Don’t Miss District 3

Simon notes that many services in District 3 are cheaper than in District 1, less crowded, and offer a variety of delicious eateries. District 3 is also close to many central city attractions. Võ Văn Tần and Nguyễn Đình Chiểu streets in this district are lined with diverse food stalls. Venturing into the alleys connecting these two streets, you’ll find quieter dining spots compared to the bustling storefronts.

ho chi minh city street foods

Street foods at Nguyễn Đình Chiểu street

Nighttime Beer Drinking

To enjoy the nightlife, Simon suggests visitors head to foreign-frequented streets like Bùi Viện and Hai Bà Trưng. These areas are packed with hotels and pubs that stay open late. Most pubs in Ho Chi Minh City serve beer with snacks including grilled meats, seafood, and vegetables with dipping sauce. The American travel news writer warns that these places often feature street performers with portable speakers, children selling goods and performing fire-breathing acts, who may approach visitors to sell items or ask for money.

Drink beer at Bui Vien Street

Drink beer at Bui Vien Street

Other recommended late-night drinking spots include Thái Văn Lung street and the eateries along Hoàng Sa road serving draft beer, snails, and seafood.

Watching the City at Dawn

For a peaceful experience of the bustling city, Simon recommends visitors wake up early to see Saigon before sunrise. From 5 am, central city parks bustle with joggers, exercise groups, Tai Chi classes, and people playing badminton and shuttlecock under the streetlights before dawn. Visitors can visit early-opening markets to buy fresh fruits and food. Foreigners will find the local custom of lighting incense and opening shops in the morning to pray for good business fascinating.

Ho Chi Minh City in the morning

Ho Chi Minh City in the morning

Enjoying Iced Milk Coffee on the Sidewalk

Iced milk coffee is a familiar drink to Saigon residents and has been praised by international media multiple times. Simon shares that visitors will find this drink sold everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City, from street vendors to humble cafés and upscale restaurants. Saigon’s iced milk coffee is mainly made from robusta beans, with a slightly sour taste. Simon advises foreign visitors to drink coffee in the morning to avoid sleeplessness.

Saigon street coffee

Saigon street coffee

Eating Bánh Mì

Bánh mì and iced milk coffee are typical breakfasts for Saigon residents. Visitors can try famous baguette shops like Huỳnh Hoa and Hòa Mã. A writer for Roads and Kingdoms says that sidewalk bánh mì and morning coffee are worth skipping the mundane hotel breakfast for.

Banh mi Huynh Hoa in ho chi minh city

Banh mi Huỳnh Hoa is the best

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