Tuk-tuk will be a very familiar image for tourists when mentioning Thailand because this is a type of public transport with a very cheap price. Thai people also use this vehicle to get around every day. 

A little history about this Thailand transportation is that this is a vehicle derived from rickshaws during the 2nd world War. When traveling by this vehicle, you will be able to see the streets of Thailand in the best way because Tuk-tuk is designed to be airy and has enough room for 4-5 people to sit comfortably. The streets in Thailand are very wide, so the traffic will move very quickly, and especially Tuk-tuk can skillfully wriggle in crowded areas.

tuk tuk thailand

Operating time

6 AM till 11 PM


10 - 20 baht (0.28 - 0.57 USD) depending on the distance



  1. Tuk-tuk is only suitable for traveling for short distances under 10km because sitting for a long time will be quite tiring and bumpy.

  2. You need to master the skill of bargaining because the price that the drivers offer to you will be 2-3 times higher than the price for locals. That's why it's so important to pay.

  3. Keep your personal belongings carefully while sitting in the car to avoid being robbed while sitting in the car.


Taxis are a very familiar vehicle in every country, but the taxis in Thailand have very colorful colors such as yellow, pink, purple, and blue so it creates a very beautiful scene on the streets of Thailand. This Thailand transportation will be a reasonable choice if you want to enjoy air conditioning and avoid the uncomfortable heat of Thai weather.

taxi in thailand

Operating time



- The price will be 35 baht (0.99 USD) for the first 2 km.

- After that, each kilometer will increase to about 5 baht (0.14 USD).

- In case you get stuck in traffic, you will have to pay a surcharge of about 1.25 baht (0.04 USD) per meter of travel



  1. You can negotiate prices with drivers if you don't want to use the meter.

  2. This type of vehicle is equally popular as Tuk-tuk, so you can book it anywhere such as in hotels, airports, and even on the street.


A bus is also a reasonable option for you to travel short distances and if you want to move from one city to another, this is also a cheap means of transport for you to choose from. In addition to the traditional buses, you will also often see double-decker buses.

bus in thailand - thailand transportations

Operating time

5 AM to 11 PM. In addition, several bus routes run late at night from 11 PM to 5 AM the next day


7 - 22 baht (0.20 - 0.62 USD) depending on the distance



  1. An inconvenience of this type of car is that the information boards on this Thailand transport are only in Thai so foreign tourists have to check the information carefully.

  2. The red car will have a lot of room and spaciousness, some routes run through the night.

  3. Green cars will not have air conditioning

  4. White, blue, and cream cars are spacious and air-conditioned but the price is higher than the rest.


Songthaew in Thai means "two rows". It is originally a small truck with 2 rows of seats along the body of this Thailand transportation. Both Songthaew and Tuk-tuk are designed with a fairly open structure and no doors in the rear seats. However, unlike Tuk-tuk, Songthaew can carry more people and it will follow a certain route like a bus. This Thailand transportation is quite safe because the drivers usually drive very slowly.

Songthaew thailand

Operating time

6 AM to 11 PM


10 to 20 baht (0.28 - 0.57 USD)



  1. Thailand's means of transport has an attractive price but the waiting time will be from 10 to 15 minutes.

  2. This transport mode is also not common in big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but only in small cities and towns.

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One of the other cheap means of transport that you can use is the train. Traveling by train is also very convenient for long distances because you can go anywhere with a dense network of railway lines. Especially when traveling by train, you will see wonderful scenery that is different from what you see on the road.

There is some information about the type of ticket that you need to know such as:

  • First class ticket: You will be able to use a private cabin with 2 beds, but the price will be a bit high.

  • Second class ticket: Comfort like a luxury bus and the price will also be cheaper.

  • Third class ticket: For those who travel on a budget and don't need too much comfort but you can assure that you will still arrive safely and at a very low cost.

thailand transportaions

Operating time

You will choose the train route according to the time announced at the train station to get to your destination.


220 to 250 Baht (6.24 - 7.09 USD)


Tips: You need to plan your schedule carefully and avoid public holidays in Thailand because at this time train tickets will be very difficult to get.

Bangkok BTS Skytrain

Another popular form of transport in Thailand is the sky train (BTS). The routes of this type of train almost cover the whole city, so it will be extremely convenient for you to move within the city. You don't need to worry about getting lost because just look up the route information to your destination and get off at the right station. In addition, if you want to avoid traffic jams on the road, you can choose this mode of transportation.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport, there are 2 train lines running to the center of Bangkok: 

  • The SA Express line with a travel time between the two locations from 15 to 18 minutes. One-way fare is 150 baht (4.25 USD) per person. 

  • The City Line runs slower and stops at 6 stations on the journey for a one-way fare of 45 baht.

Bangkok BTS Skytrain

Operating time

5h00 AM - Midnight from Monday to Friday

BTS lines usually operate about 3 - 6 minutes apart


15 to 40 baht (0.43 - 1.13 USD)


Tips: You should prepare coins in advance to buy train tickets from the vending machine at the station. If you don’t have coins available, you can also exchange banknotes at the currency exchange counters at the train station.

Bangkok MRT Subway

This train line has up to 18 stops and is operated differently from the BTS train, so you can choose one of these two types of trains to go. This means of transportation is also very suitable for you to go alone or with a family or a small group of friends.

Bangkok MRT Subway

Operating time

6 AM till Midnight from Monday to Friday

Each line is about 7-10 minutes apart


15 - 40 baht (0.43 - 1.13 USD) depending on the distance 



  1. BTS and MRT trains will intersect at some stops, so if you want to change train lines, it will be very convenient.

  2. When traveling by this means, you do not need to worry about being late for the train because both BTS and MRT lines operate all day.

  3. There will be two lines that you need to keep in mind, the blue line comes from Hua Lamphong, while the purple line goes from the inner city to the suburbs and is often used by locals.

So these are all the tips for your travel issue, we hope you will have a great experience in Thailand. The information about 7 Thailand transportation will help you to choose the best way to get around cities so you should take advantage of these tips thoroughly. If you are looking for Thailand and Vietnam package tour, feel free to contact New Asia Tours!