go through underground tunnels and experience life in War: The tour guide will lead you through the place where soldiers used to live and present a bunch of interesting information about this place. You will have enhanced knowledge about the culture and history of the War period of Vietnam. Moreover, going to Cu Chi Tunnel is a chance for you to see firsthand many of the traps, shelters of soldiers, and see how they used to live in War. The price will be about 70.000 VND (~ 2,85 USD).

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Going through Cu Chi Tunnels is like living in the past

Option 2: Mekong Delta Overnight Discovery

  • Visit Vinh Trang Pagoda: Nestled in the center of the Mekong Delta, Vinh Trang Pagoda harmoniously fuses Eastern and Western cultural elements, presenting a truly captivating spectacle. Coming to this site, you will be left in awe of the exterior architecture and the giant statue of Maitreya Buddha. 

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Vinh Trang Pagoda

  • Have lunch on Tortoise Islet: The Tortoise Islet is the smallest one among a complex of 4 islets including Turtle - Dragon Phoenix - Unicorn. These 4 sites are important attractions along water channels of the Mekong River Tien. Turtle islet is very rich in terms of tropical fruits, in particular the striking dragon fruit, but also papaya and bananas grow on the island. Besides, you also can enjoy regular performances of Vietnamese traditional music with monochord and guitar music. The price is about 8 USD or maybe it’s higher depending on the menu that you choose.

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Typical food in the Mekong Delta area

  • Explore An Khanh village: This is the first-hand experience that you have ever had. You can learn how to row on a hand-rowed sampan and then your sampan will float through the Mekong River. Also, this is when you can snap many photos along the river. Your visit will be to a real rural family business to taste their locally handmade products “Coconut candies“. The price is 30.000 VND/child (~ 1,22 USD), and 70,000 VND/adult (~ 2.85 USD). 

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

An Khanh village

Option 3: 4 Days from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta

  • Enjoy food tours: The Mekong Delta is a paradise for food lovers because it has a wide range of famous specialties that are not only delicious but also cheap. 

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Food lovers will be satisfied with the food here

  • Stroll along Nguyen Hue Street or Bui Vien Street: These streets are the top streets for foreigners who want to find a night heaven in Saigon. Moreover, Bui Vien Street is the so-called “Western Street” referring to its Western culture-oriented features. 

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Bui Vien Street

  • Shopping souvenirs: A thousand items from handicrafts, conical hats, silk Vietnam to Vietnam coffee and spices can be found easily in Ben Thanh Market. 

Ho Chi Minh City 4 Days Itinerary

Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City 

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I hope you will find the best option for your Ho Chi Minh City 4 days itinerary in this post. If you have any further questions about traveling in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact us through New Asia Tours’s website.