Overall weather of Hanoi

To know the best time to visit Hanoi, you will have to learn about the weather details in this country. Hanoi, the vibrant capital of Vietnam, is located in the northern part of the country. It enjoys a humid tropical climate, which brings about four distinct seasons throughout the year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. With each coming season to this land, the weather will change accordingly. Of course, this place also has interesting things associated with them, from entertainment activities to bustling festivals that make life's rhythm more exciting.

Exploring Hanoi's Seasons

With 4 regular seasons, each season lasts from 2 to 3 months in Hanoi, which makes much difference here. Coming to this place depending on the season, you will experience the typical scenery and activities here, which will be an interesting experience. Now, let's explore the best time to visit Hanoi through each season to see its beauty.

Spring: Blossoming Charm and Mild Temperatures

As nature awakens, the season of spring breathes new life into the capital city of Hanoi, adorning it with a fresh, vibrant charm. It is a delicate and subtle transformation of the surroundings, marked by blossoming flowers and a lively atmosphere with numerous major festivals occurring throughout this time of the year. Every street corner and thoroughfare becomes bustling and vibrant, making it the perfect time to visit Hanoi.

best time to visit hanoi

The streets of Hanoi are bustling in anticipation of the Tet holiday

Average temperature: The temperature in spring here will have a slight afterglow from winter, creating an atmosphere that is sometimes warm and sometimes chilly. The average temperature in springtime ranges from 14 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Time: Springtime starts from February to April, the beginning of a new year with many changes from space and time here. February, in particular, holds delightful surprises and an array of activities in store for visitors to Hanoi, making it one of the finest months to explore the city.

Activities to be noticed: Coming to springtime, the time with the biggest festival of the year like the Tet holiday, the activities here become more bustling. You can experience activities such as:

  • The Peach Blossom Festival.

  • The Hanoi Fireworks Festival.

best time to visit hanoi

Tourists learn about the Tet holiday in Vietnam

Tips: At this time, the weather in Hanoi becomes cold and you must prepare a warm suit with shoes and gloves to protect your body. 

Summer: Warm and Rainy Days in Hanoi

Hanoi's nature and landscape begin to turn into summer with seasonal signals. While it is considered the optimal time to visit Hanoi, the city's atmosphere during the scorching summer days can be challenging for those who are sensitive to heat and humidity. Interspersed, however, are the rains that have softened the fury from the summer.

best time to visit hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake in the summer sunshine

Average temperature: Summer is when the air becomes hotter and more humid. The average temperature can exceed 30 degrees Celsius. The temperature can be uncomfortable for many people but remember and the rain can visit anytime.

Time: Summer is the longest season of the year, starting from May to September. The long time with the sweltering sun makes it seem that few people will care. To the sights and activities here, but that's different.

Activities to be noticed: Popular activities at this time that you can experience, such as visiting historical sites, West Lake, or festivals like:

  • Rice tray festival section.

  • Traditional boat racing.

  • Night market. 

Unlike the appearance of summer, this is the best time to visit Hanoi with the charm that summer brings.

Tips: With the sun on summer days, you need to wear a layer of shirt, shorts or clothes that make you feel comfortable and cool. In addition, you should also prepare sunscreen to protect your skin.

best time to visit hanoi

Beautiful sunset of summer days in Hanoi

Autumn: Tranquil Beauty and Pleasant Climate

After escaping the hot summer, autumn comes, like a slight change of nature. The scene here gradually changes the blue coat of the last time to turn this place into a poetic and romantic yellow. Space, as well as integrating with that change, is no longer summer's hot, dry sunlight. The best time to visit Hanoi is when the surroundings become more harmonious, offering a perfect opportunity to engage in captivating activities that await you.

best time to visit hanoi

A serene and gentle ambiance as autumn arrives in Hanoi

Average temperature: In autumn, the temperature returns to a more comfortable temperature of 20 - 25 degrees Celsius, creating favorable conditions for many recreational activities to begin after dealing with the cold weather. 

Time: Following summer, autumn starts from September to November. October stands out as the best month to explore Hanoi, offering a stable and pleasantly cool weather for you to fully immerse in the city's experiences.

Activities to be noticed: Entering the autumn, the roads with green trees change into a new set of clothes with bright yellow colors as if to attract everyone. In addition to watching these streets, you can also participate in activities such as:

  • Mid-autumn festival.

  • Admiring the sunset at West Lake.

  • Enjoying the autumn specialty of "Cốm" in Vong Village.

  • Taking a stroll along Phan Dinh Phung Street.

  • Admiring the pure white color of Hanoi's milk flowers.

  • Having a delicious bowl of crispy pork rib porridge at night.

best time to visit hanoi

The Lantern Festival on Phung Hung Street

Tips: Although the weather is more stable, it will be colder at night. Therefore, you can wear it comfortably during the day, but you will need a jacket at night.

Winter: Chilly Weather and Festive Spirit

Although winter may not be regarded as the best time to visit Hanoi, it presents numerous captivating and memorable experiences for travelers. The cold of winter makes this place change rapidly, far from what autumn brings. Coming to Hanoi now, you will experience a winter atmosphere that few places have.

best time to visit hanoi

The subtle rays of warm sunlight in the freezing winter of Hanoi

Average temperature: In winter, the temperature ranges from 11 to 19 degrees Celsius, especially at night and is sometimes accompanied by drizzle, making day and night activities more difficult.

Time: Winter usually begins in November and affects March of the following year (spring).

Activities to be noticed: Although the air at this time becomes cold, the activities here are not affected. You can participate in night market activities or festivals such as:

  • Enjoying the seasonal breeze at West Lake.

  • Admiring the mustard flower gardens at Chau Vi, Phu Dong and Thach Bang.

  • Immersing yourself in the season of daisy and nightingale flowers at Nhat Tan Flower Village or Tay Tuu Flower Village.

  • Halloween festival.

  • Christmas Festival.

visit hanoi in christmas - best time to visit hanoi

The people in Hanoi go out to celebrate Christmas

Tips: Due to the cold weather, you will need to prepare clothes and shoes and ensure they can keep warm enough for your journey when exploring Hanoi.

When to visit Hanoi for the best experience

In my experience, having had the opportunity to live in the capital city of Hanoi, autumn is the best time to visit. During this season, the weather in Hanoi is exceptionally pleasant. The daytime offers a refreshing and cool atmosphere with a gentle touch of warm sunshine, while the evenings are slightly chilly but still enjoyable. 

In autumn, several streets in Hanoi, such as Nguyen Du Street, Phan Dinh Phung Street, and Tran Phu Street (located in Ba Dinh District), start to adorn themselves with bright yellow leaves, creating a more beautiful and romantic scenery.

Furthermore, autumn provides ample opportunities to engage in outdoor activities like camping, picnicking, visiting historical monuments, participating in festivals, and more. It is also a perfect time to immerse oneself in the distinctive local culture and gain firsthand experiences.

As can be seen, Hanoi experiences four seasons throughout the year, each bringing its unique charm and beauty to the ancient capital of Vietnam. Visiting Hanoi at different times will evoke various emotions and offer exciting activities that should be noticed. To start your journey, choose the best time to visit Hanoi and have a wonderful trip!