What to see in Hue

Hue is abundant with attractions. As the final feudal capital, it offers a wealth of stories and stunning scenery to captivate visitors from afar. Here is a list of 11 must-visit destinations to consider for your Hue 1-day itinerary.

Imperial Citadel

The Imperial Citadel is a must-visit in Hue. This historic fortress built in the early 19th century served as the political and cultural hub of the Nguyen Dynasty. Its intricate architecture, vast courtyards, and beautiful gardens showcase the grandeur of imperial Vietnam.

Visitors can explore the Imperial City, Forbidden Purple City, and various temples within its relic walls. The entrance ticket is 4 USD/person.

Thien Mu Pagoda

This pagoda stands as a renowned emblem of Hue City. Founded in 1601, it includes a seven-story octagonal tower and provides magnificent panoramas overlooking the Perfume River.

Thien Mu Pagoda along Huong River in Hue vietnam

Thien Mu Pagoda along Huong River in Hue

The pagoda is notable for its serene gardens, intricate ancient architecture, and the historic Austin car, associated with a famous monk's self-immolation. There is no ticket required to visit the pagoda.

Huong River

Mentioning Hue, people often think of the Huong River, also called the “Perfume River.” This name comes from the fragrant flowers that fall into the water upstream. Visitors can take picturesque boat rides, particularly at sunset, listen to Hue’s traditional songs on the river, and visit attractions on riverside like the Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Van Lau Pavilion. The ticket cost for a boat ride is 4 to 6 USD per person for an hour or more.

Tombs of Nguyen Kings

Tombs of Nguyen Kings in hue vietnam

Things to see in a Hue Vietnam day trip

Another must-see in your Hue 1-day itinerary is the tomb of one of the Nguyen Kings. There are 7 tombs of Nguyen Dynasty emperors, each offering a glimpse into Vietnam’s royal past through stunning architecture, serene gardens, and intricate details. Located in different areas, each tomb features unique elements related to the life of each king. Notable tombs to visit include Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, and Tu Duc Tomb. The entrance fee is 4 USD per person.

Hue Museum of Royal Fine Art

The Museum is located within the former Long An Palace. The palace was built in 1845 and it is one of the most beautiful royal structures in Vietnam. The entrance ticket is 2 USD per person. The museum showcases more than 300 exquisite artifacts from Vietnam’s Nguyen Dynasty. Visitors can admire royal costumes, ceramics, and intricate artwork, gaining a deep insight into Vietnam’s imperial culture and artistic heritage.

Hue Museum of Royal Fine Art

Top museum in Hue to visit

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen monastery

The monastery is located on a mountaintop in the heart of Truoi lake. This place features picturesque scenery, beautiful ancient architecture, and fresh air. The monastery includes Buddhist temples and areas for monks and practitioners to meditate. Entry to the monastery is free, but you need to rent a boat to get there. Boat tickets range from 1.2 to 2 USD per person, depending on the number of people on the boat.

Trang Tien Bridge

This bridge spanning the Perfume River was built in 1899. It features a graceful and unique design, complemented by the tranquil natural surroundings and lush greenery. During the blooming season of the red flamboyant flowers from May to July, many couples and girls in traditional ao dai come to take photos with the bridge.

Trang Tien Bridge in hue vietnam

Peacefully enjoy a day in Hue Vietnam

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba is the most famous traditional local market in Hue. Located near the Perfume River and close to the city center, the market is always bustling with people. It sells a wide variety of goods such as fresh and dried foods, essentials, household items, souvenirs, clothing, and more. Dong Ba market is definately is an ideal place to visit for shopping for specialties or observing local products and daily life.

Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach in hue vietnam

What to do in Hue Vietnam for 1 day - visit Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach is a picturesque strip of blue beach and white sand dunes. It is encircled by forests, mountains jutting out into the sea, a town, and breathtakingly beautiful bays. In 2009, Lang Co Bay was included in the “World’s Most Beautiful Bays” list by Worldbays.

Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon is one of the most impressive and beautiful spots in Hue. This is where rivers flow into the sea, creating a mesmerizing beauty at sunset. Around the lagoon, you can also visit Chuon Lagoon, Ru Cha mangrove forest, and nearby fishing villages.

Bach Ma National Park

This place was a famous resort area in the 1940s. Nowadays, it serves as a conservation area for various species of flora and fauna. In Bach Ma national park, you have plenty to explore in nature, from the sea observation tower, waterfalls, and lakes to the Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery.

Suggested Hue 1-Day Itinerary

If you are not sure how to fit these attractions into a Hue 1-day itinerary, here are a few 1-day plans recommended for you to reference.

A day in Hue Vietnam

A day in Hue Vietnam

Option 1: Da Nang - Hue 1 day travel plan

  • 7:30 am: Depart from Da Nang

  • 8:00 am: Travel through Hai Van Pass - one of the most scenic mountain and sea passes in Vietnam.

  • 8:30 am: Visit Lang Co Bay

  • 10:00 am: Explore Khai Dinh Tomb

  • 11:30 am: Lunch

  • 1:00 pm: Visit the Imperial Citadel

  • 2:30 pm: Tour Thien Mu Pagoda

  • 3:30 pm: Hue city tour - Trang Tien Bridge, boating on the Huong River, street food, Dong Ba Market, etc.

  • 4:30 pm: Return to Da Nang

Option 2: A day in Hue Vietnam

  • 8:00 am: Boat ride on the Huong River from Toa Kham dock and disembark to visit Thien Mu Pagoda

  • 9:30 am: Tour Hue Imperial Citadel

  • 11:30 am: Lunch

  • 1:30 pm: Visit Minh Mang Tomb and Khai Dinh Tomb

  • 4:00 pm: Hue city tour and Dong Ba Market

  • 5:00 pm: Return to the hotel

Hue 1 Day Itinerary

Suggestions for Hue Vietnam day trip

Option 3: Bach Ma National Park 1 day

  • 8:00 am: Depart for Bach Ma National Park

  • 9:00 am: Visit the sea observation tower for an overview

  • 10:00 am: Explore the Five Lakes

  • 11:30 am: Lunch

  • 1:00 pm: Visit Do Quyen Waterfall and trek through the forest

  • 5:00 pm: Return to the hotel

Option 4:  Truc Lam Zen Monastery & Lang Co Beach

  • 8:00 am: Departure

  • 9:00 am: Visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery

  • 11:30 am: Travel to Lang Co Beach

  • 12:15 pm: Lunch

  • 1:00 pm: Explore Lang Co Bay, Lap An Lagoon, enjoy beach activities like swimming and SUP

  • 5:30 pm: Return to Hue city

Travel Tips

Finally, to help you plan and enjoy your Hue 1-day itinerary journey with peace of mind, here are some useful travel tips:

  • The best time to visit Hue is from February to September with dry weather, plenty of sunshine and little rain.

  • You should check the weather carefully before traveling from October to January because at this time Hue experiences heavy rainfall and potential street flooding. 

  • Hue boasts numerous traditional palaces, temples, and pagodas, so you should dress modestly, covering shoulders and knees when visiting these sites.

  • In April, Hue hosts many annual festivals and events that make the city more vibrant.

  • Hue is not a bustling urban area; it exudes a peaceful and gentle vibe, ideal for exploring historical sites or relaxing amidst nature, by the coast, in gardens, or hot springs. 

Hue 1 Day Itinerary

Having a great time relaxing in Hue Vietnam

  • Recommended items to pack include a hat, umbrella, sunscreen, insect repellent, comfortable clothing, and walking shoes.

  • The ancient beauty of Hue offers excellent photo opportunities. The city is a top choice for memorable snapshots in Vietnam. So don't miss capturing moments here! 

  • Recommended souvenirs to buy in Hue are massage oils, lotus seeds, royal tea, and handmade rice cakes and candies. The price is normally between 4 and 12 USD. 

  • When it comes to dining in Hue, you may try local specialties like sweet soups, Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup), rice cakes, clam rice, and clam noodle soup, with prices ranging from 0.2 to 1.2 USD/dish.

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Now that you know what to do in Hue Vietnam for 1 day and have specific daily suggestions for your Hue 1-day itinerary, we wish you a smooth and enjoyable trip to Hue. Furthermore, if you need any assistance or tour advice, feel free to leave us a message.