Stay in hostels or homestays instead of hotels

If you want to cut the total cost of your trip, minimize the money to book a place to stay. Instead of hotels with expensive amenities with an average price around 1,000,000 VND (~42,64 USD ) - 1,500,000 VND (~63.96 USD) per night, you can choose hostels or homestays at a cheaper price raging from 100,000 VND (~4,26 USD) - 200,000 VND (~8,53 USD) per night. 

The 'hostel' is a place that meets your physiological needs and suits your pocket when you are a long-term traveler. 'Homestay' means that you live under the same roof with a native family. It is a tip for visitors to Vietnam and helps you make friends and explore customs.

vietnam travel recommendations

International tourists live with a native family

Use local buses or trains instead of flying

The following tips for traveling to Vietnam is that using buses and trains to move has many positive aspects for you. Unlike flying, the cost you pay for a train or bus trip is quite cheaper. In the same way, taking it reduces environmental pollution more than a plane.

With long routes such as Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, we recommend taking the train to see the natural beauty of Vietnam with your own eyes. You also have an opportunity to have knowledge and immerse yourself in the distinct culture of the region. Depend on each train trip, the ticket fare may be approximately: 900,000 VND ( ~38.38 USD) - 1,000.000 VNĐ ( ~85.23 USD) per person. 

go around vietnam by train

Vietnam train tour

Another option for international tourists is the bus. It is considered the cheapest vehicle when traveling long distances in Vietnam. For example, in Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh route, you can get a bus ticket around 700,000 VND (~29,85 USD ) - 1,000,000 VND (~42,64 USD) per person. Meanwhile, plane ticket fee from 1,500,000 VND (~63,96 USD )- 3,000,000 VND (~127,92 USD) per flight.

go arround vietnam by bus

Vietnam’s tourist buses

Eat street food instead of dining in restaurants

Street food is the cheapest option available, no doubt about it. There are no elaborate dishes here but they are incredibly diverse and tasty such as Banhmi, Pho and Bun cha. You can buy and enjoy them right on the sidewalk or take them away. The price for the dish will be approximately: 25.000 VND ( ~1,07 USD) - 50.000 VND ( ~ 2,13 USD).

vietnam street food - tips for visitors to vietnam

Foreign eat Vietnam street food 

Book tours and activities directly instead of through agencies 

In the next Vietnam travel recommendation, there are some reasons why booking a tour directly is more affordable price than through agencies.

Firstly, you have more options in terms of accommodation, transportation and activities. In this way, you can have the cheapest deal with tourism companies in some cases.

Secondly, you pay for your travel so that you are inclined to stick to your budget. It can be difficult to protect the money in your wallet when booking a tour through agencies because they can suggest many tempting places for you.

travel tips in vietnam

Booking tour in advance via the website

Visit markets and street vendors for souvenirs instead of shops

In addition to tips for traveling in Vietnam above, the purchase of souvenirs in local markets and street vendors is an enlightened idea to save money. Vietnam markets not only diverse products but you can also bargain to get the best deal with sellers. In that way, you just need to spend a little bit of money to buy items you like. There are many souvenirs in street vendors you should get:

  • Non la: 20,000VND (~0,85 USD) - 50,000VND (~2,13 USD) per product.

  • Handicrafts: 30,000 VND (~1,28 USD) - 50,000 VND (~2,13 USD) per product.

  • Silk: 120,000 VND (~5,12 USD) - 200,000 VND (~8,53 USD) per meter.

  • Sand painting: 50,000 VND (~2,13 USD) - 100,000 VND (~4,26 USD) per picture.

  • Ao Dai: 200,000 VND (~8,53 USD) - 1,000,000 VND (~42,64 USD) per product.

buy souvenirs in ben thanh market - tips for traveling to vietnam

Tourists buy souvenirs in Ben Thanh Market

Take advantage of free attractions and activities

Besides experiencing tourist spots that need to buy tickets in Vietnam, We suggest that you can try going to places without charge to reduce the amount you spend during the day. For example, Hanoi has a lot of free attractions:

  • Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi.

  • The Old Quarter of Hanoi.

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh. 

  • Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Danang.

  • Hai Van Pass, Hue.

tips for traveling to vietnam

Tourists in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Use free walking tours to explore cities 

In addition to Vietnam travel recommendations, for minimizing travel expenses such as renting motorbikes or taking taxis, a walking tour may help you experience the hustle and bustle of cities. Plus, walking excursions can help you get healthier and reduce atmospheric pollution in this city. 

tips for traveling to vietnam

Walking tour in the Old Quarter of Hanoi

Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices 

As we mentioned tips for traveling to Vietnam above, when shopping at the market or street vendors in Vietnam, you can comfortably negotiate prices with the seller to be able to buy products at a cheaper and more reasonable price. You can bargain from 10,000 VND (~0,43 USD ) - 20,000 VND (~0,85 USD) depending on how you communicate with the seller.

tips for travelling in vietnam

International tourists buy a brocade fabric carpet in street vendors

Be mindful of your spending and create a daily budget

Most international tourists’ mentality is not paying attention to the budget they have but we can suggest travel tips in Vietnam for you. 

  • Note your expenditures every day.

  • Limit spending norms per day.

  • Keep money in your bank account and less cash in your wallet. 

Avoid tourist traps and stick to local areas for cheaper prices

There are some kinds of tourist traps such as fake taxis, cyclo tours and taking photos with street vendors. What fraud models have the same patterns is that they increase the value of the product many times to make foreigners pay a large price. Here are some tips for traveling to Vietnam to avoid tourist traps:

  • Booking vehicles on apps like Traveloka and Grab in advance.

  • Ask about the cost and bargain before using the service if you want to avoid being ripped off.

  • Don’t talk to street vendors as a photo shoot.

  • Record sellers who bother and force you to pay high costs.

Glad to see that you keep reading our share. In the article above, we show you 10 budget tips for traveling to Vietnam. I hope this blog may interest you and make sure you don't miss the opportunity to come to Vietnam on the nearest day without caring about the tight budget. If you are considering Vietnam tours then don't hesitate to conteact us!