A Croatian food website called Taste Atlas released a list of the top 100 Asian desserts in February. The list was made by asking almost 15,000 people from different countries, who were food enthusiasts, experts, or chefs, to rate the desserts without being biased towards their own nations.

Flan or caramel is the only representative of Vietnam in the top, ranking 87th out of 100. This cake originated from Europe but is now popular in many places around the world. In Vietnam, flan is popular and loved by many people. The soft cake, covered by a layer of caramel, is rated by Taste Atlas as “a classic, timeless dessert”, “elegant and beautiful”.

Vietnamese Flan

Vietnamese Flan Ranks Among the Best Desserts in Asia 

The main ingredient of the dish is a mixture of eggs, milk, with vanilla or coffee flavor and sugar cooked until brown. When eaten, the cake is inverted onto a plate, highlighting the thick caramel sauce on top and flowing around, covering the entire cake in a brown color. The Vietnamese version of caramel cake usually uses condensed milk as an ingredient, making the cake denser.

Vietnamese Flan

You should try Vietnamese Flan at Hang Than Street, Hanoi

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