According to American media outlet CNN, citing information from Wafaifo Optimisers, tourists visiting Vietnam will soon have the opportunity to experience the Revolution Express steam locomotives. These classic trains, over 60 years old, were once a symbol of Vietnam’s railway industry since the 1960s.

The service will connect two central tourist cities: Da Nang, famous for its beautiful beaches and dubbed one of the most livable places, and Hue, the former capital of Vietnam known for its magnificent imperial city with many palaces and royal tombs.

Luxurious train in Vietnam

Revolution Express steam train in Vietnam

The train will run a round trip from Da Nang every day, stopping at Lang Co station after crossing the majestic Hai Van Pass, ending at Hue station, and then returning to Da Nang. Each train will consist of two passenger cars with a capacity of 57 passengers, a dining car, and a luggage car. Images reveal the luxurious, classic interior design with brown mahogany furniture accented with gold patterns, reminiscent of the past when railways first appeared in Vietnam.

Luxurious train in Vietnam

The luxurious interior

Additionally, large windows on all sides of the train cars allow travelers to enjoy panoramic views of the majestic mountains and sea as the train passes through the Hai Van Pass or Lang Co Bay.

More than just a nostalgic ride, the train staff will wear vintage costumes and welcome passengers with a brass band at the start of the journey.

Luxurious train in Vietnam

Luxurious train in Vietnam

Notably, Wafaifo Optimisers has announced plans to build a royal-style restaurant at Hue station to provide the most complete experience for visitors.

Wafaifo Optimisers is ready to operate these steam train tours, expected to commence by the end of 2024 or early 2025. While specific ticket pricing information is not yet available, the company has indicated that tickets will go on sale in the coming months.

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