Here is an overview of Marble Mountain in Da Nang:

  • Name: Originally known as Non Nuoc, it was later renamed Ngu Hanh Son. The name "Marble Mountain" dates back to the 19th century when a French researcher, based on the mountain's marble material, referred to the mountain range as "Les montagnes de marbre" - The Marble Mountains.

  • Location: No 81, Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Hoa Hai, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang. It is about 7 - 8km from the city center.

  • Opening hours: 7 am - 5 pm.

  • History: Ngu Hanh Son is a mountainous complex situated on the central coast of Vietnam. It consists of 5 main mountains representing the 5 elemental forces in Eastern beliefs: Metal - Wood - Water - Fire - Earth. Specifically, the Earth element is represented by two mountains: Yin Fire (Duong Hoa Son ) and Yang Fire (Am Hoa Son).

  • Marble Mountain Da Nang map:

Marble Mountain Da Nang map

Map of Marble Mountain in Da Nang

How to get to Marble Mountain

Getting to Marble Mountain Da Nang is nothing complicated. You can choose from modes of transportation like motorbike, bus, or taxi.


Travel time




15 mins

Motorbike renting fee: 3 - 5 USD/day

You can utilize the app Google Maps to navigate from your location to Marble Mountain.

Some Da Nang motorbike renting contacts downtown:

  • Binh Minh: 0338 023 344

  • Song Han: 0935 304 050

  • Huu Vy: 0932 445 145


30 - 45 mins

0,3 USD/ticket

You can search for the nearest bus stop on Google Maps, then take either bus 16 or 06 to get to Marble Mountain Da Nang.


20 - 25 mins

About 6 USD/car/4 seats

Some Da Nang taxi contacts:

  • Taxi Mai Linh: 023 6356 5656

  • Taxi Tien Sa: 023 6379 7979

  • Taxi Song Han: 023 6372 7272

Or you can download and book an electric taxi via the Xanh SM app.


Ticket Fee

Some attractions in Marble Mountain Da Nang may have an entrance fee while others may not. You can refer to the prices of places with admission fees here:


Ticket price


Children under the age of 6

Thuy Son (Water Mountain)

40.000 VND/ticket (1,5 USD)


Am Phu Cave (Hell Cave)

20.000 VND/ticket (0,8 USD)



At Thuy Son, there is an elevator system to choose from instead of climbing to get up, and tour guide services are available:

  • Ticket prices for elevator service: 15.000 VND/one-way (0,6 USD).

  • Local guide: From 50.000 VND/group (2 USD).

What to see

Marble Mountain is a complex consisting of 6 mountains, 11 pagodas, and scattered natural caves with enchanting beauty. Each element in the complex is associated with legends or serves as evidence of historical traces through different periods. Specifically, when visiting the Marble Mountain complex, you can explore the following destinations.

Thuy Son (Water Mountain)

Marble Mountain Da Nang

Thuy Son represents the Water element at Marble Mountain

This is the largest, highest, and most beautiful mountain, often visited by many tourists at Marble Mountain Da Nang. The mountain covers an area of ​​93,872 m2 and stands at a height of 106m. In the past, Ming Mang King of Vietnam also visited this mountain three times. From here, you can admire the overview and stunning natural scenery around. You can even see the Son Tra Peninsula on the coastline.

Visitors will sequentially explore the lower, middle, and upper levels of Thuy Son Mountain. Highlights include:

  • Linh Ung Pagoda: This is one of the three pagodas named Linh Ung in Da Nang, with a lifespan of nearly 200 years.

  • Am Phu Cave: Nestled on the mountainside, this lengthy cave impressively depicts 9 levels of hell.

  • Huyen Khong Cave: Renowned for its ethereal beauty, sunlight filtering through the crevices in the cave's ceiling illuminates the mesmerizing hues of the marble within.

  • Moreover, atop Thuy Son are two rare and precious ancient relics: the Pho Da Son Linh Trung Phat stele at Hoa Nghiem Cave and the golden plaque shaped like a flaming heart with inscriptions by King Minh Mang bestowed upon Tam Thai Pagoda.

Kim Son (Metal Mountain)

Marble Mountain Da Nang

The Quan The Am Festival at Kim Son

The mountain resembles a giant bell turned upside down on the ground, covering an area of 23,406 square meters. A prominent feature of Kim Son is the Quan Am Pagoda nestled within Quan Am Cave. The pagoda was erected in 1957 following a vision from venerable monk Thich Phap Nhan. He had a dream of seeing Quan The Am appearing inside the cave.

Every year, during the lunar month of February, this place hosts the Quan The Am Festival. This is one of the largest traditional folk festivals of Da Nang's local people. It holds significant cultural importance in the spiritual life of the community. The festival was also recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2021.

Moc Son (Wood Mountain)

Marble Mountain Da Nang

Da Nang Marble Mountain

Despite being called Moc Son, which translates to "Wood Mountain," this area surprisingly has the least vegetation. The mountain covers an area of 14,060 square meters. Moc Son is most renowned for its white marble rock formation resembling a sitting figure often referred to by locals as "Quan Yin" or "Ms. Mu."

This unique mountain in Marble Mountain Da Nang is the only one among the five not to host any temples or spiritual sites. 

Hoa Son (Fire Mountain)

Marble Mountain Da Nang

Hoa Son Marble Mountain Da Nang

The cluster of Fire Mountains includes Duong Hoa Son (Yin Fire Mountain), covering an area of 10,162 square meters, and Am Hoa Son (Yang Fire Mountain), spanning 2,439 square meters. Residents said that the whole mountain clusters resembled flames. This mountain range offers visitors several attractions:

  • Pho Da Son Pagoda: This pagoda is known as the first nunnery established in Marble Mountain Da Nang. Legend has it that Princess Ngoc Lan, the elder sister of King Minh Mang, sought refuge here after taking her vows at Tam Thai Pagoda, where she remained in seclusion for the rest of her life.

  • Linh Son ancient pagoda and Huyen Vy cave.

Tho Son (Earth Mountain)

Marble Mountain Da Nang

The grounds of Long Hoa Pagoda at Tho Son

This is the Earth Mountain, the lowest but longest, resembling a dragon lying on the sand. Tho Son covers an area of 37,090 square meters. Archaeologists have discovered traces of ancient Cham civilization in the land of Tho Son. 

This place is renowned for Long Hoa Pagoda, which features a garden with over 30 Buddha statues. Additionally, Tho Son is also home to Hue Quang Pagoda.

Travel Tips

  • The paths in Marble Mountain mainly consist of mountain trails, with many sections covered in slippery moss, so you should keep caution when moving around.

  • It is best to choose cooler times of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, for mountain climbing to avoid exhaustion, and remember to bring water along.

  • Visitors can use the elevator when climbing the highest peak of Thuy Son.

  • The Non Nuoc area is famous for stone carving, where you can admire numerous souvenirs and intricately carved stones. If you plan to purchase souvenirs, you can buy them there, but remember to negotiate prices beforehand.

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