Best Indoor Halong Bars

Enter a world of elegance and fun vibes. Check out our chosen list of the best indoor Halong bars, where you can enjoy memorable nights in a mix of luxury and comfort.

Halong H Club

  • Address: Group 7, Zone 4, Bai Chay Street, Halong City

  • Hotline: (+84) 986 121 866

  • Price based on admission fee: $4.30 - $23.70/person

Ranked as the best bar in Halong Bay, H Club offers a spacious experience. Currently, it's the largest Halong bar with an area of 4000m2, accommodating over 1000 guests. Therefore, even though this is a bustling location, there's always enough space to serve you.

The Halong H Club, boasting a luxuriously designed space and a high-quality sound system imported from England, guarantees an exquisite environment. Additionally, its top-tier lighting system, orchestrated by the team from the Beijing Olympics, promises to deliver an unparalleled experience for attendees.

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Happy group of female guests at H Club

The club offers different areas such as standing areas, seating areas, and VIP sections with varying prices. From my experience, it costs about $17 to $22 per person for entrance and drinks in the standing area. Each table serves about 5 to 7 people. When you buy combo deals, the price is better and includes a standing area near the stage, alcohol, and fresh fruits. Prices for other areas are higher.

On weekends or when there are famous guest appearances, the prices slightly increase. H Club often has performances by famous DJs and artists, making it a popular choice among young people for having fun with friends.

Fleur d’Or Maison Bar

  • Address: Bai Chay, Halong City

  • Hotline: (+84) 326 822 822

  • Price based on admission fee: From $30.43/person

As part of a chain of bars nationwide, Fleur d’Or Maison Bar is among the top bars in Halong. FOM Club is renowned for its prime location opposite Sun World Square. Designed in a modern European style, the bar exudes elegance and class. Serving high-quality services, the FOM Club welcomes numerous foreign groups.

The sound and lighting systems are well-invested, bringing memorable experiences to guests. Notably, this Halong bar has various unique performance concepts and offers many attractive combos. In addition, if you book a combo, you'll enjoy better prices and receive many additional benefits.

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Foreign tourists enjoying happy moments at FOM Club

Furthermore, you'll have memorable photos with friends when visiting here. The professional photographers from FOM Club won't disappoint you with their high-quality photos.

New Square Bar

  • Address: 11 Phan Boi Chau, Bai Chay, Halong City

  • Hotline: (+84) 964 642 219

  • Price based on admission fee: $4.30 - $23.70/person

Located at the end of the list of best indoor Halong bars. New Square Bar is rated as having the most regular performances by famous singers. The bar is designed in a modern, luxurious style with a sophisticated lighting system and professional dancers.

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Top-notch music quality by international DJs

This Halong bar prioritizes music quality with a variety of genres to help you relax when you visit. You will be immersed in a magical atmosphere with lively music played by renowned local and international DJs.

If you book a combo, the price will be $150, which includes a bottle of Chivas 18, fruit, and 4 soft drinks. This price is valid on weekdays, but not on weekends and holidays. 

Famous Halong Beach Bars

Besides indoor Halong bars, the city is also home to several beach bars that feature open spaces, adding to the variety of nightlife options. These Halong beach bars are special in their own way, offering unique experiences that can't be found elsewhere. I suggest the 3 best beach bars in Halong for you.

Valley Beach Club

  • Address: Zone B, Sun Group Bai Chay Beach, Halong City

  • Hotline: (+84) 868 828 855

  • Price combo: From $30.43

When it comes to Halong beach bars, Valley Beach Club is a must-mention due to its recent social media buzz. Located on the most beautiful beach in Halong, this bar is an ideal place if you want to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere while participating in a lively music party.

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Open space, close to nature

Valley Beach Club is equipped with an L-Acoustic K2 sound system from France, along with a carnival-led matrix lighting system. It brings you a hot music party even in an open space. This is an extremely popular Halong bar and it was a choice of many tourists. 

Chill Beach Bar Halong

  • Address: Ky Quan, Bai Tam, Halong City

  • Hotline: (+84) 946 642 288

  • Price based on beverages: $10.60 - $29.70/person

halong bars

Cozy atmosphere at Chill Beach Bar

Rated as one of the most worthwhile outdoor Halong bars to experience, Chill Beach Bar offers a pleasant and elegant space with environmentally friendly furnishings. The warm yellow lighting system and soft music tunes bring relaxation to guests. If you want to enjoy cocktails with friends and listen to classical music, come to Chill Beach Bar for a chill experience.

In my opinion, this is the best beach bar for you to relax on the beach. Besides serving drinks, Chill Beach Bar also offers fast food like hamburgers, fried dishes, etc. The bar is open all day, making it ideal for an experience.

Bistro Fou Beach Club

  • Address: Quang Truong Street, Tuan Chau, Halong City

  • Hotline: (+84) 936 853 883

  • Price based on beverages: $5.22 - $21.74/person

Designed in a minimalist style with white wood combined with a distinctive decorative lighting system, Bistro Fou Beach Club provides a spacious and relaxing atmosphere on the beach. Unique weekly performances take place here, featuring famous DJs and quality dancers. Bistro Fou Beach Club is a worthwhile outdoor Halong bar to experience when you want to enjoy a spacious atmosphere and listen to vibrant tunes.

best halong bars

Unique space design of Bistro Fou Beach Club

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Other Nighttime Entertainment Activities

Nightlife in Halong is extremely vibrant and there are many bars open to cater to the needs of tourists. This has become a part of the nightlife in Halong. In addition to relaxing at lively music parties at Halong bars, this destination also provides many other experiences for visitors such as:

  • Visiting Bazaar Night Market: A place selling many souvenirs

  • Savoring fresh seafood at Halong Food Street

  • Walking on Bai Chay Bridge: View the city panorama

The vibrant nightlife in Halong is a must-experience when you plan a trip here. Whether it's reveling in the lively Halong bars or participating in other nighttime activities, you are guaranteed to have wonderful experiences. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact New Asia Tours for best Vietnam package tour.