Where is Da Nang Fresco Village

Da Nang Fresco Village is situated at 75 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang, Vietnam. It is an art-infused street cutting through a residential area. This neighborhood features over 30 vibrant mural paintings on the worn walls of homes.

The murals adorning the walls of Fresco Village depict familiar scenes of the culture and people of Da Nang. From the livelihoods of fishermen to the natural environment, featuring various wildlife and landscapes, to the traditional Apsara dance of the Champa people. The artwork captures many essence of local life.

What to do in Fresco Village

Da Nang Fresco Village

"Check-in" the Da Nang Fresco Village

As time unfolds, the murals on these walls have taken on a rustic allure, becoming an integral part of the quaint alleys within the local community. While quantitatively modest, Da Nang Fresco Village gracefully exhibits a Vietnamese lifelike mural portraying the genuine daily life of Da Nang residents, coexisting with the wall artistry.

Venturing into this street, tourists can:

  • Take a leisurely stroll, delving into the captivating mural showcasing the everyday life of Da Nang locals on both the walls and within the residential enclave, as this street doubles as a living community.

  • Marvel at the artistic expressions on the murals.

  • Capture picturesque moments against the backdrop of these vibrant wall paintings.

  • Savor local street delicacies, drinks, or indulge in souvenir shopping nearby.

How to get to the Village

Da Nang Fresco Village

How to visit Da Nang Fresco Village

Nestled in the heart of the city, Da Nang Fresco Village boasts a highly convenient central position. So it is easy for travelers to navigate and visit nearby points of interest:

  • 600m to Cham Museum

  • 700m to Dragon Bridge

  • 1,4km to Han Market

  • 1,9km to Con Market

  • 4,7km to My Khe Beach

  • 8km from Son Tra Peninsula

Whether you are in the vicinity of My Khe Beach or Dragon Bridge, exploring Da Nang Fresco Village is accessible by any means – walking, biking, motorbiking, or taking a taxi. 

The village is conveniently situated, allowing easy access to the beach, museums, dining spots, and local markets. Da Nang Fresco Village is definitely an ideal addition to your one-day tour itinerary.

Ticket prices and Tips for photo shooting

Da Nang Fresco Village

Travel tips to visit Da Nang Fresco Village

Admission is free for Da Nang Fresco Village, and with the street open 24/7, you can casually walk in at any hour to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

For those planning to visit the charming lanes of Da Nang Fresco Village, here are some tips for sightseeing and photography:

  • As you wander through the alleys of Da Nang Fresco Village, take note of your path to ensure you don’t lose your way.

  • In the petite alleys measuring about 1 meter wide, where scooters may be parked, and the occasional motorbike may traverse, you can easily sidestep to the roadside if necessary.

  • This is a residential area, so you might come across images of local people or glimpses into their homes.

  • This neighborhood is more residential, but if you are looking for dining options, you can walk to explore the nearby areas for a variety of choices.

  • Feel free to wear casual attire as you visit this place. Local residents are accustomed to having visitors drop by.

  • You can enhance your photo aesthetics at Da Nang Fresco Village by incorporating a traditional conical hat, adding an authentic Vietnamese touch to your snapshots.

  • Visitors to Fresco Village can also go beyond photographing the wall paintings and extend their lens to capture the general ambiance of the alley and the local community, blending ordinary life seamlessly with the artistry of the murals.

Da Nang Fresco Village

Daily life at Da Nang Fresco Village

Da Nang Fresco Village is where wall paintings seamlessly blend with the everyday life scenes of the local residents in the narrow alleys of Da Nang. On your exploration journey in Vietnam, this place will serve as an intriguing and convenient highlight to visit!