Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is located about 60km from the center of Hue City, and it is a must-visit destination when coming to this city. You can simply drive along National Highway 1A by car or private vehicle to get there. If traveling by train, you should choose to get off at Da Nang Station, from where it will take you about an hour to reach Lang Co.

Nestled at the foot of the Hai Van Pass, Lang Co has a white sand beach stretching over 10km and a crystal-clear blue sea. This is what has made the bay one of the most beautiful bays in the world. 

Beaches In Hue Vietnam - lang co bay

Lang Co Bay is nestled at the foot of the Hai Van Pass

Within Lang Co Bay, there is also the vast Lap An Lagoon area, with a 12km radius, surrounded by majestic mountains. When coming here, you can admire the beautiful sunsets and explore the local fishermen's oyster farming activities.

In addition to relaxing, visitors to Lang Co Bay can also enjoy various interesting activities such as coral reef diving, deep-sea fishing, and boating around the bay.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam - lang co beach

Lang Co Bay boasts a fine white sand beach that stretches over 10 kilometers long

Ham Rong Beach

Ham Rong Beach is located about 50 km southeast of the center of Hue City. The most beautiful route to get there is to follow along the Thuan An coast for around 40 km. Near Tuy Van mountain, after crossing Vinh Hien bridge, turn left at the intersection and go about 2 km to reach Ham Rong Beach. This route has many beautiful natural scenes of the Hue region.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam - ham rong beach vietnam

The most beautiful route to get to Ham Rong Beach is to go along the Thuan An coast

Ham Rong Beach will truly impress you with its unique but also captivating scenery. Hidden among the endless layers of crashing waves are large coral reefs in the ocean below, with vibrant colors. The scenery of Ham Rong Beach is filled with many colors: the blue of the sea, the yellow of the sand, and the green of the moss-covered rocks.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam

Admiring the entire coastal scenery from Linh Thai Mountain

In addition to swimming, you can also hike up the mountains and explore the caves here. Behind Ham Rong Beach, there is the very special Linh Thai Mountain, about 800 meters high, with the Ham Rua cave surrounding it. Climbing to the mountain peak and admiring the entire Ham Rong Beach from above is an experience worth trying when you come here.

Canh Duong Beach

Canh Duong Beach is dubbed the "Maldives of Hue" with its long stretches of white sand and clear, emerald-colored waters. It is a wonderful destination for budget-friendly trips. This beach is located 60 km from Hue City, in Phu Loc district, near the Chan May port.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam

Canh Duong Beach has a clear blue sea and fine white sand

To get to Canh Duong Beach, it will take about 1 hour to travel from the center of Hue City by taxi or by motorbike. The route to Canh Duong is quite easy. You just need to drive along National Highway 1A from Hue towards Da Nang, until you see the sign for Chan May port, then turn left after about 100 meters to reach the beach.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam

Canh Duong Beach is one of the most charming beaches in Hue, Vietnam

When you arrive, you can freely enjoy swimming in the sea and admiring the breathtaking scenery without having to deal with crowds. Canh Duong is pristine and serene, promising to sweep away your daily stresses. Not only that, you can also indulge in fresh, delicious seafood at surprisingly affordable prices.

Hai Duong Beach

Traveling about 40 minutes from the city of Hue towards Thuan An, and then turning left, you will arrive at a place that is ideal for camping with your family and friends. With its wild yet romantic beauty, Hai Duong Beach will captivate anyone who sets foot here.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam

Mossy rocks combined with blue seawater create a beautiful scene

This coastal area has a low rocky shore shaped like a honeycomb, formed by large concrete blocks. These low rocky areas have been erected by locals as wave barriers. Over time, the rocks have become covered in lush, green moss, creating a beautiful scene at sunrise and sunset.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam

Experience fishing at Hai Duong Beach

Passing through a green pine forest, you will reach Ba Chan Rock Beach, which consists of large concrete blocks. This rocky beach forms a 1 km long path stretching straight out to the sea. As you walk along this path, you'll feel like you're descending into the deep sea, with small waves lapping at your feet.

Visiting Hai Duong Beach, in addition to breathing in the fresh air, you can also explore ways to catch crabs, conches, or giant trevally. This is sure to be an exciting adventure for tourists.

Thuan An Beach

Located 15 km east of Hue City, Thuan An Beach has long been an ideal tourist destination for swimming. The beach stretches nearly 1 km, with fine white sand and clear water, making it the most crowded tourist spot, especially during the tourist season from April to September.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam - thuan an beach

Thuan An Beach is full of poetry

With a 12 km long coastline, Thuan An Beach consists of 3 main swimming areas: Beach 1, Beach 2, and Phu Thuan Beach. You can walk along the beach to admire the sea at night or the perfect scenery when the sun is rising. 

In addition to swimming, you can also choose Thuan An Beach as a camping site, visit Tran Hai Dai, and explore Ba Giang Temple - the wife of the Sea God.

Beaches In Hue Vietnam

Thuan An Beach is one of the most charming beaches in Hue, Vietnam

To get there from central Hue, you drive along Ngoc Khoi Street, then turn right to reach the Ga Bridge. Continue on Nguyen Sinh Cung Street, turn left to go to the market. From here, follow National Highway 49B for about 6 more km and you will reach Thuan An Beach.

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The above is a summary of the top 5 charming beaches in Hue, Vietnam. Each beach has its unique beauty, but they all combine nature and many exciting experiences. We hope our suggestions will give you more ideas for your Vietnam itinerary.