• Location: Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, 20km from Da Nang City Center.

  • Characteristics: Stretching over 13km with an area of 4,439 ha, including nearly 4,000 hectares of forests.

Long ago, the area was originally a floating island formed by three mountains. Over time, sedimentation from the sea created a strip of land connecting the island and the mainland, shaping Son Tra Peninsula. The place now is bordered by 3 sides by the sea and 1 side by the urban area. Together with Hai Van Pass, this coastal stretch forms a picturesque natural arc shielding Da Nang City.

Son Tra mountain

Son Tra mountain


Son Tra Mountain is recognized as a natural conservation area. The mountain is also known as Monkey Mountain, as it is home to many endangered species, notably the red-shanked douc langur. 

How to get there

A visit to Son Tra Mountain can be comfortably done in a day. From Da Nang city center (around Dragon Bridge area), you have several transportation choices:

Mode of Transport

Travel time

Travel cost



20 - 30 mins

  • About 6 USD/way

  • About 34,5 USD/6 hours/ 4-seat car

Fast and convenient.

Taxi contacts:

0236. (Mai Linh)
0236. (Han River)


30 - 40 mins

About 6 USD/1 day rent

Exploring travel by motorbike is fantastic, offering flexibility, freedom, and comfort.


20 - 30 mins to reach Son Tra Mountain

About 28,5 USD/person/ 1 day tour

Jeep tour follows a schedule. The vehicle is perfect for enjoying the scenery, mountain passes, and sea breeze.


Things to Do

The Son Tra Mountain area and its surroundings offer plenty of discoveries and local experiences:

  • Visit Linh Ung Pagoda: Located close to the seaside, this temple houses the tallest statue of Quan Am Bodhisattva in Vietnam. There is no entrance fee to visit the pagoda.

  • Check out Marble Mountains: the complex consists of five mountains symbolizing Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Each mountain has temples and caves integral to the spiritual life of the people of Da Nang. The entrance ticket costs about 1.6 USD per person.

  • Marvel at Beaches: The most famous feature of Da Nang is its breathtaking blue beaches. You can visit But Beach, Tien Sa Beach, Da Den Beach, North Beach, or South Beach.

  • Hike to the jungle: The majority of the peninsula's area is covered by mountainous forests. You can hike through war historical sites, local landmarks, and mountain peaks, observe langurs, and enjoy the natural scenery.

Sea Lion formation rock on Nghe Beach

Sea Lion formation rock on Nghe Beach

  • Watch sunrise on Nghe Beach: At this location, there's a rock formation that takes the shape of a sea lion lounging on the shore. The beach is also the ideal spot in Da Nang to experience the first rays of the sunrise.

  • See Ban Co ChessBoard Peak: Positioned as the highest point in Da Nang, this mountain peak offers a sweeping vista of the city, lush forests, and the expansive ocean beneath. According to local tales, it's also the site where celestial beings once played chess. Today, a sizable chessboard has been erected for tourists to explore and capture memorable photographs.

  • Explore Radar Station 29: This site was constructed during the war by the U.S. military in 1965. The radar station's mission was to monitor the entire airspace of the Gulf of Tonkin, Laos, and Cambodia. The station also housed a helipad.

  • Stay at Beach resorts: If the allure of Son Tra Mountain captivates you and you desire an extended stay to uncover more, consider accommodations in the beach resorts around the peninsula. Some notable choices include Peninsula Hotel Da Nang, InterContinental Da Nang, KOI Resort, Son Tra Resort & Spa, etc.

Travel Tips

Tips to visit Son Tra mountain

Tips to visit Son Tra mountain

  • The optimal time to visit this place is from Mar to Sep. This time frame offers beautiful, sunny weather, scarce rainfall, and is not prone to heavy fog, with no risk of storms.

  • Recommend things to pack: swimsuit, towel, sunblock, insect repellent.

  • When renting a scooter, you should thoroughly check its condition before commencing your trip and keep the contact number handy in case of any problems.

  • The region is famous for its coconut wine – a Vietnamese drink fermented in coconut husks, providing a strong and aromatic taste. You can sample it locally (often found in local establishments on Son Tra Peninsula) or buy it to enjoy later.

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Son Tra Mountain proves to be an intriguing spot that one cannot overlook while exploring Da Nang. By checking out this travel guide, you can uncover the distinctive highlights of the area. Also, feel free to browse through other Vietnam tours on our website or leave us a message for assistance anytime.