Co To Beach Island 

The first North Vietnam beach that I will recommend to you is Co To Beach Island. Co To is an island district located in the East of Quang Ninh province, about 80 km from the mainland. Co To scores in the hearts of many tourists because of its unspoiled natural landscape and many famous tourist attractions. Follow me to explore the highlight features you will love here!

Tourists in Co To Beach

Tourists in Co To Beach 

How to get to Co To Beach Island?

To get this North Vietnam Beach, you must follow 2 steps.

  • Step 1: Your accommodation -  Cai Rong Port.

  • If you start from Hanoi or the north, you can get there by long bus, motorbike, taxi, or Limousine with the price fluctuating from 150,000 VND (~ 6.40 USD) - 300,000 VND (~12.79 USD) per person.

  • Step 2: Cai Rong Port - Co To Island. There are 2 main means for you to choose to go to Co To Island which are high-speed ships and wooden ships. 

  • High-speed ship: 230,000 VND (~ 9.81 USD) - 250,000 VND (~ 10.66 USD ) per one-way ticket.

  • Wooden ship: 100,000 VND (~ 4.26 USD) per one-way ticket.

In addition, you can do sightseeing or photography on the island with diverse transportation including electric cars, motorbikes, bicycles and ships. You can ask the staff in your accommodation for rental transportation. 

  • Electric car: 1,200,000 VND (~ 51.17 USD) per day.

  • Motorbike: 200,000 VND (~ 8.53 USD) per day, excluding fuels.

  • Bicycle 30,000 VND (~ 1.28 USD) - 50,000 VND (~ 2.13 USD) per hour.


Here, we introduce 5 things you cannot miss on Co To Island. 

  • Bathing and watching sunrise and sunset in Van Chay, Hong Van Beach.

  • Having dinner with seafood such as squid, oysters and clams.

  • Diving to sightseeing corals in Dragon’s Claw Beach.

  • Capturing the view of the entire island in Co To Lighthouse.

  • Wandering around the road of love along the coast.

  • Camping on the beach with a service package of sleeping tents for about 350,000 VND (~ 14,91 USD), including Co To Park water ticket, kayaking ticket and coral viewing).


On the island, most motels and homestays are self-opened so they have basic amenities. Don’t worry, we’ll suggest some accommodations for staying on Co To island.

  • Golden Co To Hotel, zone 2, Co To Town.

  • Hai Duong Co To Hotel, zone 2, Co To Town.

  • Co To Gardens Homestay, Dong Tien Commune.

  • Tien Sa Homestay, Vom Xi Street.

  • Co To Family, Ky Con Street.


  • You can have a perfect experience from April to August of the year.

  • If you want to travel in July, you should check the weather forecast in advance because there are some storms.

  • You should check the price of motorbike renting to avoid rip-offs. 

  • You can book a package tour, it seems more affordable with your budget.

Ti Top Island

If you are favored by nature with enchanting natural scenery, I  suggested Ti Top Island - a small island in Halong Bay that is an attractive spot that has a large number of tourists to visit, especially in the summer. This North Vietnam beach also has clean sea water in four seasons. 

How to get to Ti Top Island?

Currently, to visit Ti Top Island, visitors can have many kinds of vehicles. 3 simple and most popular ways are: go by cruise, seaplane and rent a boat.

  • Rent a ship

500,000 VND (~ 21,3 USD) - 700,000 VND (~ 29,83 USD)/hour for renting the whole ship.

150.000 VND (~ 6,39 USD) - 250.000 VND (~ 10,65 USD)/ticket per person. 

  • Take a cruise tour.

During the overnight cruise on the bay, you can visit and see Ti Top Island. However, the price of this is quite high, ranging from 1,000,000 VND (~ 42,61 USD) - over 10,000,000 VND (~ 426,08 USD) per ticket. 

  • Rent a seaplane

Also, you can reach this island by luxury seaplane. It will depart from Tuan Chau Island to Ti Top Island and fly at an altitude of 300m to help visitors enjoy the scenery. Each trip costs about 1,500,000 VND (~ 63,91 USD) - 2,500,000 VND (~ 106,52 USD) per person/turn.

Ti top Island

Ti top Island


Thanks to the spacious scenery and wild beauty, coming to Ti Top Island, visitors will enjoy nature. Along with that, there are many other exciting entertainment activities.

  • Swimming at Vang Trang Beach (meaning crescent moon).

Because viewed from above, the beach looks like a crescent moon embracing the island. Compared to the surrounding beaches, this is not too big. But they are especially airy, quiet and immaculate.

Snacks with ice cream and soft or spring drinks are quite high. The price is about 20,000 VND (~ 0,85 USD) - 50,000 VND (~ 2,13 USD) per product.

Fresh water bath service is sold in buckets. Price is ranging 15,000 VND (~ 0,64 USD) per bucket.

The rental price of a bamboo chair sitting on the beach is 30,000 VND (~ 1,28 USD) per chair.

Swimsuit rental fees are not much different from other North Vietnam beaches and depend on the clothing type, about 100,000 VND (~ 4,26 USD) - 150,000 VND (~ 6,39 USD) per each.

  • Kayaking.

Kayaking is an indispensable activity when coming to this North Vietnam beach. You will be able to control the tiny kaya yourself. The most important thing when rowing is that visitors must keep their balance and paddle evenly to avoid overturning.

The Kayak rental price to explore Ti Top is about 150,000 VND (~ 6,39 USD) per hour.

Kayak time ranges from about 30 - 40 minutes. 

A boat for 2 people with 2 seats.

If this is your first time, there’ll always be someone to guide and support you.

  • Towing buoys (Pulling buoys).

This is not a new game but still attracts a large number of visitors. You will tie the buoy to a canoe and be dragged across the water at a speed of 50 - 80 km/h. It is suitable for groups of young people or teambuilding games.

  • Parachute jumping.

This activity is for tourists who love courage and personal challenge. You will be swinging in the wind, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Ti Top Island and Halong Bay from above. 


  • You should prepare sunscreen and an umbrella.

  • If you want the best experience when climbing Ti Top Mountain, make sure you don't have cardiovascular problems.

  • Not all ships visiting Halong Bay Route 2 pass through Ti Top Island (some ships choose the destination as Soi Sim Island instead of Ti Top Island), so please ask about the itinerary before chartering.

  • Since the Island is small, I suggest you go during the day.

Bai Chay Beach 

As the largest artificial beach in Halong City with a length of over 4000m and a width of 100m, Bai Chay Beach is blessed with white sand and casuarina trees. Bai Chay fascinates many tourists because of its cheap cost and good services. So if you have the opportunity to visit in the summer, you can consider exploring this North Vietnam beach - a great tourist destination.

Bai Chay Beach - north vietnam beaches

Bai Chay Beach 

How to get to Bai Chay Beach?

The distance from Hanoi to Bai Chay Beach is about 158 km, traffic is now very developed so it’s convenient for you to depart from Hanoi. There are many options for you to choose from.

  • Long bus: You can start at My Dinh Station and buy a ticket with a price ranging from 100,000 VND (~ 4.26 USD) per person. 

  • Limousine: 180,000 VND (~ 7.68 USD) - 260,000 VND (~ 11.09 USD) per person.

  • Motorbike: From Hanoi to Halong has three main routes, you can find out the route to suit your time.

  • Route 1: Hanoi – National Highway 5 – Hai Duong City – Sao Do Town – Dong Trieu District – Uong Bi – Bai Chay.

  • Route 2: Hanoi - National Highway 5 - Hai Duong City - National Highway to Hai Phong - Quang Ninh.

  • Route 3: Hanoi - Bac Ninh City - Pha Lai - Dong Trieu district - Uong Bi - Bai Chay.

  • Railway: You can depart from Gia Lam Station and buy a ticket for 100,000 VND (~ 4,26 USD) per person. 


Bai Chay is an artificial beach but natural beauty is always present. This beach has features that anyone who loves the sea can feel. What should you visit when coming to Bai Chay? 

  • Sunbathing or swimming on the beach.

  • Eating seafood such as shrimp, crab, squid and clam. Furthermore, you should try vermicelli noodles, sea Sam and squid roll cake.

  • Visiting Bai Chay night market to buy handmade products, watch water puppetry shows, ethnic music and dance with natives.

International tourists visit Bai Chay Beach

International tourists visit Bai Chay Beach


There are many beautiful hotels, motels and homestays with diverse costs in the Bai Chay tourist area. We’ll suggest some accommodation that is reasonable to suit the purpose of your trip.

  • Halong Street area: This is where the concentration of high-class hotels so the price varies from 700,000 VND (~ 29.85 USD) per night.

  • Vuon Dao area: There are many cheap homestays and many affordable hotels. It is also close to the center and entertainment area. The price ranges from 300,000 VND (~ 12.79 USD) - 700,000 VND (~ 29.85 USD) per night.

  • Hai Quan area: There are many motels and the cheapest in the 3 areas but also fully equipped and clean. The price is 200,000 VND (~ 8.53 USD) per night.


  • You should buy some gifts such as necklaces and bracelets made from sea snail shells at the Halong night market.

  • You can have perfect Bai Cay Beach travel from April to September.

  • You should check the weather forecast in advance and don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

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Soi Sim Beach

Soi Sim is located on Soi Sim Island, about 11 km from Bai Chay Beach. From the highest peak on the island, visitors can observe the entire Southeast and Northeast of the beautiful wonder of Halong Bay. The sanitation and environmental work at this North Vietnam beach is very attentive. 

Visitors have only way to go to the sea by ship. You can go to Bai Chay Pier and buy tickets for about 150,000 VND (~ 6,39 USD) per ticket to move to the island. 

How to get to Soi Sim Beach?

To get to Soi Sim Island, you need the first move to Halong City. From Hanoi, you can catch a long bus or Limousine car to Halong at My Dinh bus station. The price:

  • A long bus: 100,000 VND (~ 4,26 USD) - 180,000 VND (~ 7,67 USD) per person.

  • Limousine car: 220,000 VND (~ 9,37 USD) per person.

After arriving in Halong, you can take a taxi or motorbike to get to the pier and buy a ticket to Soi Sim Island. The price is 150,000 VND (~ 6,39 USD) per ticket.


  • Soi Sim beach bathing.

Perhaps Soi Sim Beach is the most popular place for international tourists. The blue water combined with the white sand stretching under the golden sunshine feels like the sea and the sky as if merging into one. In the afternoon, the beach began to be bustling with the laughter of tourists coming to the beach. On the benches, you will see images of foreign guests sunbathing and enjoying the beauty of the tropics.


Soi Sim Beach

Soi Sim Beach 

  • Riding a canoe and kayaking around the island.

Canoe rental service to explore the island is always available for visitors in need. The price is 400,000 VND (~ 17,04 USD) per hour.

  • Explore the ecosystem on Soi Sim Island and hide at Soi Sim Peak.

Because there has not been a strong human impact, Soi Sim Island still has a wild and mysterious beauty that can not help but arouse the curiosity of visitors. Soi Sim Island has a rich variety of flowers and many unique sea creatures. Therefore, in addition to swimming, you can move to the top of Soi Sim to see the majestic scenery of the natural wonder of the world Halong Bay and explore the Myrtle forest.


  • The best time to visit Soi Sim Beach is from March to May and from August to October every year.

  • Soi Sim Beach is small, so you can travel during the daylight.

  • There is no snack on the island, so if you want to eat, you can put it in your bag or backpack and bring it before boarding.

  • The island is quite empty, so when swimming in the sea, you should not swim far away to prevent unforeseen problems.

  • This place has a clean wild beauty, please pay attention to the general hygiene of this island.

Do Son Beach

Do Son Beach, Hai Phong has long been an ideal destination for tourists' vacation trips every summer. Coming to this Vietnam North Beach, you can not only enjoy the blue water but also visit historical places and attractive amusement parks.

How to get Do Son Beach?

As the city is extremely vibrant and busy, you can go to Do Son easily. There are many vehicles for you to choose from such as long buses and private vehicles.

  • Long bus: 70,000 VND (~ 2.99 USD)  – 200,000 VND (~ 8.53 USD) per ticket.

  • Train: You will depart from Hanoi Station to Hai Phong Station. The price is around 80,000 VND (~ 3.41 USD) - 200,000 VND (~ 8.53 USD) per ticket.


Coming to Do Son Beach, you shouldn’t miss the experience of swimming here. Do Son Beach area is divided into three different zones. Exciting water activities are often loved by international visitors such as paragliding and jet skiing. Furthermore, there are more activities here.

  • Immerse yourself in the fresh blue sea water, bird watching and visit the amusement park on Hon Dau Island.

  • Visit the ancient villa of Bao Dai King in Hai Phong City. You’ll experience wearing royal robes, sitting on the throne and enjoying dishes in Hue royal style.

  • Play at Do Son Casino - one of the largest casinos in Asia.

  • Enjoy a meal with shrimp rolls, dried squid, Do Son jellyfish salad, crab, surface and clam.

  • Experience a water motor with 500,000 VND (~ 21.30 USD) per 15 minutes.

  • Taking a parachute with the price of 500,000 VND (~ 21.30 USD) per turn.

Do Son Beach - north vietnam beaches

Riding water motor on Do Son Beach


Choosing hotels and motels near Do Son Beach is always a lot of tourists' interest. Service and price are also important. In my experience, you should choose to stay in hotels with reasonable prices for your comfortable journeys.

  • Do Son Resort, Zone 3, Do Son Beach. The price is 1,600,000 VND (~ 68.23 USD) per night.

  • Bao Dai Villa, Zone 2, Do Son Beach. There are some amenities such as massage, karaoke, playing golf and a tennis court. The price is ranging 2,110,000 VND (~ 90 USD) per night.

  • Van Thong Hotel, Zone 2, Do Son Beach. The price is ranging 1,600,000 VND (~68.23 USD) per night including playing court, massage services and karaoke.


  • You should book accommodation and tour itinerary in advance to avoid there being no available rooms.

  • You should go to Do Son in the summer, from the end of April to the end of October.

  • You should pay attention when you’re close to the coastline because Do Son always has big and dangerous waves and high winds.

Cat Co Beach  

Cat Co Beach is a destination with a distinct beauty and wild natural scenery that any tourist when traveling to Cat Ba cannot be ignored. Cat Co Beach is located in Cat Ba Town, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City. Cat Co Beach is divided into 3 areas with 3 different landscapes: Cat Co 1 Beach, Cat Co 2 Beach and Cat Co 3 Beach. 

All three beaches are connected by a wooden bridge leaning against the mountainside. This will be a really interesting experience when the feeling of walking on a precarious wooden bridge is built along the mountainside.

Cat Co Beach - north vietnam beaches

Cat Co Beach 

How to get to Cat Co Beach?

From Hanoi, visitors just need to buy a long bus ticket and move directly to the center of Cat Ba Island. The price is ranging from 220,000 VND (~ 9,37 USD) per ticket. To move to Cat Co Beach, you just need to rent a motorbike, taxi or electric car from the center of Cat Co town. If you want to save money, you can also walk because the distance is quite close.

  • Motorbike rental price: 80,000 VND (~ 3,41 USD) - 150,000 VND (~ 6,39 USD) per day.

  • Bicycle rental price: from 70,000 VND (~ 2,98 USD) per day.

  • Electric car rental price: from 150,000 VND (~ 6,39 USD) per day.


As I said, there are three Cat Co Beach areas. I can suggest you some activities.

  • Beach bathing on Cat Co 1 and 2 Beach.

  • Experience banana boat, surfing, taking canoes and kayaking at Cat Co 3 Beach.

  • Canoe rental price: 200,000 VND (~ 8,52 USD) - 250,000 VND (~ 10,65 USD) per 30 minutes.

  • Kayaking: 100,000 VND (~ 4,26 USD) - 200,000 VND (~ 8,26 USD)per hour. 

  • Paragliding: 500,000 VND (~ 21,3 USD) - 600,000 VND (~ 25,56 USD) per 10 minutes.

  • Parachute: 1,000,000 VND (~ 42,61 USD) - 1,500,000 VND (~ 63,91 USD) per 10 minutes.

  • Surfing: from 250,000 VND (~ 10,65 USD) per turn.

  • Admire sunset and sunrise scenery on the beach.


To be able to conveniently move to countless destinations in the Cat Ba archipelago during your long trip, choosing a place to stay is extremely important to help you be more convenient in moving to these destinations.

  • Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort: 2,645,000 VND (~ 112,7 USD) per night.

  • Orchid Classic Cruise: 8,306,000 VND (~ 353,9 USD) per night.

  • Cat Ba Ecolodge Hotel: 809,000 VND (~ 34,47 USD) per night.

  • Cat Ba Green Hotel: 389,000 VND (~ 16,57 USD) per night.


  • The best time to go there is from April to November every year

  • You should book a room and tour in advance during the peak season to prevent paying a higher price at that time of the year.

  • You should avoid swimming after 6:30 PM because the tide rises too fast.

  • Keep your money and valuables carefully.

Dong Chau Beach 

The next Vietnam North beach I recommend is Dong Chau Beach. Coming here, you can have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh, cool and pleasant sea atmosphere. On summer days, there’s nothing better than being immersed in the cool sea water in Dong Chau.

Dong Chau Beach

Dong Chau Beach 

How to get to Dong Chau Beach?

Like the above reference, you can reach Dong Chau Beach by personal vehicle. If you have no experience in traveling to this Vietnam North beach or are not familiar with the road, you can go by long bus. The ticket price is ranging from 90,000 VND (~ 3.84 USD) - 160,000 VND (~ 6.82 USD) per ticket. From My Dinh bus station, many long buses are running on 2 main routes Hanoi - Thai Binh for you to choose from. 


To enjoy wonderful moments on Dong Chau Beach, I suggest you many things to do here.

  • You can take a boat or a motorboat to visit and swim in Con Thu and Con Vanh beaches.

  • You have the opportunity to explore a fine sand beach, pine forest, green casuarina forest and a romantic small beach.

  • You can watch some rare birds such as spoonbills, pelicans and gulls in a mangrove conservation area.

  • You can enjoy the sunset and sunrise scenery in the huts on Dong Chau Beach.

  • You can visit Nha Ba Temple - an ancient place from the Tran dynasty.

Dong Chau Beach - north vietnam beaches

Enjoying beautiful scenery in the hut on Dong Chau Beach


  • You can travel to Dong Chau Beach during the day and then move to the center of Thai Binh province to have dinner.

  • You should bring a pair of sneakers and light clothes for walking. 

  • If you intend to camp on the beach, you should bring some camping gear such as a tent and insect repellent.

  • You can be sightseeing the beautiful scenery of sunset and sunrise on the coastline.

  • The best time to go to Dong Chau Thai Binh Beach is from July to August every year.

Glad to see that you keep reading and discovering with us the best 5 Vietnam North Beaches. Furthermore, in the above article, if you are confused about what to do on the beach, we share detailed information and some tips to plan your next itinerary. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to travel here on this summer vacation. And if you are planning your Vietnam tour trip, please contact us for helpful information.