Why is it important to plan how long to spend in Vietnam?

You need to plan every trip in advance to be able to control time, money, and risks

  • Prepare cost estimates.  

  • Can give a general overview of Vietnamese trips.

  • Save your time, money.

  • Satisfy your expectations.

  • Determine the success of trips.

Highlights of Vietnam and Recommended Timeframes

Vietnam is fortunate to have a natural atmosphere and human beauty. Therefore, visitors will experience the various types of tours I share right below when they come here. Furthermore, keep reading to find the answer to “How many days do you need in Vietnam?”

History and Culture  

With a rich, 4,000-year history that includes experienced feudal periods, colonies, fights for independence, and unification. That’s why cultural tours in Vietnam are considered to thrive day by day. The most popular is the “Heritage Road” tour will take tourists to enjoy the famous landscapes and you can immerse yourself in nature like a fairyland in the Central region. The diverse and unique culture of this tour can be explored over 12-15 days.

hue Imperial Citadel

Imperial Citadel - Hue, Vietnam

Nature and Outdoor Activities 

To continue answering the question: How long should you spend to experience Vietnam? I will introduce you to nature and outdoor activities.

Returning to nature to regenerate after a stressful week will be tourism's ongoing trend. The natural tour I have to mention is exploring the complex of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh province. Son Doong cave from the time it was discovered until now has never stopped attracting foreigners because of the wonder that it brings. Ideally, you should stay for 7-10 days with nature and engage in outdoor activities.

Phong Nha Ke Bang - how many days do you need in vietnam

Phong Nha - Ke Bang, Vietnam

Food and Drink 

Vietnam is not only famous for cultural and experience tours, but we also have food tours for international tourists who want to try the taste here. The cuisine is also one of many factors for international tourists to spend time in Vietnam.

From simple dishes to elaborate ones, Vietnamese people have a harmonious combination of five fundamental tastes: spicy, salty, sweet, and bitter. As a result, foreign tourists are often surprised and impressed by the seasoning in dishes. Vietnamese cuisine follows the yin-yang philosophy similar to other Asian countries.

Fortunately, there is plenty of food in Vietnam so you should spend 10-14 days on a Vietnam food tour. I suggest you 5 must-try dishes when you come to Vietnam:

  • Banh mi, the Old Quarter of Hanoi.  
  • Pho, Hanoi. 
  • Bun cha, Hanoi.
  • Cao lau, Hoi an ancient town.
  • Banh xeo, Ho Chi Minh city. 

Banh mi - the best street food in Vietnam

Banh mi - the best street food in Vietnam

Relaxation and Beaches 

How long to spend in Vietnam if you want to experience Beach tours? Thanks to the 3200 kilometers of coastline, Vietnam has numerous stunning beaches. It is nothing more comfortable for visitors to fully immerse in the sunrise and sunset at sea. 

The beaches with gorgeous blue sea, sun, and white clouds. You can experience moments of wonderful relaxation when on a beach vacation with your family, friends, and loved ones. Spend 7-10 days in Vietnam to take advantage of the most stunning and tranquil atmosphere.

Phu Quoc Beach

Phu Quoc Beach - Vietnam

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Other Factors to Consider 

Along with the aforementioned objective factors, visitors’ subjective factors play a sizable role in their decision to spend time, in particular, Vietnam destinations.

Personal preferences

I believe that many tourists will spend a long time experiencing the vibrant street festivals, while others prefer to immerse themselves in the fresh nature.

Because each tourist is impressed or thinks the destination is extremely interesting, they frequently select particular destinations. It might be a place they haven’t visited yet or a place that they want to travel one more time. Maybe for the following reasons:

  • Destination reception. 
  • Advertising. 
  • Travel resource.

Travel Style

Each person will have different preferences and different requirements to choose a tour. There are 8 main travel styles. Depending on the style, you will spend suitable time on tour:

  • Recreational Tour.
  • Package Tour.
  • Explore & Adventure Tour.
  • Culinary Tour.
  • Self-guided Tour.
  • Solo Tour.
  • Shopping Travel.
  • Free and Easy Tour.


Travel always requires a thorough calculation of many things. In particular, expenses are often a matter of concern because each person will have different levels of income and affordability. Cost consists of three factors:

  • Cost of travel to a tourist destination.
  • Cost of living in a tourist destination.
  • Changing commodity prices.

The cost has an important effect on travel requirements because it is one factor that increases people's desire to travel. I believe you can be shocked because of the cheap products in Vietnam.

Time of year

From sea to mountain trips, cultural tours, and festivals, there are diverse tours available in a year. In most provinces of Vietnam, there is always something new to discover. Depending on the following variables, you can travel at different periods of the year.

  • Practiced customs. 
  • Festivals.
  • Kinds of weather. 
  • Politics.

hue festival

The Hue City festival took place every 2 years

Some tips for you

For a safe, tidy, and perfect trip, you can refer to some useful tips below:

  • Spend 2 days planning 

  • Spend 1 day relaxing after the trip.

  • Check baggage regulations. 

  • Always check your Visa.

  • Discover more about Vietnam weather in advance: You need to know the weather here to prepare suitable clothes because the weather in each region in Vietnam is not the same and is erratic.

  • Download useful travel apps such as Traveloka and Booking to book accommodation, TripAdvisor for finding good restaurants.

Glad to see that you keep reading my share. In the article above, I gave you some information about the types of travel and how long to spend in Vietnam. I hope this blog can be interesting and help you to plan your Vietnam tour itinerary.