Best Photography spots in Hoi An

Lantern Streets

The lanterns have become almost synonymous with this poetic and ancient city. As you wander through Hoi An, you’ll encounter lanterns swaying in the breeze, adorning the streets, hanging from rooftops, and even embellishing cafes and shops.

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

As dusk falls, the kaleidoscope of lanterns illuminates, bathing the alleys in a radiant spectacle. Meander through the nocturnal streets, bask in the old town’s cool evening ambiance, and be sure to take some profoundly artistic Hoi An photographer snapshots amidst the lanterns.

Confetti Flower Streets

If you’re wondering what beauty lies in Hoi An, make sure to visit the homes adorned with mossy, tiled roofs covered in Confetti Flower. They’re not pretentious, luxurious, or dazzling, but it’s rare to find such charming houses draped in flowers like those in Hoi An. You’ll instantly have ‘vintage’ style photos!

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

Ancient Walls

The quaint alleys of Hoi An, with their golden hues and the green tinge of time, beckon one to linger. A stroll through the old town, a leisurely exploration of these charming lanes, and capturing the moment with the help of a skilled Hoi An photographer can turn these seemingly simple pleasures into sweet, lasting memories.

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

Ancient Houses

The centuries old houses of Hoi An hold a space filled with nostalgia that transports you back to the bustling port streets of Hoai Pho during the 16th and 17th centuries. The rows of houses with moss-covered tiled roofs are a distinctive feature and also a premier tourist attraction in the beautiful city of Hoi An.

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

Some houses that I recommend you should take photo:

  • Duc An house

  • Tan Ky house

  • Quan Thang house

  • Phung Hung house

  • Thai Phien house

Small Alleys in the Old Town

As you explore the enchanting vistas of Hoi An, the golden alleys are a must-see, embodying the essence of this ancient town. These quaint pathways are a hit among tourists seeking the perfect Instagram moment. Simply stroll through and let the allure of these charming alleys provide the backdrop for your collection of stylish and memorable snapshots.

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

Flower Lantern Boats

Drifting along the gentle currents of the Thu Bon River, the Flower Lantern Boats of Hoi An offer a picturesque scene as dusk falls. The lanterns, a kaleidoscope of colors, create an enchanting ambiance that’s a Hoi An photographer’s delight. 

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

It’s an experience where the historic charm of Hoi An is your canvas, and each photo captured is a brushstroke that paints a memory of the town’s captivating nocturnal beauty.

The Japanese Bridge

Also known as Chùa Cầu, is not only a symbol but also one of the most famous tourist attractions in the charming ancient town of Hoi An. You might already know that this very spot is featured on the reverse side of Vietnam’s 20,000 dong polymer banknote.

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

With the arrival of autumn, the Lantern Festival and the Full Moon Festival cast a mystical light upon the time-honored streets, creating an idyllic setting for Hoi An photography lovers to document the mesmerizing charm of this heritage site.

92 Station Cafe

When it comes to cafes with stunning views and the ultimate Hoi An photography experience, 92 Station Cafe is not to be missed. What draws visitors to this cafe is the special balcony on the third floor. It’s the panoramic view of the old town, with its ancient, moss-covered tiled roofs nestled closely together, that has attracted millions of guests to capture wonderful moments.

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

Located at 92 Tran Phu, right in the heart of Hoi An’s pedestrian street, the cafe is easy to find.

Ba Mu Pagoda

The Ba Mu Pagoda was once regarded by domestic and international researchers as a beautiful architectural work of Hoi An. Over time, through many ups and downs and historical events, the relic was destroyed, leaving only the entrance gate. To preserve and protect this site, the city undertook a restoration project. After the restoration, the pagoda quickly became an unmissable photography spot in Hoi An. 

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

With its spacious and airy space, along with serene and “vintage” corners, just strike a pose and find the right angle, and you’ll have a photo that marks your visit to Hoi An!

An Bang Beach

Speaking of photography spots in Hoi An, it would be a significant oversight to overlook the beautiful An Bang Beach - one of the names that made it to the top 50 most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world. 

Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

Unlike the usual hustle and bustle found in seaside tourist areas, An Bang Beach possesses a beauty characterized by tranquility and serenity. A Hoi An photographer can capture the essence of this peaceful haven, making your memories last a lifetime.

So, should you hire a Hoi An Photographer?

Solo travelers in Hoi An can greatly benefit from enlisting a local photographer. Here’s why:

  • Experience the joy of being professionally photographed, with a local connoisseur guiding you to the perfect spots for the best shots.

  • Receive photos of exceptional quality that truly capture your individuality, fashion, and the vibe you’re feeling.

  • Explore a range of photography options, from natural and unposed to love-struck or thrill-seeking themes.

  • Forget the fuss of tripods, random photo favors, or editing woes—leave it all to a pro.

  • Take home a lasting memento of your travels, ideal for sharing or enhancing your personal and professional presence.

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Photography spots in Hoi An - hoi an photographer

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