Old Quarter: The very essence of Hanoi

About the area: 

This renowned tourist destination is widely regarded as the premier area in Hanoi. Upon arrival, you will immerse yourself in a captivating fusion of tradition and modernity, where ancient architecture seamlessly intertwines with contemporary buildings. 

You'll have the opportunity to embrace the local community's lifestyle and fully engage in the vibrant ambiance of this area. Naturally, this place offers convenient accommodations in the best locations. 

best area of hanoi to stay in

Old Quarter - Memories linger from the past

Surrounding tourist attractions: 

As the heart of Hanoi, this place intersects with many other tourist attractions you should visit once. Tourist attractions near the Old Quarter, such as:

  • Hoan Kiem Lake.

  • Dong Xuan Market.

  • Ngoc Son Temple.

  • Thang Long Water Puppet Theater.

  • Hanoi Opera House.

  • Vietnam National Museum of History.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Hoan Kiem Lake - An ancient beauty in the heart of the Old Quarter

Sightseeing activities: 

Due in part to the location of the Old Quarter, this place offers many bustling activities. Coming to this place, you can experience many different activities, such as:

  • Visiting the Old Quarter area and the alleys here.

  • Experience the night market and participate in the activities of the locals.

  • Rent or catch a motorbike to see the surrounding scenery.

  • Enjoy street food.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Experience the night market 

Surrounding facilities: 

When you stop here, additional service points such as shopping malls, cafes and amusement parks are always available to serve your needs. In addition, you can experience the night markets here and buy the necessary items.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Enjoy cafes at a famous railway street

Suggesting hotels and homestays with prices from high to low:

For you to quickly find a reputable and suitable hotel, here are the names and addresses as well as the cost of 1 night for your reference:

  • Aurora Premium Hotel & Spa (61 Hang Be, Hoan Kiem) - 2,350,000 VND (approximately 104.44 USD)/night.

  • Hanoi Fiesta Grand Hotel and Spa (65 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem) - 1,500,000 VND (approximately 66.67 USD)/night.

  • Rex Hanoi Hotel (42-44 Gia Ngu, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem) - 1,448,000 VND (approximately 64.36 USD)/night.

  • Silk Queen Hotel (100 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem) - 1,361,000 VND (approximately 60.49 USD)/night.

  • Ken Hotel by Connek (98 Hang Gai Hoan Kiem) 835,000 VND (approximately 37.11 USD)/night.

Tay Ho (West Lake): A Tranquil Oasis in Hanoi

About the area: 

Tay Ho is the best area of ​​Hanoi to stay in if you are a person who likes peace and wants to have a new space every morning. It is the largest natural lake in Hanoi, in an ample space with an amazingly calm water surface. That creates a romance that captivates any visitor passing through here.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Admiring the beautiful morning at West Lake

Surrounding tourist attractions: 

West Lake is a place not only beautiful and romantic but around here, many other tourist attractions are creating a busy space, such as 

  • Tran Quoc Pagoda.

  • West Lake Flower Valley.

  • Phu Tay Ho.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Sightseeing activities: 

As a busy and crowded area, it is indispensable for special tourist activities to experience the untouched nature here. You can try some activities such as:

  • Rent a bike or stroll around the lake.

  • Visit the temples and large pagodas.

  • Rent a boat or ride a canoe to experience the lake.

  • Get involved in the lives of the locals.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Cycling around West Lake

Surrounding facilities: 

As a major tourist destination, the services here always meet visitors' needs. You can experience at 24h shops or other minor services.

Suggest hotels and homestay prices from high to low: 

To simplify your decision-making process when selecting a hotel or homestay, here are a few noteworthy options to consider:

  • Oriental Palace Apartment (33 Tay Ho Road, Quang An Quarter, Tay Ho District) - 719,000 VND (approximately 31.96 USD)/night.

  • Thang Loi Hotel (200 Yen Phu Street, Tay Ho District) - 633,000 VND (approximately 31.96 USD)/night.

  • MOON West Lake Serviced Apartment (Tay Ho District) - 577,000 VND (approximately 25.64 USD)/night.

  • PAROSAND Hanoi Hotel & apartment (537 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Ha Noi, Tay Ho District) - 532,000 VND (approximately 23.64 USD)/night.

  • VNA HOMES Serviced Apartment (no.26 Vong Thi Street, Buoi, Ha Noi, Tay Ho District) - 457,000 VND (approximately 20.31 USD)/night.

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Ba Dinh: The Historic Heart of Hanoi

About the area:

If talking about the best area of ​​Hanoi to stay in, Ba Dinh is a name that cannot be ignored. This place is associated with the history and emotions of Hanoi people and is the venue for many significant activities across the country. You cannot miss Ba Dinh if you want many exciting experiences.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Visiting the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and exploring Ba Dinh square

Surrounding tourist attractions: 

Coming to Ba Dinh is not only associated with the history of the Hanoi people, but it also contains many famous tourist attractions such as:

  • Thang Long Imperial Citadel.

  • Ba Dinh National Relic Site.

  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Thang Long Imperial Citadel

Sightseeing activities: 

Being a bustling area with numerous tourist attractions, it offers various activities to cater to varied preferences and interests. Some of these activities include:

  • Learn the history of this place by visiting the monuments and museums in Ba Dinh.

  • Walk around the parks and lakes to see the beauty in the lifestyle of the people here.

  • Visit the temple and temple areas to better understand the spiritual culture of the local people.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Walk around the Bach Thao parks

Surrounding facilities:

As a large and crowded area in Hanoi, it always has amenities and services to provide people with places to shop, drink coffee and find anything they need. In addition, this place also has an extensive transportation system with many bus routes to make it easier to move. It is the best area of ​​Hanoi to stay in!

best area of hanoi to stay in

You can find many beautiful cafes in this area

Suggesting hotels and homestays from high to low prices:

The following carefully chosen hotels can assist you in finding exceptional accommodation where you can conveniently explore and immerse yourself in the surrounding area:

  • Hanoi Le Jardin Hotel & Spa (46A Nguyen Truong To, Ba Dinh) - VND 1,010,000VND (approximately 44.89 USD)/night.

  • Rose Garden Residences (170 Ngoc Khanh Street, Ba Dinh) - 739,000VND (approximately 32.84 USD)/night.

  • FTE BA DINH hotel (268 Grapefruit Street, Ba Dinh) - 732,000 VND (approximately 32.53 USD)/night.

  • 20 Hotel and Apartment (93A Doi Can, Ba Dinh) - 495,000 VND (approximately 22.00 USD)/night.

  • Dragon Pearl Hotel Hanoi (17A Phan Dinh Phung St, Dong Xuan Market, Ba Dinh) - 465,000 VND (approximately 20.67 USD)/night.

Hai Ba Trung: Busy and Modern

About the area: 

Hai Ba Trung, one of the busiest areas in Hanoi, contains much beauty and is associated with Vietnamese history. Coming to this area, you will experience many tourist attractions and places to go for a walk and explore the pace of life of the people around you. Among the best areas of Hanoi to stay in, this place is an indispensable place to stop and experience.

Surrounding tourist attractions:

This place has a pretty excellent location where you can depart from Hai Ba Trung to many different places in Hanoi within a shorter distance, such as:

  • Thong Nhat Park.

  • Air Force and Air Defence Museum.

  • Ceramic Mosaic Mural Road.

  • Bat Trang Pottery Village.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Visit Ceramic Mosaic Mural Road

Sightseeing activities: 

It is a bustling area with numerous tourist attractions and entertainment options, promising many thrilling experiences for visitors. Among the available activities are:

  • Take a bus and explore how to make pottery in Bat Trang Village.

  • Stroll and enjoy the scenery of Thong Nhat Park.

  • Experience the excitement of the people and enjoy the street food.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Walking to enjoy the scenery of Thong Nhat Park

Surrounding facilities: 

As with other areas, Hai Ba Trung district has activities and services such as shopping, entertainment and sightseeing that you need when you stay here. In addition, car rental services or personal drivers are also top-rated.

best area of hanoi to stay in

Spend a day in Bat Trang Pottery Village

Suggesting hotels and homestays with prices from high to low:

In the best area of ​​Hanoi to stay in, like Hai Ba Trung district, you will need to have a stop in your journey when coming to Hai Ba Trung district. Here are some hotels that you may know:

  • Nesta Boutique Hotel Ha Noi (73 To Thanh Hien, Hai Ba Trung District) - 841,000 VND (approximately 37.38 USD)/night.

  • A25 Luxury Hotel (684 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung District) - 781,000 VND (approximately 37.38 USD)/night.

  • Halais Hotel (48 Tran Nhan Tong, Hai Ba Trung, Hai Ba Trung District) - 752,000 VND (approximately 33.42 USD)/night.

  • My Linh Hotel Hanoi (66 Bui Thi Xuan, Hai Ba Trung District) - 652,000 VND (approximately 28.99 USD)/night.

  • Adonis Hanoi Hotel (55 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung District) - 613,000 VND (approximately 27.24 USD)/night.


With the information about the best area of ​​Hanoi to stay in, you can start to judge and choose a suitable place for yourself. Each location brings its features and the most favorable things for visitors. In addition, for each area, the hotel information provided can help you find a place to stay more easily. And if you want to make your stay easier, please contact New Asia Tours for more information and Vietnam package tours!