Nha Trang City, a coastal city located in the center of Vietnam, has long been one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. Nha Trang is a masterpiece of nature, home to one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world and blessed by nature with many unique landscapes and specialties. Along with Asia Discovery Channel, let’s visit the top destinations to visit in Nha Trang City: Nha Trang Beach: Running along the city, just walking from Tran Phu Street can reach the sea. However, the most crowded place to bathe is in the area around Tram Huong Tower. The beach of the city is rated by many visitors as clear, clean, and fine golden sand. Hon Mieu Island is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the bay, located near the mainland. Here, there is Tranh Beach stretching nearly 500m, with one side fine white sand, and the other side is a shallow beach with many small pebbles. The seawater here is clear blue, especially a gentle slope, suitable for swimming. Bai Tranh is also the center of a series of games and sea sports such as jet skiing, parachute, banana floating, flyboard... Hon Tam Island is about 7 km from the mainland to the southeast of the city. This is an island with a carpet of green forests, and long sandy beaches with smooth waves, especially suitable for tourists who love to travel and relax. Hon Mun island is the most beautiful destination for diving, watching coral 12 km from the stone bridge port. With the interference of two hot ocean currents, the island has about 2,000 species of coral and many tropical marine life. Joining a diving tour at a depth of 6 - 8 m, visitors will admire the colorful ocean world and touch many species of stars, and sea fish... Yen Island - Hon Noi, 25 km from the port, is famous for its wild and peaceful beauty. There are double beaches, the same white sand, smooth with two sides of clear blue sea. Visitors can see the whole sea from the top of Du Ha Mountain, with about 200 steps. Monkey Island - Hon Lao is a special attraction, with about 1,500 monkeys living in the forest. Walking around the island, visitors can see them anywhere. Most of the monkeys here are friendly with people, but visitors should be careful as they often come close to stealing food. Oceanographic Museum Oceanographic Museum is a part of Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography, established in 1923, located at 1 Cau Da. The museum includes a marine species taming area, a natural disaster area, an artificial mangrove forest, a large marine sample area, marine research equipment, and intangible resources.. Ponagar tower This is a Cham Pa temple located on the top of a hill about 10 m high above sea level. This is one of the largest Champa cultural heritages in the country. VinWonders Nha Trang Outdoor Themepark This is an entertainment and resort area located on Hon Tre island, with a total area of 200,000 m2, connected to the mainland by a modern cable car system. The amusement park is divided into indoor, outdoor, water park, aquarium, performing arts area, ocean movie castle, and food court. For consultants of Nha Trang Tours and Holidays, you can contact us via: Website: www.newasiatours.com Hotline: +84-82557-8989 for any copyright issues, please contact us for the solution.