Dive into Halong Bay wonders on an overnight cruise 

Halong is famous as a tourist city with natural wonders of the world because the beach scene is always an awe-inspiring masterpiece of nature. This place attracts a lot of attention from domestic and international tourists every summer. 

Beyond the blissful embrace of a restful night's sleep, an overnight cruise promises a plethora of engaging nighttime entertainment. From lively board games and the excitement of night squid fishing to belting out your favorite tunes during karaoke sessions and enjoying a cozy movie night, the options for amusement are abundant. As the first light of dawn breaks, the deck beckons with invigorating tai chi or yoga sessions to kickstart your day, all preceding a delightful breakfast to energize your adventures ahead.

Halong Bay is famous and it is a UNESCO heritage, so to avoid the over-crowded tourists, the management set a very high entrance ticket and tax for cruise enterprises.

The costs for the Halong Bay trip could be:

1. Day Cruise:

  • Price: from 60-90 USD/ per person

2. Overnight Cruise:

  • 3-Star Cruise: 120-140 USD/ per person
  • 4-star Cruise: 150-170 USD/ per person
  • 5-star Cruise (luxury): 180 - 250 USD/ per person

For more cruise options, kindly visit the Halong Bay Cruise Page.

Dive into Halong Bay wonders on an overnight cruise

Stunning view of Halong Bay from Cat Ba Island

Hike through the spectacular Sapa Valley 

To continue answering the question: What to do in Vietnam? We will introduce you to hiking through Sapa Valleys. Sapa is the ideal destination for the year because of its pleasant climate. Here is well-known not only through the images of terraces but also attracts visitors to the spectacular valleys. When you arrive there, you should walk to enjoy the beauty of rice fields, terraces and waterfalls. Some suggested valleys in Sapa for you:

  • Muong Hoa Valley.

  • Rose Valley.

  • Green Valley.

Hike through the spectacular Sapa Valley

 Beautiful Sapa valley

Explore the pristine beauty of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a pristine natural scenery that every traveler wants to explore. Phong Nha-Ke Bang is also a world cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO. The trip to experience here is gradually becoming popular on the map of Asia and the world.  The reasons why here is a good place to visit:

  • The cave has the most beautiful underground river and lake.

  • It also has the highest and widest cave gates.

  • There are sandy beaches, and the most beautiful reefs.

  • The longest water cave.

  • The most magnificent, fantasy stalactite system.

Explore the pristine beauty of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha-Ke Bang Cave

Riding around rice fields in Mai Chau

If you are wondering what to do in Vietnam, we suggest you cycle through rice fields, villages, and fish ponds. When you go to Mai Chau, you will discover the stunning scenery and the unique culture of ethnic minorities such as Thai. You are also given a chance to immerse yourself in peace and experience the daily life of farmers in the field. Some tips for travel Mai Chau:

  • You can arrive by long bus, motorcycle, and car.

  • You can visit Mai Chau all year round.

  • You can rent a bicycle or a motorcycle for 30.000 VND (~1,28 USD) - 100.000 VND (~4,26 USD) per vehicle.


Riding around rice fields in Mai Chau

International tourists ride around the rice field

Go birdwatching in the Thung Nham Park

With a diverse ecosystem, Thung Nham Park is curious for travelers who love nature and don’t know what to do in Vietnam. This is a rare nature reserve that almost keeps the pristine, wild beauty, tropical forest, immense rivers which is known as “the big house for bird species”. Coming here, you will experience birdwatching while sailing on the river, trekking or cycling.  
You can travel in Autumn - the ideal time to explore the foraging and shelter activities of species.
Price: 20.000 VND (~ 0.83 USD) - 100.000 VND (~ 4.15 USD) per ticket.
According to statistics, the number of birds reaches into the thousands, with about 5,000 nests of 40 different species. Besides, there are some spots you can discover  near Thung Nham Bird Park such as Vai Gioi Cave, But Cave and the moving-able banyan tree.


bird watching in vietnam - vietnam travel things to do

Visitors go birdwatching in Tam Dao National Park

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Drop into the biodiverse marine ecosystems of Con Dao

I believe that marine ecosystem exploration can be your ideal option if you don’t know what to do in Vietnam. Unlike Tam Dao National Park above, Con Dao is famous for its diversity of marine ecosystems. 

The coral system here is the richest in Vietnam with many very impressive types of corals in most of the surrounding islands. Exploring the biodiversity of marine animals is an activity that cannot be missed when visitors come here. You can have a perfect itinerary by visiting Con Dao from April to November.

dving in con dao - why is vietnam a good place to visit

Diving tour in Con Dao 

Jeep down the sand dunes in Mui Ne

In the next Vietnam travel things to do, there is a unique experience tour that is the Mui Ne jeep tour. Jeeps used to be a means of transport for the war. But today, they serve to transport visitors to famous landmarks throughout Vietnam as well as Mui Ne. There are two sand dunes named White Sand Dunes and Golden Sand Dunes.

  • Price: 500.000 VND (~21.32 USD) - 1.500.000 VND (~63.97 USD) per jeep tour.

  • Jeep tours include driver, entrance fees, and mineral water.

mui ne sand dunes

Jeep tour in Golden sand dunes

See the Sunflowers in the Da Lat Countryside 

What to do in Vietnam if you are a fan of flowers? Da Lat is the perfect destination for you. In addition to lavenders, roses and sunflowers are also one of the favorite flowers of many girls. This flower brings messages of hope, warmth and luck. There are some sunflowers seeing spots:

  • Duc Trong new sunflower field, Duc Trong District - free entrance.

  • Da Lat Flower Valley, Mai Anh Dao Street, Ward 8 - 30.000 VND (~1.28 USD) per person.

  • Cau Dat Farm Sunflower Hill, Tram Hanh commune - 30.000 VND (~1.28 USD) per person.

  • Da Lat Milk Farm Sunflower field, Son Duong District, Lam Dong province - free entrance. 

  • Da Lat sunflower garden, Ta Nung commune - 10.000 VND (~0.43 USD) per person.

dalat milk farm - vietnam travel things to do

Da Lat Milk Farm Sunflower field

Glad to see that you keep reading our share. In the article, we show eight things for nature lovers and some travel tips if you are confused about what to do in Vietnam. We hope you enjoy our sharing. If you get the chance to visit Vietnam, you can contact us for detailed Vietnam tour package.