Is Thailand safe for tourists?

Perhaps many people are concerned about the multi-party system and the fear that political instability will make tourists unsafe. However, the good news is that Thailand is very safe for foreign tourists.

The best time for tourists to travel to Thailand

The weather in Thailand

From my Thailand travel tips, November to early April next year is the ideal time to travel to Thailand. This time of year is during the cool and dry season. Typical temperatures range from 29°C to 34°C. However, the climate varies depending on the region, so you can arrange the most convenient time to visit this country to experience many fascinating activities.  

The climate in the south varies between the eastern and western shores. The west coast is more pleasant in the winter when diving and snorkeling are at their best. Meanwhile, the weather on Thailand's east coast is pleasant most of the year. It rains less frequently in January and February and most often in November.

Year-round festivals in Thailand

Thailand is also very famous for its unique festivals, which attract many tourists every year. According to my Thailand travel tip, you can travel in the following months to immerse yourself in the joyful festival atmosphere.

  • Chinese New Year in Chinatown (January, February)
  • Chiang Mai Flower Festival (February)
  • Songkran Water Festival in Thailand (April)
  • Yasothon Bun Bangfai Rocket Festival (May)
  • Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival in Loei (June)
  • Fruit Festival (June and July)
  • Ubon Wax Candle Festival (July)
  • Yi Peng Sky Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai (October)
  • Scary Vegetarian Festival in Phuket (October)
  • Buffalo Racing Festival in Chonburi Province (October)
  • Loy Krathong Lantern Festival Thailand (November)
  • Monkey Festival (November)

Lantern Festival in Thailand

The interesting Lantern Festival in Thailand 

Things to know before going to Thailand

Tips about dressing 

Thailand is an Asian country located quite close to the equator, so the typical weather is hot and humid. 

Visitors in the adjacent country of Thailand will likely be familiar with this type of weather. Hence, you will choose clothes for a vacation for tourists from these regions.

Some tourists who come from colder places might not be familiar with this weather so the tip is that you should wear light and thin clothes. 

dressing in thailand

You should choose comfortable clothes 

Tips about how to spend money 

An important Thailand travel tip is that paying with cash is more common and easier to use than a card when you arrive in Thailand. Average 1 USD = 34.50 Baht

thailand travel tips

You should use cash to buy anything easily in Thailand 

That's why you need to prepare cash in advance to go shopping at the market or local eateries at tourist destinations. Don't worry too much because ATMs are everywhere. However, you will also need to notify your bank in advance so they do not assume that transactions in Thailand are fraudulent.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is the scam from street vendors because these people might give you incorrect change back. So that’s why you should always carry spare change and make sure that you count your coins just in case.

Things to know when traveling to Thailand

Thailand travel tips are what you need to know to respect the beauty of Thai culture and avoid awkward situations.

Tips about Thai culture 

  • Remove your shoes

You need to be careful when going in and out of temples, spas, other buildings, or people's houses.

The reason for these Thailand travel tips is that the feet are the dirtiest part of the body. Therefore, for the most convenience, you should wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off.

  • Dressing politely

You should see many stunning temples in Thailand. When entering the temple, you must adhere to the clothing regulations. Your clothes should cover your knees, shoulders, chest, and stomach.

On other days, though, there are no restrictions on what you can wear. The best option may be light and delicate clothing because Thai people dress modestly.

  • Avoid touching other people’s heads

The head is known as the holiest part of the body, so it shouldn’t be touched. You may not touch someone's head, but be careful not to do anything you shouldn't.

  • Show respect with the “Wai”

You can learn a little Thai to communicate with the locals because they love it when foreigners speak their language.

Women pronounce "hello" as "saw-wad-i kaaaa" (and they linger on the kaaaa with a nasal accent). And it sounds like "saw-wad-i kap" if you're a man. The female equivalent of "thank you" is "ka-pune-kaaaaa" (again with the lengthy kaaaa and nasal tone). Likewise, you would say "ka-pune-kap" for a male.

how to greet in thai

People greet each other to show friendliness 

  • Respect the King

The King of Thailand has the same status as the god of the Thai people. Therefore, you must be careful not to say negative things about the king of this country. The king's image is emblazoned on many expressions of affection, including posters, monuments, symbols, and other items. 

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Tips about how to get around in Thailand

Traveling within Thailand is also very easy because this country has many convenient means of transportation for you to choose from. Following these Thailand travel tips, you will find out there are several types:

  • Tuk-tuk: The tuk-tuk will be a familiar image for tourists when mentioning Thailand. This vehicle is also regularly used by Thai citizens to go around. Fee: 10–20 baht (0.0.28–0.77 USD)

  • Taxi: This Thailand transportation will be a reasonable choice if you want to enjoy air conditioning and avoid the uncomfortable heat of Thai weather. Fee:  5 baht (0.14 USD)/km

  • Bus: A bus is also a reasonable option for you to travel short distances if you want to move from one city to another. Fee: 7–22 baht (0.20–0.62 USD). 

  • Songthaew: Unlike Tuk-tuk, Songthaew can carry more people and follow a route like a bus. Fee: 10 to 20 baht (0.28 - 0.57 USD)

tuk tuk thailand for budget

Everyone can choose the vehicle that suits their needs 

Tips about the budget 

Thailand offers abundant types of accommodation. However, budget-friendly guest houses or hostels can save you money without compromising comfort. On average, hostels cost between 6 and 13 USD per night.

Besides, you can savor the delights of budget-friendly explorations by finding the cheapest means of transport to travel. 

Advice about keeping safe in Thailand 

One problem that you can come across anywhere is theft. It is advisable to stay vigilant in crowded places, keep an eye on belongings, and be cautious of scams or pickpocketing, as with any tourist destination worldwide. Overall, with a little awareness and adherence to local customs, travelers can enjoy a safe and memorable experience in Thailand. 

The vast majority of crimes against foreigners in Thailand are still small-time offenses like pickpocketing, bag snatching, and tuk-tuk fraud. You have to keep in mind the scam from street vendors because these people might give you incorrect change back. So that’s why you should always carry spare change and make sure that you count your coins just in case.


As your journey through the enchanting landscapes of Thailand draws to a close, the memories of this extraordinary adventure will linger in your heart forever. With the invaluable Thailand travel tips shared in this guide, you will navigate the cultural wonders and embrace the local customs. We hope you have a great experience in Thailand! And if you are looking for Thailand and Vietnam package tour, don't hesitate to call us!