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Here is a list of local markets in Da Nang Vietnam along with accompanying information on how to visit, addresses, opening hours, featured items, and approximate prices for your reference.

Con Market

Markets in Da Nang Vietnam - con market

Con Market

  • Address: 90 Hung Vuong, Hai Chau 1 - 1,8km from Dragon Bridge

  • Opening hours: 7 am - 7 pm

"Con" in Vietnamese refers to a small elevated landmass on the surface of the earth. Con Market is built on such a "con," hence its name.

This is the largest shopping and culinary center in Da Nang city. If you have a food list to try when visiting Da Nang, you can experience it all at Con Market. The food at the market is to serve many local residents daily.

The main items at Con market include daily necessities, souvenirs, dry food, and street food. Prices for daily items and souvenirs can range from $1 to $8 or more. 

Han Market

Markets in Da Nang Vietnam - han market

Han Market

  • Address: 119 Tran Phu, Hai Chau 1 - 1,2km from Dragon Bridge

  • Opening hours: 6 am - 7 pm

Da Nang is renowned for the Han River, and this market area is named after that famous river. Han Market is located in the city center, making it incredibly convenient to access. The market area regularly welcomes foreign visitors who come to explore everyday.

Compared to local markets like Con Market, Han Market tends to have slightly higher prices. However, tourists often don't regret visiting this market because the quality of goods and the professionalism of the vendors are still excellent. Additionally, you can still negotiate to get a reasonable price.

The market consists of two floors with 576 stalls and 36 kiosks. The first floor is dedicated to traditional cuisine, offering specialties such as dried goods or fresh seafood. Meanwhile, the second floor features clothing, footwear, household items, and more.

Bac My An Market

Markets in Da Nang Vietnam

Bac My An Market

  • Address: 25 Nguyen Ba Lan, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son - 3,2km from Dragon Bridge

  • Opening hours: 6 am - 7 pm

The market spans a vast area with hundreds of stalls showcasing various goods. However, what Bac My An is most famous for is its culinary scene. This place is hailed as one of the largest local food areas in Da Nang. Some of the most renowned dishes here include Avocado Ice Cream, Spicy Snails, Bun Mam, etc.

Hoa Khanh Market

Markets in Da Nang Vietnam

Hoa Khanh Market

  • Address: Dong Ke, Hoa Khanh Bac, Lien Chieu - 10km from Dragon Bridge

  • Opening hours: 4 am - 9:20 pm

Although not located in the city center, Hoa Khanh market is the main source of goods for those living in the  city's Northern area. The market consists of 2 floors with 500 stalls selling traditional Da Nang products, daily necessities, and rural food items. Prices at the market are undoubtedly reasonable and affordable for consumers.

Top Night Markets

The night markets in Da Nang are bustling market areas that open from the evening until late at night. Here are two famous night markets in Da Nang Vietnam.

Son Tra Night Market

Markets in Da Nang Vietnam - son tra night market da nang

Son Tra Night Market

  • Address: Mai Hac De, An Hai Trung, Son Tra - 2,4km from Dragon Bridge

  • Opening hours: 6 pm - 0 am

Son Tra Night Market was established to cater to the demand for entertainment and night shopping in Da Nang. The market offers a wide array of souvenir items and street food. In terms of prices, the items at the market are quite reasonably priced.

In addition to trading, the market area often hosts street music performances, circus acts, street magic shows, or displays of wood carving, glass bottle carving, calligraphy writing, portrait painting, etc. Occasionally, there are also major music events held here.

Helio Night Market

Helio Night Market in da nang

Helio Night Market

  • Address: Sep 2 Street, Hoa Cuong, Hai Chau - 4km from Dragon Bridge

  • Opening hours: 5 pm - 10 pm (Mon - Fri) or 10:30 pm (Weekend)

The night market area truly comes alive at night with vibrant lights and colorful decorations, creating a captivating and lively city ambiance. There are plenty of spots for tourists to explore, have fun, and take photos. The culinary offerings at the night market are also of high quality, with a variety of delicious options to choose from.

Inside the market, you will find 100 stalls presenting a diverse array of merchandise, including cosmetics, accessories, apparel, handmade crafts, books, and more. Numerous young individuals visit this place to browse through fashionable items and contemporary styles.

Another aspect that delights tourists about this night market is the vibrant atmosphere, with many bars offering a variety of delicious beers and beverages. The market has even organized craft beer festivals, gathering dozens of local and international breweries.

Similar to Son Tra Night Market, Helio Night Market also occasionally hosts music performances covering various genres such as cover songs, EDM, rock, and acoustic. On special occasions, famous singers will make appearances to ignite the nightlife atmosphere.

Shopping Tips

  • As markets tend to be crowded, you should only bring essential items when visiting and keep a close eye on your belongings to avoid losing them.

  • Local markets offer affordable goods for daily needs, though prices are not always fixed, you may need to negotiate for fair deals.

  • You should also ask about food prices before deciding to dine in.

  • Some recommended local delicacies you should try when visiting markets in Da Nang Vietnam are fresh seafood (4 - 10 USD/dish), various noodle dish (1 - 2,3 USD/bowl), sweet desserts (0,6 - 1,6 USD/dish), rice paper pork rolls (2 - 3 USD/set), grilled pork (0,2 - 0,6 USD/skewer), etc.

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Here is a list of the top markets in Da Nang worth a visit along with some information for your reference. If you are interested in tour programs in Da Nang and Vietnam, you can continue to explore on our website or leave us a message to receive prompt consultation.