The network was established in 2004 to promote cooperation among cities that have identified creativity and cultural industry as strategic factors for sustainable urban development. Presently, the network includes the participation of almost 300 cities globally.

Hoi An's ancient town is a prominent and highly regarded destination in Vietnam. One of its long-standing and well-maintained strengths is Folk Art and Crafts.

Hoi An is home to 5 traditional craft villages, engaging in almost 50 crafts such as carpentry, pottery, lantern crafting, coconut/bamboo products, tailoring, leatherwork, and many more. Notably, three craft villages and one traditional profession have earned recognition as Vietnam National Intangible Heritage.

The city also showcases a wide array of folk art forms, including boat rowing songs (Bả Trạo), repartee chants (Hò Khoan), traditional bingo with singing (Bài Chòi), poetry recitation, 4 line-singing (Hò Vè), classical opera (Hát Bội), ritual dances, and numerous other artistic expressions. Remarkably, Bai Choi gained international recognition and was included in UNESCO's prestigious list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2017. 

These diverse folk art forms and handicrafts offer vibrant reflections of the cultural and social fabric of this area. They also form an integral part of the spiritual essence of Hoi An's people.

hoi an traditional games

Traditional bingo with singing 

After the capital city of Hanoi, Hoi An City is the next Vietnamese locality to proudly join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Based on data, there are 658 small enterprises and 1710 household businesses actively involved in folk art and craftsmanship in the city. Around 4000 people are employed directly in these sectors.

For tourists visiting Hoi An, the remarkably rich local cultural heritage is an unforgettable experience with the chance to engage in these unique traditions. Would you like to try Hoi An's games and crafts during your trip to Vietnam? Leave us a message at New Asia Tours and explore our various Vietnam package tours available on our website for your Hoi An and Vietnam discovery!