Why Surfing In Vietnam?

Why should you surf in Vietnam? Imagine riding huge waves along Vietnam's breathtaking coastline. For surfers of all skill levels, it is a hidden gem with undiscovered breaks, warm seas, and a thriving surf scene. Vietnam has enough to offer everyone, novice or seasoned pro alike. 

Natural Beauty and Scenery

Vietnam Surf Spots

Natural Beauty and Scenery for surfing in Vietnam

Vietnam, a treasure of Southeast Asia, has a spectacular blend of gorgeous locations that are ideal for surfers. Vietnam has several clean beaches suitable for surfers of all skill levels because of its extensive coastline along the South China Sea. 

Picture yourself on the Vietnamese coast, with the sun gracing your skin and a refreshing breeze ruffling your hair.

You will be met with breathtaking coastline vistas as you paddle into the clear seas, which will wow you. Vietnam has breathtaking beauty, from soaring limestone cliffs to golden sand beaches fringed with palm palms.

Affordable Surfing Destinations

Vietnam Surf Spots

It is affordable to get a affordable surfing destinations

Vietnamese surfing offers surfers on a budget unmatched natural beauty and a cost-effective choice. 

  • First of all, Vietnam provides affordable rates for lodging, dining, and surfboard rentals when compared to other well-known Vietnam surf spots across the world, enabling you to get your surfing trip without going over budget.
  • Second, various lodging options are offered along Vietnam's coastline, from affordable hostels to cozy guesthouses and resorts. You may spend more time in the water and less traveling because several alternatives are conveniently close to the surf areas.
  • Last, Vietnam is a great place for experienced surfers who want to avoid going with their own gear and for novices who want to learn the sport because surfboard rentals and instruction are fairly priced. 

Top 5 Vietnam Surf Spots

Discover the best 5 surf places that will make you pumped as we reveal how to carve monster waves and catch exhilarating breaks. Grab a board and head to Vietnam's surf scene for unique experiences.

Nha Trang Beach

Vietnam Surf Spots

The blue water in Nha Trang Beach

Welcome to Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam surf spots on the coast! Imagine yourself in this magnificent coastal metropolis, where high-rise beach resorts, luxurious vacations, and delectable seafood await you. Nha Trang also boldly claims to be the nation's diving capital, but that's not all. Prepare yourself to plunge into adventure and master the waves!

Nha Trang offers both paddle boarding and surfing activities. During the Southeast Asian typhoon season, which runs from November to March, this location is a surfer's paradise. 

Several undiscovered treasures in Nha Trang are waiting to be found by more seasoned surfers. City Reef and Dark Reef are two locations that appeal to experienced wave riders, providing an exhilarating challenge and gratifying ride. So check them out if you enjoy an adrenaline rush and want to enhance your abilities.

Da Nang Beach

Vietnam Surf Spots

Surfing at Da Nang Beach is amazing

Let me now bring you to Da Nang Beach, the best place in Vietnam to catch waves. Long expanses of sandy shoreline with some truly great waves that break all year round may be found in this warm-weather paradise. This is the place to be if you're ready to shred!

Let's speak about the surf season now, my buddies. The waves are just unstoppable from September to March, when the temperatures average about a lovely 27 degrees Celsius (or roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit for our overseas friends). Here in Da Nang, Mother Nature truly treats us!

Mui Ne Beach

Vietnam Surf Spots

Mui ne beach for surfing in Vietnam

Mui Ne is one of the ideal destinations for kitesurfing haven in Southeast Asia, if you're searching for an incredible experience in Vietnam. Except, of course, when there's a massive storm forming nearby, which, let's admit it, might provide extra adrenaline to your ride, in which case brace yourself for wind surge waves that will leave you breathless!

Hon Rom Beach is the city's most well-liked destination for Mui Ne. Imagine catching the greatest waves from October to May on a stretch so large that you can easily find your very own surf sanctuary. It's like discovering your own hidden gem on a big oceanic canvas.

And I've got a fascinating fact: Mui Ne is one of the ideal Vietnam surf spots and stand-up paddleboarding contests, so it's not just about crushing waves there. These thrilling events have been held at Jibes Beach Club, a lovely combination of a restaurant, bar, and surf sanctuary. Jibes Beach Club has you covered, whether you're an expert ready to flaunt your prowess or a novice itching to surf the waves for the first time. 

Vung Tau Beach

Vietnam Surf Spots

Vung Tau is one of the best place for surfing

Want to ride some serious waves in Vietnam? You need to look no farther than Vung Tau, one of the top Vietnam surf spots about 90 km (55 mi) southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. All you surfers out there have found the ideal weekend escape here!

Let me tell you a secret: the sandy stretch at Vung Tau is a massive 3 kilometers (2 miles) long, and it can all be surfed. Yes, you did hear me correctly. Imagine yourself riding those magnificent waves alone, surrounded only by the sun, sand, and salty wind. The key is to forgo the front beach's average surf and travel right to the back beach. 

Simply continue past the magnificent Jesus monument and hang a right at Pagode Island to discover this hidden treasure. You'll be in a surfer's paradise in a little time. This location for surfing in Vietnam offers some of the most incredible surfing in the nation. Besides, the best time to surf at Vung Tau Beach in Vietnam is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. The weather is generally sunny with calm winds, and the waves are more consistent.

Get ready for some solid beach-break waves best-ridden in the winter. And what's this? Low tides and the ideal amount of breeze make mornings here just ideal. But hey, don't worry if the gusts are too severe. Try kitesurfing as an alternative. It's equally cool!

Lagi Beach

Vietnam Surf Spots

La Gi Beach for surfing

For surfers looking for exhilarating waves and stunning landscapes, La Gi Beach in Vietnam is a beautiful vacation. 

The south sea makes it one of the prime Vietnam surf spots. Surfers of all skill levels may enjoy the waves here because of the steady swells and the favorable wind patterns. It has something for everyone, from novice riders searching for easy rollers to expert riders pursuing powerful barrels.

The ideal surfing in Vietnam season must be considered while organizing a vacation to La Gi Beach. The best surf months on the beach are generally April through September, when the waves are consistently excellent and the weather is nice. Indeed, surfers may anticipate clear waves and pleasant water temperatures at this period, providing the perfect setting for an outstanding surfing trip.

Tips For Surfing In Vietnam

Best Time to Visit

The beginning of the winter monsoon season is usually between November and December. You question why now is the best moment. I'm going to drop some information bombs, so brace yourselves!

Typhoons form during the winter monsoon, and these bad boys produce short- and long-range surges throughout the South China Sea. It's as though nature tells the surfers, "Hey, it's showtime!" Take your board, wax it, and get ready for a fantastic ride.

Surfboard Rentals and Lessons

Don't worry if you're new to Vietnam surf spots. To teach you the fundamentals, from rising on the board to riding the waves safely, we'll begin with a brief theoretical lesson. The teachers will monitor your development and assist you in acquiring advanced abilities throughout several days of surfing in Vietnam. 

Check the tide periods and wave forecast before hiring a surfboard. Renting a vehicle ranges from $10 to $20 for a few hours, $20 to $30 for a half day, and $30 to $50 for a whole day. Besides, wax and a leash should be applied on the board to ensure readiness. There are age limitations and a deposit with a legitimate person.


First, we have surf schools and surf lodges. These are the hotspots for wave lovers on a tight budget. 

There are homestays available, such as baths, kitchens, and rooms. What's best? You'll be surrounded by people who love Vietnam surf spots just as much as you do. This entails transportation, local expertise, and sometimes even equipment rentals. The owners will connect you with the ideal wave based on your abilities because they are often quite aware of the surf conditions.

Check out surf hotels if you'd want a little more seclusion. They provide a hint of luxury with amenities like room service, equipment rentals, and even surf lessons. Go to a five-star surf resort for the ultimate indulgence. Imagine having your cottage and all the previously stated conveniences.


Vietnam has everything from Mui Ne's exhilarating waves to Da Nang's serene coastline. Whether you seek the thrill of riding high waves or the coast's scenic beauty, Vietnam has you covered. Pack your board, embrace the eternal summer, and explore Vietnam surf spots. Get ready for an incredible time, ride the waves, and forge lifelong friendships with fellow surfers.