Weather Overview

Before having the answer for the best time to visit Mui Ne, let's first examine the local weather patterns. Mui Ne witnesses two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

From May to October, the rainy season has the following characteristics:

  • The humidity is high and the weather is hot, with air temperatures reaching up to 33°C and water temperatures up to 28°C.

  • During midday, it can be slightly hot due to most tourist areas being surrounded by sand dunes.

  • The amount of rainfall during the rainy season in Mui Ne will be much less than in other cities in Central Vietnam because the hot air prevents cloud formation and rain.

fairy stream in mui ne

Best time to visit Mui Ne - the weather overview

The dry season from November to April is characterized by:

  • The air temperature drops to a comfortable 27°C. There will be plenty of sunshine, but strong winds will keep the overall weather pleasant. 

  • From November to January, Mui Ne experiences a bit of cold air, especially at night.

Check out this table outlining the average temperatures in Mui Ne throughout the year:


























It is apparent that Mui Ne maintains a consistently warm and dry climate year-round. The peak of heat in Phan Thiet occurs in May, with average high temperatures reaching 32°C and average low temperatures at 27°C. In general, Mui Ne experiences moderate weather, making it suitable for beach activities during any season.

The best time to visit Mui Ne

The prime time for exploring Mui Ne is generally from January to May. During this timeframe, visitors will enjoy refreshing breezes, limited precipitation, clear skies, and an incredibly mild climate, perfect for embarking on experiential travel activities such as:

  • Visit and ride the jeep car in White Sand Dunes and Red Sand Dunes.

  • Explore the fishing village of Mui Ne: observe the small traditional fishing boats and witness the activities of fishing by the shore.

  • Visit Suoi Tien, where there is a captivating stream with orange-colored.

  • Have fun at tranquil beaches such as Mui Ne, Hon Rom, Rang, Doi Duong, etc.

  • Explore the ancient lighthouse at Ke Ga Cape.

  • Overnight camp at Mui Yen Cape.

  • Indulge in local specialties including seafood salads, local-processed seafood dishes, coconut water, coconut ice cream, various types of traditional cakes, etc.

Weather Tips

Mui Ne beaches

Tips for travelers to Mui Ne beaches

Now you know the best time to visit Mui Ne. Let’s sum up with some other weather information:

  • From May to August is the period when red tide may appear in Mui Ne. You should avoid swimming in areas where this type of red algae is present.

  • The hottest months in Mui Ne are from May to July (about 32°C)

  • If you are wondering whether Mui Ne experiences storms, the answer is no. However, there may still be rain and large waves.

  • January to March are months when Mui Ne experiences large waves. If you enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, this is the ideal time.

  • The rainy season in Mui Ne lasts from May to November.

  • If you prefer a less sunny and cooler atmosphere, you may opt for the period from November to December.

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Thanks to its mild weather all year long, Mui Ne welcomes visitors at any time. What are your plans after exploring the best time to visit Mui Ne? If you are looking for more useful and insightful Vietnam travel suggestions, you can continue reading articles and checking out tour packages with great deals on our website. Feel free to leave a message for us if you need any further assistance.